Harold James's Life

My dad

When I was a child of about 10 we were living in Singapore Dad was in the RAOC serving out there.  The troops held a large childrens party at the barracks in Alexandria.  There were clowns and all sorts of fun happening then it was dads turn to show his act.  He placed his watch from his wrist into a large white hankie and then put it in his pocket then pulled it out laid it on a table and proceeded the hit it with a hammer smashed it to bits then scooped it up put it in his pocket next he had to pull out the hanky with a complete watch which he did.  The funny side of the story is he actually smashed his own watch and not the broken dummy watch as he used the wrong pocket.  Something I'll always remember as his face was a picture on finding his mistake.  LOL we laughed about a few years back.   Jeanne