My Life With Pete ( Married for 5 Yrs)

Shared by Pamela (Hirshey) King on May 13, 2011

I was sixteen when I met Pete. I took One look into his eyes and I knew I would marry him some day. I told my cousin that and she told me I was crazy. But he had the most beautiful eyes and the longest eye lashes that I had ever seen on a man. We dated for 3 yrs. And On Dec. 8th 1984 we were Married. That was the happiest day, so I thought! Then our  two beautiful girls came along and Now are life was complete..Then in 1990 this tragic accident happen and I will never forget it.I lost my best friend, My Husband, my soul.We should have had more time, The girls were little, they didn't have the joy of knowing him the way they should have.They didn't know how caring and loving and how talented he was.He was a great artist and he wrote many poems to me and not a lot of poeple knew that about him.He just had a way of making people smile.And every  time I think of him I smile.I love and miss him, but I know that we will be together again.(In Heaven).

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