Let the memory of Harry be with us forever
  • 77 years old
  • Born on May 27, 1934 .
  • Passed away on November 7, 2011 .
Harry Brant was the husband of Irene Brant for 59 years. He was the father of 6 children, the grandfather of 13, and the great grandfather of 7. Harry was loved by all and he will always be the silver haired guitar man.  
Posted by Ruth Brant on August 24, 2018
Hi  me again. missing you today like every day.  It seems nothing in my world is the same..  I guess you and the boys are playing beautiful music for the LORD.  did I tell you the coon tree fell last week.. made a big mess. half fell in our yard and the other half in Jefferery's yard .. Daniel came over to help clean up.  Junior was working in the yard yesterday and fell in the fire.. scared me really bad.  Lucky he's not hurt bad a burn on his arm.
Posted by Ruth Brant on August 9, 2018
hello darling …  missing you still.. the kids are okay I guess.. Robert has gone back to work  after  heart attack on June 17.   Me   I am OKAY..
I guess.  had a lot of rain. the lake is up kinda high.
gottta  go  talk to you later
Posted by Terresa Morris on November 7, 2017
6 years ago Dad you went to meet Jesus.I will always love you.Missing you today,The memories of a very special,loving , Dad will always be close to my heart!Love you Terresa
Posted by Ruth Brant on November 7, 2015
hi baby. been missing you all day. hope you're missing me too.
Posted by Terresa Morris on November 9, 2014
3 years ago Dad you left this wworld for   a much better place
Sometimes I wish I could be there with you,but it,s not my time yet.Lost my seasonal  job and sure dont know what to do except pray.  have a good daay dad, love you terresa
Posted by Ruth Brant on November 8, 2014
hey darling it's been 3 years now and I miss you as much today as then. sometimes its really hard to face a new day without you but you know that already  love you
Posted by Terresa Morris on September 8, 2014
Dad I always wanted you to be proud of mè, but it seemed I always lèt you down. I miss you so much
Posted by Terresa Morris on September 8, 2014
Dad I always wanted you to be proud of mè, but it seemed I always lèt you down. I miss you so much
Posted by Ruth Brant on September 7, 2014
another day to wish you were here. miss you so much ..
Posted by Terresa Morris on August 28, 2014
missing you today Dad, love you Terresa
Posted by Terresa Morris on July 4, 2014
Happy 4th of July dad I know you will light up the skies with the angels.I know this was your favorite holiday. we love you very much. Going to see mom, will give her a hug for you.
Posted by Ruth Brant on June 15, 2014
hello baby. it seems my world is falling apart.. wish youi were here to fix
it.  love you darling  hope y ou  had a good day
Posted by Terresa Morris on June 15, 2014
Happy Fathers Day to the most wonderful dad ever. got a lot of things on my mind dad. wish you were here to talk with.
Posted by Ruth Brant on May 27, 2014
can't believe you've been gone so long..
miss you so much. had a lot of problems this month.. but I think we got them all taken care of.   LOVE you still.
Posted by Jessie Oglesbee on May 27, 2014
Happy birthday granddaddy... I wish I could go see you today.... Wish you could be here to be a part of all the exciting things happening... Physically. I love you and hope you're having a good birthday with johnny cash..... Love you so much.
Posted by Debra Brant on May 27, 2014
Happy birthday dad,  I miss you so much and it seems so long since I've been able to talk to you . some days more than others.  hope you have a nice day . Tell Jen I  think about her every day. you and her would be so proud Dylan graduated on fri. May 23 .2014  He has grown to be quite a young man. I love you  Happy birthday.
Posted by Terresa Morris on May 23, 2014
in memeory of your birthday on the 27th I love my dad who will always
hold a special place in my heart. may you be blessed on your day. I
love you dad and I miss seeing your smile
Posted by Ruth Brant on April 21, 2014
HI DARLING:  had another bad holiday without you  .. hope you and the Lord had a good day.. miss you so much
gotta go love you still
Posted by Terresa Morris on April 18, 2014
Hi Dad I pray you are rejoicing with the angels this Easter season. I pray for blessings as I travel to see mom this weekend. I pray for support as I sing for the Church Sunday. you know how I always love to praise God when I sing. Have a Love filled day . I sure do miss you. Lots of love.
Posted by Debra Brant on December 26, 2013
hI dad its the day after Christmas and know you and Jen are celebrating.  I miss you both so much. Just does not seem the same . Mom seems so tired lately and I know she misses you more but the kids were here yesterday except Terresa and Jim. but anyway wanted to let you know I love and miss you ..
Posted by Terresa Morris on December 25, 2013
missing you dad. I am so blessed to have had such a special dad
Posted by Terresa Morris on November 6, 2013
been almost two years dad, since you went to see the angels. i wish you could just see how the Eagles soar up in the mountains.God sure
knew how to make the scenry very majestic.i will always have the special memories of one special dad.
Posted by Terresa Morris on October 24, 2013
just thinking about you today and wishing you could see how beautiful it is here in Colorado. john Denver was correct when he said it was a majestic place.
Posted by Terresa Morris on August 23, 2013
good morning Dad, i sure could use some good advice today. things have been so hectic at work lately, and I get so tired of working all the time.Looking forward to Sunday, will be the first full day off since I got back from vacation. Jim and I are going to the mountains to enjjoy Gods beauty and relax. Love you so much.
Posted by Terresa Morris on August 10, 2013
hi Dad, wnet to see mom this week, she looks so tired and i know she
misses you so much. we had a nice visit, but it sure was a long week for me. back at home in Colorado wishing for a miracle to get my finances in order
Wish i could make miracles happen. sure do miss you dad
Posted by Ruth Brant on July 22, 2013
hi darling hope you liked the flowers deb and i carried to you last week..  last week I came home and had memory failure.. came in the door and said real loud"BABY I'M HOME" forgot you're not here any more.. but you're always in my heart and on my mind ..LOVE you .. gotta go.
Posted by Debra Brant on July 3, 2013
hey dad just me again wish you were here . My life seems so empty these days, seems I am always messing up and cant seem to get my life straight . my job did mot work out and I think of you and Jen so much , All the funny things that use to make me laugh. now make me wanna cry. Hope you like the flowers. I try to take care of the roses but you know how that goes love you
Posted by Terresa Morris on July 3, 2013
Good Morning Dad, another one of those sleepless nights, I know what you meant now, when you said you sleep three hours and your wide awake. Got to venture in the waterfalls on Sunday, it was so nice to have a relaxing day. it seems work is always so hectic, hope you have a great day!love you terresa
Posted by Terresa Morris on June 17, 2013
hi dad, a long day at work today. the weather outside is so beautiful, about 81 degrees with a slight breeze blowing. i hope you had a good Fathers Day with our Heavenly Father. Jim and i just relaxed all day. i love my dad, who will always be the light of his little girls eyes.
Posted by Ruth Brant on June 16, 2013
hi darling.. I see the girls have already been to see you. went to church this morning,  it sure is strange without you and Mr William. but i guess the two of you are entertaining the Lord.. Love you still.. and miss you so much.. Debbie took a job in NC where Hank lives I think it will be good for her . later...... love you
Posted by Terresa Morris on June 16, 2013
love you Dad! Happy Fathers Day
Posted by Jessica Oglesbee on June 16, 2013
Hey grand pappy, happy Father's Day. Wish I could call you and tell you that myself. I was going to go see you today, but I don't think I'm ready yet. I want to tell you so much. I miss you everyday. I start college in the fall, and I graduated highschool with honors. I want to make you proud of me. I love you. I'm still your little brat singing the little red box...
Posted by Ruth Brant on May 27, 2013
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING! miss you so much.. hope you and George are playing pretty music for the Lord.. don't think any of the kids are coming today.. JR and Deb has to work.. Diane and the girls will be over later i guess.gotta go now.
Posted by Ruth Brant on May 6, 2013
good morning darling! i see the girls have been busy again.. we just all miss you so much.. I guess by now you know GEORGE JONES passed away last week.. I told the Kids not to look for you last weekend because you and George would be busy for the LORD. hope you played something good.. Wish you could play for me. I play your tape almost every day. gotta go now. LOVE YOU
Posted by Terresa Morris on May 5, 2013
good morning dad, miss you! sometimes you just need to talk wioth someone. i wish all people were honest and didn't always tell you lies,it just hurts down deep when the people you love the most tell you lies all the time. wish i could make everyone in this world like me and mom. we try to love everyone and help others when we can, but it seems they never appreciate it. love from the heart
Posted by Debra Brant on May 5, 2013
HEY dad, Hope you are playing the guitar up there for all the angels and Jen. Wanted to tell you that Jr. Rowe is joining you if he hasn't yet. He left us last week. I miss you guys so much, sometimes I just want to pick up the phone and call you, but I guess I just have to watch the stars. I m sending you a big hug in the wind .  I love you
Posted by Terresa Morris on April 16, 2013
hi dad just thinking about you today. the mountains are so beautiful today. had a foot of fresh snow fall yesterday.it is amazingly beautiful to see Gods magestic beauty. Watching the eagles soar at the top of the mountain is breath taking. wish you could see the beauty. love you and miss you/terresa
Posted by Terresa Morris on March 27, 2013
hello dad, was sitting here thinking about you and thought i'd say i love you so much. had an interview for a new job and I pray the lord will give me some guidance. i am so tired of working all the time. i really need a good job, with less hours. I pray for strength to know Gods direction on the new job. working 12 hours everyday is so tiring. thankyou for always being my joy love you
Posted by Ruth Brant on March 24, 2013
morning darling.. i guess the girls told you i have been in the hospital for 6 days..  doctors say my blood is low .. passed out at church last week..  feeling better now.. didn't go to church today because just about time i started out the door bad storm hit.. maybe i will be able to go tonight..i miss you so much
Posted by Debra Brant on March 22, 2013
hi dad never thought it would be so hard . Had to take mom to hospital last week. Blood was low .  think she has a broken heart.  Something I can't fix. But we decided she can't leave yet we want to keep her around for awhile. So you and the Good Lord have to wait for her. I love you and miss you more every day.  take care
Posted by Terresa Morris on March 21, 2013
hi dad it's me again. jim is at work and the house gets so lonely. hope you are getting to sing in the choir with the angels. one day i hope to sing in the heavenly choir. love you dad
Posted by Ruth Brant on March 5, 2013
Posted by Terresa Morris on February 21, 2013
hi dad, it is snowing outside and the mountains are really beautiful with
the snowcaps. i never thought i would like the cold, but here in colorado
i feel so close to you. i love watching the Eagles soar and the red haws fly so gracefully. it is so peaceful when you walk the riverbanks or the mountain trails.
Posted by Terresa Morris on January 26, 2013
good morning Dad, i seemed to have picked up your sleeping habits. it is 130 in the morning and i am wide awake. wish i knew a good remedy for getting some good sleep, it seems that since you left i wake up every morning this time and i just can't sleep. I love you and miss you,
Posted by Irene Brant on January 8, 2013
hi baby .. having a hard day today. don't feel very good ..just getting over the flu..got through the holidays..just not the same without you..
I miss you so much..
Posted by Terresa Morris on January 6, 2013
hi dad, sure do miss you. had another death in the family. jimmy's nephew Bryan is coming to meet you with the angels. it has been so
stressful for me lately. i just pray for peace, comfort and love. May the Lord be my guide through the trying times. I miss having someone to talk with. love you Terresa
Posted by Irene Brant on December 25, 2012
HI BABY another Christmas.. somehow this one was worse than last year. but I made it. Lorrie and all her kids was here. also diane and her kids .. Madison still ask about you.. we all miss you so much. I am okay. and junior too.. Debra has been sick all day.. her usual flu that she gets every year during the holidays.. gotta go now ..love you
Posted by Terresa Morris on December 2, 2012
hi dad it 's me again. sometimes i think about all the time we could have shared, but i was always away, in another town,another state, or
somewhere other than Savannah. how i would have loved for you to
see some of the things i have seen.yesterday when jim and i went to red rocks, we stopped at a waterwheel on the
Posted by Terresa Morris on December 2, 2012
and while admiring the snow going down the riverbank an eagle flew
down right over me and Jim and it was as if you were there. i miss you
lots, but i think of the reminders that say you are always close by. love you.terresa
Posted by Irene Brant on November 11, 2012
hi baby got through the year..don't know how but iam still hanging in.. learning to take care of myself like you said i had to do. hope you like your christmas tree i carried to yesterday. Deb has been busy today putting up your oputside lights .. she even got some of the stupid lights to work that are always out. love you still

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