He's seen the glory, he's told the story of battles glorious and deeds victorious. The bugles ceased now, he's at peace now, far away from those green hills of Tyrol.
from A Scottish Soldier
  • 78 years old
  • Born on July 6, 1934 in Motherwell, Scotland, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on December 21, 2012 in Eagle, Idaho, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Harry Canning, Here we ask our friends to remember him, enjoy the photos that chronicle his journey, and find comfort in the celebration of his life.

Posted by Martha Spencer on 6th July 2018
Just got off the phone talking with my daughter, born November, 1961. Harry drove me to the hospital and what a blessing to me that he and Ruth were such good friends. To this day I never drive by their old home there on St. Mary's Road without a twinge of regret that they moved away all those years ago. Martha Spencer
Posted by Martha Spencer on 11th January 2014
I remember Ruth and Harry well, never pass their early home on St. Mary's without recalling many happy visits. Most: It was Harry who drove me to the hospital when my daughter, Laura, was born. It was wonderful to have a police officer at the wheel because my daughter was in a hurry to establish her own place here in the world. She's now 50, not in such hurry anymore. Martha Colquhoun (then)
Posted by Chris Keller on 20th December 2013
On 21st it will be one year since Harry died. We will always remember the hospitably way you took care of us when we visitet you in Glendale. Allways in good Memory of Ruth and Harry Christian and Karl Keller (Germany)
Posted by Tammy Rantanen on 16th May 2013
When I think of Uncle Harry, I get a warm, loving feeling inside. You two would come to visit mom, picking you both up was so exciting to me. I couldn't wait to get that big, beautiful hug from uncle. I always felt so loved!! I can so feel that hug still today. I'm so happy to have had him in my life! He is so loved and missed by all. An amazing man! Love to you all from Dennis & me
Posted by Beverly Reimer on 20th March 2013
I am very sadden to read of Harry's passing. Harry was an incredibly strong presence in my life in standing for the integrity and stability and always cared upmost for his family and their loved ones like his own. I still treasure my time with Ruth and Harry and my journey to adulthood. Thank you for setting the best example possible.
Posted by Rita Wiens on 1st February 2013
Harry was so fond of my mother's cooking. It was always such a joy to see Harry and Ruth at the farm in Glenlea MB. Also a pleasure for me, in later years, to make and serve him perogies for dinner and breakfast in Glendale CA. It was so pleasant to visit and dine together. My sympathy to Ruth and her families.Love Rita
Posted by Linda Sindell on 31st January 2013
The Canning's are a fortunate family to have Harry as their husband, dad, grandfather and father in law. He always had a grand, proud presence that will carry on. He would have done anything for his family and loved ones. Harry is the definition of a consummate gentleman. I'm grateful to have known Harry and have him accept me for some of the family holiday celebrations.
Posted by Victoria Depaoli on 30th January 2013
I am fortunate to have met Harry through his daughter Lynn. Steady, stoic, and strong are perfect words to describe him. A problem solver and practical, Harry was a constant presence at Lynn's house, fixing what needed fixing or socializing at one or her parties. In later years, he face would light up when he saw me and he would give me a big bear hug. I felt so special! I miss you!
Posted by Jackie Murguia on 29th January 2013
I could never call Harry by his name so I called him Mr. Canning out of respect. When I got to know him better I realized that his height and serious look was only a facade. He was a very kind, generous and loving man. I will never forget how he and Mrs. Canning came to my rescue after the 1994 Earthquake. They were the first ones there to help me and comfort me.
Posted by Bob Strand on 29th January 2013
Before I met my future father-in-law Lynn described him as, well, let's just say in way that had me on my guard, maybe the meeting would be a scene out of the movie "Braveheart"! We became good friends and I remember sitting in my yard talking politics and sneaking him a vodka or three (Ruth never knew-you believe that?) Harry was an old-school working man who alway put family first.
Posted by Ruth Donald on 28th January 2013
When I first met Uncle Harry, I was only a small girl. He was big and a bit gruff, and as a policeman, a little intimidating. I didn't really get to know him until I was an adult and began visiting him and my aunt at their home in California. He was still big & a bit gruff, but he was warm & generous, and always made us feel welcome. We'll miss him very much.
Posted by Lynn Canning on 19th January 2013
Dad built an incredible life for all of us--he was strong, steady and could fix anything. He prized his family above all else, and spent his life devoted to us all. He was our rock and gave us all a priceless security and his unyielding love. Words cannot express how we will miss him--and how grateful we are for all of his gifts to us. We love you, Dad.
Posted by Ruth Canning on 18th January 2013
I would like to thank our family, friends and Harry's co-workers for all the love, prayers and support at this sad and difficult time. Please help keep Harry's spirit alive by sharing your memories.

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