His Life

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"This always makes me weep. Listen  to the last verse, especially! That is the last thing I want to hear before l leave this  earth!"

The above is an email Harry sent to Christiaan on March 18, 2018.  Music always moved my Dad.  He was a deep lover of classical music and would often listen to it for hours.  This song, and this singer moved my Dad deeply.

Vancouver Marathon

"Today, 32 years ago, May 1, 1983, I ran the "Vancouver International Marathon". Time: 2:59:35. What a great day!"

The above is an email Harry sent to Christiaan.  Harry ran the Vancouver Marathon as part of a fundraising activity for Concordia College initially aimed at building a gymnasium.  Harry got people to donate money for every mile he ran, and raised quite a sum.  It was an incredible achievement.