I'm just a leaf that's changing colors, I've hung around for quite a while, I've felt the rain and seen the sunshine, and made a lot of people smile . . .
  • 84 years old
  • Born on April 1, 1932 .
  • Passed away on November 15, 2016 .

Before dawn on November 15, under the biggest, brightest super moon in our lifetimes, Harry departed the temporal plane for ... whatever is next, whatever came before, whatever is eternal. Through a happy coincidence, or fate, his apprentice from 35 years ago and now a dear friend, was in town from Lopez Island, WA, and was with us when Harry drew his last breath. With aromatic cedar leaves from his home, Hawk performed Native American blessings before and after Harry died that were a great comfort to Harry, Janet, Ehren, Lydia, and everyone else present.

We sat with Harry’s body and played songs Harry wrote and recorded. Two friends from Durham Meeting came to join us. There was a great sense of relief in the room and a space for Harry's memory to be present without the pain of his suffering. We told our favorite stories of Harry’s life and there was more laughter than tears.

On the evening of November 17, Hawk and Janet were present for the beginning of the cremation, and felt a deep sense that Harry has been happy with every aspect of his transition. Everyone is doing well and will appreciate your thoughts and prayers. 

We will celebrate Harry’s life in a Quaker meeting for worship at 2:00 pm on Saturday, December 3rd at Friendship Friends Meeting, 1103 New Garden Road in Greensboro. We welcome your presence in person or in spirit. 

Memorial gifts can be given to Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro and to the Friendship Friends Meeting Building Fund. Please share remembrances below or on the Stories page.


Posted by Ted Williams on 29th November 2016
Harry was a good friend to me when I needed one, as were Janet and Ehren. I knew Harry when he lived in Bellingham and we attended the Bellingham Monthly Meeting. Harry always had a smile, a twinkle in his eye, and a silly song to sing, that would cheer me up when I needed it. I can still remember his warm embrace when he would greet me and invite me to his home. Harry's friendship helped me through some difficult times and I will always be thankful for it. Though I am nearly 3000 miles away I will be sitting with you on Sat. Dec. 3 as we celebrate Harry's life.
Posted by Vicki McCready on 26th November 2016
MacGregor and I were fortunate to be in a dinner group several years ago that included Janet and Harry. We will always remember Harry's stories, the twnkle in his eyes, his poems and his songs...love to you Janet and Ehren and the rest of your family
Posted by Valerie Vickers on 22nd November 2016
We truly loved listening to Harry tell stories, sing songs and share poetry. He was a man of many talents and loved his family deeply. I will never forget his smile and his loving nature. He was also a seeker and an inspiration to all who crossed his path. --Valerie and Paul
Posted by Bill Stevens on 22nd November 2016
The universe spoke through Harry Nagel.
Posted by Beth Renfro on 22nd November 2016
My dad taught me so much. He loved life, he loved everyone he met. He was strong, kind and had a heart of gold. He accepted me for who I am. I know he loved me. I remember painting houses with him and going to the race track. I remember one time he gave me a couple of dollars to bet on a race. He didnt tell me which horse he liked. So we went our seperate ways and made our bets. We met back up to watch the race and we laughed so hard caused we picked the same horse. I remember that he loved being a part of life and that meant being with other people. Just connecting and caring. Family mattered. Although I was not there as he left, I cried when Ehren let me know and after a while I felt his presence with me for the rest of the day. I felt a peace as though he was letting me know that he was ok. I felt his arms around me. He loved to sing and write his own songs. I remember dancing with him at my wedding and feeling the joy in his heart, the love in his eyes and his smile. I remember his sense of humor. I remember our talks. I remember his passion about things he believed in. I am thankful that he was my dad. I am thankful that he met and fell in love with Janet and together they had a son Ehren. I remember thinking he had a chance to start again. I am thankful that we are family. I love you dad, I miss you!
Posted by Margaret Katranides on 19th November 2016
I knew Harry in the early 1980's, when I attended Durham Friends Meeting. He was kind, open, and solid, meaning he was aware of all the pain in the world and managed to stay positive and hopeful. Such people are rare. Harry and Janet and baby Ehren contributed much to my learning about being a good Quaker. One Sunday at the close of meeting for worship, when people were going around the circle to comment or report, Harry said a few words about things that were on his mind, and then said "...and I love everybody in this room." It had been a very warm and loving worship, what Friends call a gathered meeting, and Harry summed it up. Knowing Harry, I'm sure that wasn't the only time he felt that way.

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