Harry Tabe Okpu aka Harry Jones Fashion
  • 35 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 11, 1978
  • Place of birth:
    Kumba, South West region, Cameroon
  • Date of passing: Feb 22, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Douala, Littoral Region, Cameroon
Let the memory of Harry aka Kurupt, aka Harry Jones fashion be with us forever

 Funeral Program

Wednesday 5th March 2014:
* Wake Keeping without Corpse at the family's Residence in Bota Limbe. This program officially begins at 8pm and runs through the whole night.

Thrusday 6th March 2014:  
*Brief viewing  of corpse at Limbe General Hospital Mortuary, Mile 1 at 8am 
*Transportation of mortal remains to Mamfe
* Laying in state and wakekeeping  with Corpse in Mamfe

Friday 7th March

*Burial at Ewele Village at 11AM (Ewele is some 30 mins drive from Mamfe Town)
Note: this is for information purpose only. the full program with any adjustment will be release as soon as it is available.

Donations as at 3 March 2014

Please all friends  of Harry Okpu aka Harry Jones aka Kurrupt who want to donate something to the family can contact the following persons


Maitre George Tanyi (00237 77 52 48 74) - Central Treasury
Mr Fointama Che  (00237 7745 1898)


George Ayang Nganyou ( +237 99 39 30 76)

Mr Tchana Bruno (00237 9998 6008)


Mr Alvin Agbor Etang aka Alvaro (001 508 250 9201)
Mr. Ndive Sanyi aka Nate (001 301 523 4365)  

UK & Central Europe:

Mr. Ngah Eric  (0044 746 257 1928)
All Contributions will be made public on this site.


Friends of Harry Jones      

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Tanyi Tabeson on 15th October 2017

"Harry, My Brother! Happy Birthday! I love you forever! Rest in Peace!"

This tribute was added by TCHANA BRUNO on 23rd February 2016

"Hey harry
   Its exactly two years now since you left us. I still have that space in my heart but I believe one day we will meet again. Your life was a lesson to most of us but we will live to remember you forever. Peace bro."

This tribute was added by Duke Mancho Herbert on 23rd February 2016

"Harry you will forever remain in our hearts"

This tribute was added by Duke Mancho Herbert on 12th October 2015

"Happy birthday Harry, you will forever stay in our heart."

This tribute was added by Freddy Zeks on 11th October 2015

"Harry Boy! Gone too soon but forever in our memories. Rest in Peace!"

This tribute was added by Princess Estella on 11th October 2015

"Happy birthday dear! I still miss u so much"

This tribute was added by Princess Estella on 11th October 2015

"Happy birthday dear! I miss u so much!"

This tribute was added by paul yuh on 23rd February 2015

"Harry, boh stay in celestial bliss, knowing so many miss you back

This tribute was added by Duke Mancho Herbert on 23rd February 2015

"Harry, its one year already but your memories are still fresh in our minds. I’m sure you’re resting with the good God who decided to take you away from us so soon.  Harry fashion, you were our star and still keep shining in our minds. Bro, please rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Roxy Okpu on 22nd February 2015

"It's been one year now and I still see the smile on your face and the sexiness in everything you do. Your voice sings in my head like a song unwritten. But you and I know your song was well written. There cld be no greater joy than the one I have knowing you are okay now. In me you live on!!!!! Peace brother of mine! I love you :-)"

This tribute was added by Ngwa Julius on 22nd February 2015

"Harry it's already been a year that the Good Lord took you away from us. We miss you bro. Until we meet again on the other side. May your soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Gerald Tiku on 22nd February 2015

"One year .like a minute ago.its still fresh in my mind.will never have rest ontil i visit you in ewelle.I know  u are resting in the lord. Love and miss u jo"

This tribute was added by princess estella on 21st February 2015

"Its one year today my love. How time flys. It still feels like yesterday. I miss u everyday. Rest well."

This tribute was added by Obale Lionel on 11th October 2014

"joe as you always call me, today is a day you were to celebrate a year plus but i'm sure God knows why. wherever you are you'r still going to celebrate it brother

happy birth day bigman"

This tribute was added by Princess Estella on 11th October 2014

"Happy birthday my dear!"

This tribute was added by Princess Estella on 10th September 2014

The pain has gotten better but the memory of u will never die! You inspired me and I'm doing something for you! Rest well my love. You are forever missed and never forgotten."

This tribute was added by Princess Estella on 22nd August 2014

"My dear Harry, I still think about you everyday. Your face still vivid in my mind.  I talk about your person to my friends everyday and all I do is wish u were here. I miss u dear. So much."

This tribute was added by Wills Okpu on 28th June 2014

"RIP cousin. You were one great person to be around. My prayers are with your mom and siblings. Farewell, till we meet again."

This tribute was added by Kombou Simou on 10th April 2014

"Go in peace my friend."

This tribute was added by Tessy Mbofung on 4th April 2014

"Still in denial! What a gentle soul. Harry, you are one in a million, so friendly and have always got time for everyone. Last I saw you was at Boys Shey's wedding and we all had a really good laugh. Was hoping we will hang out again soon but there you go .... :-( honestly, can someone please tell me where they are all heading to? First it was queen, then Harry and now Abigail. This is all nonsense smhhh"

This tribute was added by Valerie Kabba on 16th March 2014

"As much as it is sooo hard for me to write about you Harry, I will acknowledge you will be greatly missed. The times I spent with you in our high school days will never be wiped out of my life's  picture. You were so adorable, such that, even though you are gone too soon, those memories of you will live forever. Your departure is so hard to accept, but who are we to question God? I know we will meet someday, somehow, somewhere, certainly better than this cruel world. R.I.P, "Boy" as I normally called you."

This tribute was added by Tanyi Tabeson on 11th March 2014

"Ha! Life! Oh Harry! you have gone to your eternal reward! so peaceful, smiling and jovial even in death! if tears could bring you back to life, you would have come back to us! Ebai, Mbi, Daddy Ayukegba, Obi Clive, Sally Orock, and a host of GRAMMAR SCHOOL mates were there to see you go!  Harry, go, go to that place where we will meet to part no more! You will live in our hearts forever!"

This tribute was added by Nde Ndifonka on 7th March 2014

"Harry, I'll miss you man!"

This tribute was added by Emmanuel E.A Ayuk on 7th March 2014

"Giggle as i will call you and you will answer Gigu that will just make me laugh,our last phone call still so fresh,you were and will forever remain a great brother and friend,gone to soon but travel safe,RIP Giggle"

This tribute was added by Rylyne Nchu on 7th March 2014

"Harry my brother from another mother. I am in shock. I believe God alone knows why and you are now resting with HIM. May your gentle soul rest in peace and God's comfort to all your family and friends. Forever in our hearts. Mando"

This tribute was added by Amir Lawson on 6th March 2014

"Adieu Sir Jones! U'll forever be missed. RIP bro."

This tribute was added by Marie Eyongakpa on 6th March 2014

"Harry Jones you are gone too soon ...May your soul rest in peace and may the LORD  strengthen your family, friends and love ones IJN. Harry  your sudden death reminds me of my purpose on earth. To God be the glory till eternity as you will be laid to rest tomorrow."

This tribute was added by Anouk Schouten on 6th March 2014

"Dear Harry, my dear brother, my sweet in-law,

You're gone too soon ....
We always talked on internet. You waited for us to come down from the Netherlands. You wanted to meet Arong and me, Obale's family. You quarreled me that I did not call you, you left your number in a message. You said you were happy, because I love your brother Stanley Obale and you promised me that he would marry me. We talked so much since 2010, and now, now I can only write and hope that you’re watching over us from above.

Dear, dear, Harry, Rest In Peace, and who knows, maybe we'll meet again sometime. We love you ...

Your in-law Anouk, Obale Arong Jr. & baby Tabè"

This tribute was added by Bessem Bayen on 6th March 2014

"Harry Jones, your sudden departure has left a vacuum. I pray you rest in the bosom of the Lord. Greet Papa for me. Bro,you'll forever be missed. Adieu Harry!!"

This tribute was added by Obale Lionel on 5th March 2014

"R.I.P bigman."

This tribute was added by Correntin Ebengke Ntang Brown on 5th March 2014

"He was a good and simple person.May his soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by cecilia tabot on 4th March 2014

"For the past couple weeks I've been trying to unravel all these questions in my head, particularly, why this happened to him.  He was a young, happy, and healthy person so full of life with so much energy.
Yes, "Harry Tabe" had a lot of great qualities, but perhaps his most endearing quality was his ability to get people to open up.  He made me feel comfortable enough to share my darkest secrets with him, and in addition to great advice, he gave me the confidence to choose the road less traveled and reminded me that no matter what, I will be okay.  I’ll always remember his advice.  He left a mark on every single person who met him especially me.i will for ever miss u brother Harry.may ur soul rest in peace wherever you are now."

This tribute was added by tataw tabe on 4th March 2014

"Death comes up on us when our work on earth is complete. Your pictures summarizes one man's love for fellow humans beings. One thing i know is that He that loves you more than we do has called you. We miss you boooooh"

This tribute was added by Elvis "Zoziz" Ngayi on 3rd March 2014

"We are deeply saddened by the news of your passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you journey beyond. RIP Harry Jones"

This tribute was added by Kadji BenWhite Kamga on 3rd March 2014

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Harry I am still to come to terms with the fact that you are no more. What a tragic end. I have not been able to write anything on your wall since I heard the sad news. I thought it was a joke or something. everyday I come to this website and to your wall thinking that someone would say it was an "April fool" but which kind April fool for February.

It was such fun to be around you. you were so full of life. these sweet memories will I ever keep of you You were a light that burned so brightly and suddenly you went so pale. Sleep now Harry and take thy rest.

I know for sure that it is not the length of our days that matter the quality."

This tribute was added by Fonka Mutta on 3rd March 2014

"Guys, the jolly Harry can't read us. We are writing to our big family (ourselves), and his grieving relatives. I learnt from him that a good laugh is worth its weight in gold. In his memory I will strive to share the good-humour as often as possible."

This tribute was added by Eko Dollar on 3rd March 2014

"It's a journey of no return you decided to embark on..... what a life? I can remember few weeks ago you came to my office with another friend and we later shared a drink at the Trinity Club house, we also had a pep talk in which you congratulated and encouraged me. I wish I could translate the meaning of your encouragement.... Soft spoken Harry! !
It's really sad you left in a way no one could imagine.
                 ADIEU MONYE! ! !  Till we meet again."

This tribute was added by Claudette Bih on 3rd March 2014

"Dear Harry
Its so shocking to know u are gone
I will not forget those days at MIFED RUMPI when we usually played and joke together not forgetting the Seminars in Kumba where we spent together
Farewel harry u will always be remembered"

This tribute was added by Tanyi Tabeson on 3rd March 2014

""Munye" I am so happy and proud to have known you as a brother a friend and spiritual son. when you took ill in 2010, all you called me and asked for were "prayers and a Bible". These am certain sustained you to this right time when your hour had reached. I had looked forward to seeing you again, to hearing your voice and seeing you smile, and the light in your eyes and your hands that soothed pain; I was happy to have known you though brief was the while. Sleep in peace, Munye. soon and very soon, we will surely meet to part no more! O ze no no! !"

This tribute was added by Lyn Malo on 3rd March 2014

""My Candella" dats how u called me. My heart is bleeding sooo profusely no one else but you can make it stop. All the memories keep flooding back! During the day when all is noisy and busy i try to forget, but at night when it is calm and quiet the memories are stronger than ever. You mapped out a place in my heart and kept it for u. I shall not try to stop the pain. I shall go on with it everyday as a reminder of how much you gave to me and how grateful I am for the role you played in my life. with that pain you shall remain alive to me forever and I would never say adieu but rather  a bientôt Harry okpu ur candle shall continue to shine as a beacon for us to follow..."

This tribute was added by Brinsly Ewang on 2nd March 2014

"You had so much life in you I could literally feel it the last time I saw you just a few months ago. May you RIP"

This tribute was added by Tabot Esther on 2nd March 2014

"You are gone too soon dear friend.I pray our God receives your soul.My heart goes to ya mum and siblings.It's never easy losing someone so full of life.
I will miss you.
R.I.P Harry"

This tribute was added by Rosemary Nanji on 2nd March 2014

"My dear Harry, its been more than a week now, but still no news that your passing away was a nasty joke. Though you are gone so so soon, the memories of u will always feel like today. Very confident, intelligent, lively and peaceful, you brightened the hearts of those who met you. I really don't know what not to write. Hhhmmm Harry, answer Ogwe na!  You Harry Tabe, had a good heart. You will be forever missed."

This tribute was added by C*JN FOMENKY*II on 2nd March 2014

"Harry - Your early demise and exit of the now a dire reality I have to live and deal with.  I am thankful I could spend some time with you recently...I am happy for the childhood memories and the various intervals thereafter we could spend and chit/chat.  You are/were my prefect and always will be.  I will miss you...I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  I hope all your family, friends, and acquaintances that join to mourn you now and celebrate your life, maybe able to find succor in the myriad reminiscences we/they experienced with you.  Darn!!!!!  Death is inevitable as God constantly reminds us when he calls like he called you.  But we were or are suppose to grow old, albeit bare mortals!...why do the good die young? smh.  I am so teary... I miss you men!  You were such a great human being...I am confident your spirit will remain brave, bold, handsome, brilliant as you were here with us physically.  Keep well brother, until we meet again...Requiescant in pace - C*JN*FOMENKY*II"

This tribute was added by Sokem Inndirra on 1st March 2014

"Rest in peace is all i can say! Its so hard to believe u are no more u were a bigbrother to me.will miss you"

This tribute was added by audrey Marcella on 1st March 2014

"My big bros! Having you as an elder brother was one of the greatest moments of my life. Being closer to you this past few months till you left was challenging but I am very grateful and have left a very deep pain in my heart because there is nobody to fight for me and protevt mr the way you use to don go leave ya petite soeur e one.but I know you are watching me from above to continue where you stopped on earth.i will always love and miss you brother.RIP HARRY JONES.♥♥♥"

This tribute was added by Peter Nkumbe Ebung on 1st March 2014

"'Tiny Harry' as Yvette and my self fondly called you. I don't know where to start from or where to place the dot. Sooo full of life. I guess it's a journey we must all take. Me who never cooks ! To think this awful news caught me in the kitchen and I almost burnt down the house. It is well with your soul! May God give your mum the courage!"

This tribute was added by obale eric okpu on 1st March 2014

"Greatest  Big Man. Bros to all

As smiling as you have always been even in death you still smile at us making us to think  you are still alive and beside , WHAT IS LIFE???Life is very short and most often ends when we least expect it .this is because (Gen 7:22) say everything on earth that breathed died.  So for those of us gather here today, the death of our BROTHER HARRY TABE OKPU knows as AKA HARRY JONES. Should serve as a reminder to us of the shortness of this life and also of the fact of our own death. I  have now realize that the master may come at anytime, and most often as a thief at night .
Fear well big man we will never leave to forget your time with us GOD love you the most and need you in his kingdom ."

This tribute was added by Paul Kedia on 1st March 2014

Thank you for loving and sharing,
For giving and for caring.
God bless you and keep you,
Until we meet again."

This tribute was added by bewoh oben on 1st March 2014

"Harry Tabe as I usually call you, rest in peace my dear, can't still digest the news that you're no more.i remember when we were in primary school, you were a brain box, you were such a smart guy and very brilliant. I wonder what went wrong but I guess God knows why.May your gentle soul rest in peace untill we meet again on the last day.May God strengthen your family during this period of grieve, especially Roxy your follow and your mum."

This tribute was added by Salome Agborsangaya on 1st March 2014

"So i'm sitting here Reading all the comments by everybody...listening to the Music in the background tears flowing down my cheeks and then i realise its true...munye don go? I look at ur pics and i get yet Another vibe, i Think about all the times i've seen u full of life, all the memories of u in Buea and all i see is a broad gentle smile and then i know this is what i wanna remember forever. Harry how do u expect us to say goodbye when we prefer to say welcome? How do we Wake up to the very challenging thought that we have to write some tribute to Harry cos he's not here with us anymore?? I'm just not good at this i don't know what to say! U left without any warning...look at how confused and saddened u've made ur family and everyone of us ur friends! Na which kind 419 this Harry? The first day i Heard this news i was like na lie yaaaa. Harry don surely go drink for devil's bar then go sleep for some side then people check say ee don die, make they wait ee go Wake up by over tiredness. Its been more than a week now and the news keeps getting real by the day. If u can read/see all these messages....pls find a way to Comfort ur sister, ur follow back Roxy...she misses u so much it hurts to imagine being in her shoes. Please assure her in her Dreams that u are fine and doing great so she can accept ur departure and move on with Life. But for today...i do not have a tribute message cos i'm not sure if this is really goodbye???. Let me hang on to ur smile that i remember and the presence of ur spirit i feel when i look at ur pics and Think of who u were! Tears will take a Life time and we will never forget u! If u really had to go, if this is really GOD's Ultimate plan & purpose for u, then u deserve to rest dear munye :) We'll miss u more than u could ever imagine."

This tribute was added by kimeng kimeng on 1st March 2014

"Harry its been so long that we met but the news of your death brings some vivid pictures of the old days around BBC,Pelican,The place.A news like this is always a bitter pill to swallow but may God comfort your family especialy your mom and give her the grace to press on.God has lifted you to a higher realm.RESPECT!!"

This tribute was added by Frederick Ebot Ashu on 1st March 2014

"For the Living and the Dead
A psalm of David.
The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters,  he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths  for his name’s sake. Even though I walk  through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil,  for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. Amen#Ebot Ashu#11/11/2013"

This tribute was added by Obia Ranndy on 1st March 2014

"Grand frère. I knew you just for a very short while. In 2006. We shared ONLY good moments together. RIP my grand. You were a nice and humble man."

This tribute was added by Martin Mbene Luma on 1st March 2014

"Mr. Jones, it hurts to know that we where unable to reach you after our last meeting in Buea, you had a word for each and every one of us and it was very touching. we never expected you will leave us so soon,
but we thank God for your life and we pray he will grant you eternal rest in his heavenly kingdom
we will miss you so dearly, go well, Mr. Jones."

This tribute was added by Lovert Ajebe on 1st March 2014

"Sir Harry, bro u are gone too soon, RIP manor. May God heal all the family and us your friends for the lost."

This tribute was added by yusuf xavious on 1st March 2014

"Safe journey broda, though not very fond of you but it's really hard to believe you left this world so soon. RIP Harry"

This tribute was added by Biggy Ntaribo on 1st March 2014

"Harry, (scandalous baby) what more can I say. I can't comprehend the meaning of death. Sir Harry Jones, God has a better plan for you. When I think of this demise I can't fail to remember our life together, from Mamfe to Buea to Limbe. Gone to soon bro. Wehhhh what a world.
Miss you my brother.


This tribute was added by valentine akoegbe on 28th February 2014

"If we wrote your name in the sky, the wind would blow it away, if we wrote your name in the sea, the waves would wash it away.So your name has been engraved in our hearts where nothing can touch it.As actors on stage, you have played your role,all what we can do is to ask God to keep you in His bossom.RIP Harry Jones.Adieu"

This tribute was added by Njonguo Julius on 28th February 2014

"Harry you were a gentleman par excellence....the fun we had a few months ago was the best we ever had. The best because we celebrated your departure to paradise without even realizing it. My heart goes out to your very caring mum, i think of you Ross, i think of my big brother Gordon and all the friends HARRY left behind. Life will never be the same again without you bro. May the almighty rest your soul in peace until we meet again. Adieu"

This tribute was added by derek sabum on 28th February 2014

"Harry you played a significant role in the happiness that exist in my family today. May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back.  May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields.  And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.R.I.P bro"

This tribute was added by Charly Tabe on 28th February 2014

"Harry Jones...perika weti u do we so?
I remember the fantastic trip we had from Buea to Douala in April 2013,little did I know that was a farewell trip!U promised calling little still waiting for that famous long am I gonna wait? voice mail still accepts messages.
I was certain of u as person of character who always went out of his way to help others.Your big heart is the reason for ur  transition leaving  no one untouched,irrespective of age group,tribe,sex,social status,the haves and the have not...indeed u were a man of the people!We will miss ur sense of humour and kind heart.Somehow,in a corner of my head,I am still hoping that this isn't true.Losing u has created a void that could never be filled by another.
Harry,ur memory will live forever in our hearts...till we meet to part no more bros.Adieu!"

This tribute was added by Mouafo Brenda on 28th February 2014

"Harry it's hard to say farewell to u, I hv bn through d pain caused by the death of a loved one before but this ya own na d shocker!!! I hold unto ya smile, ur kind n very supportive words, ur consistent love n presence as a  bro, ur jokes... Harry Rest in  Peace"

This tribute was added by Kombe Namuene on 28th February 2014

"Oh Harry Pah Small Guinness. If i was told you will go so soon i will not accept. We love you but God knows better my bros. Go in peace and prepare a place close to you.

Adieu my friend"

This tribute was added by Yvonne Enaka iyok on 28th February 2014

""Petit frere"
    Nobody's passing away don touch me reach ur own! Why oh..why Harry? Didn't u promise me...serious javing in Pays, how i go do then? A promise is a debt oo Harry!!! Memories of Ebai & urself playing around like "jiggas" while we grew up... just can't leave my head!
     Journey on Harry, & may ur humble soul RIP."

This tribute was added by Leon GoodLyfe on 28th February 2014

"Still find it had to accept your departure. praying for eternal rest in the Lords Kingdom where you will prepare for until we meet again. We will continue to feel your presents around. we Love and Miss You Harry"

This tribute was added by MABAAH EVELYN SHEY on 28th February 2014

"Harry my dear brother its so difficult to express how i feel right now? i light a candle for you my brother, may its light show you the way for your journey to continue smoothly. ELVIS,BRYAN and I will forever miss you. Your stay on earth might have been short but you touched more peoples lives than some of those who are still living and older than you Harry. Every time i will see the rainbow i will think of you because YOU WERE THAT TO OUR LIVES."

This tribute was added by Findi Stanley on 28th February 2014

"Harry Bobo, ei rili hard for believe say u don die.Chai Massa."

This tribute was added by elvis mbeng on 28th February 2014

"So close to be separated brother..I ll always miss you"

This tribute was added by Joel Etchu Ayukegba on 28th February 2014

"The Big-man.
i really do still doubt your departure.i sit sometimes and just smile when i think about your gestures and free mind to give.
i know you are very surprise to fine urself where you are now,but stay well and be strong the Big-man."

This tribute was added by Larry Iyok on 28th February 2014

"Ase'ehh Jo, where you dey? Na so we be plan this thing? How come na ya own number call me for announce ur demise? Wait, it's a joke right? You've got people calling me from the 4 corners of the earth, what do I tell them?
Na weti you do me so brother???
Saw your mum the morning you left us, "ebai, ya broda be wan tell you somtin, but ei leave b4 u ever come see ei. u better call ei back make wuna finish dat stori".

Jo, we laughed, we cried, we fought, we made up and then we fought again. we argued, we pranked. we compromised, we encouraged each other and some more. I enjoyed the mischiefs of our youth and grown ups we turned out to be.

you leave me with fun memories "petit papa", I dare not question God.

Waka fine broda, we go see !!!"

This tribute was added by Tah Terence Baninla on 28th February 2014

"You affected the lifes of many with the regular smiles you put on faces. Your life, though briefly lived, helped shape and drill purpose into many.
You were truly special. Requiescat in pace Harry Jones."

This tribute was added by Duke Mancho Herbert on 28th February 2014

"Harry fashion, it still seems like a dream to me. I wish I could turn back the hands of time but God alone knows why you left us too soon. Memories of the great times, love, fun will forever remain fresh in my mind. Tears can't leave me continue this tribute to you. Harry fashion, heroes never last long. You remain our hero."

This tribute was added by NGUH AKUM on 28th February 2014

"Brother Okpu, the new of ur death took me like à storm. U left us so soon. U left ur prints whoever was close to. U will always be remembered.


This tribute was added by Agbor Perry on 27th February 2014

""Harry Jones the shock u put us through is unbearable...You left us without even saying goodbye. Dead is cruel and wicket leaving us in such pain, tears and misery. But we are always consoled with the loving memories and good deeds you left behind. Out of sight is not out of mind, you would always be in our hearts till we meet again..."
R.I.P Big Bro"

This tribute was added by Ell Bonjo on 27th February 2014

"It was the shocking news, that brought tears to my eyes. And you made me remember what it was like to cry. On that dreadful day, God decided it was your time, your time to go, so He took your life away,
And everyone felt the pain, the pain that you had been suffering for so long. It's harder than I ever thought life could be without you. So the family will always think of you, And we will always know that you'll be looking down on us keeping us safe making sure every thing goes okay in our lives, making sure that we live a good life just like you did until the day that God decided that it was your time to go

Rest In Peace Grand Harry-


This tribute was added by Boby Criss on 27th February 2014

"If we could have a lifetime wish
A dream that would come true,
We would pray to God with all our hearts
For a yesterday and you.
A thousand words can’t bring you back,
We know, because we tried;
And neither will a million tears,
We know, because we cried.
You left behind our broken hearts
And happy memories too.
But we never wanted memories,
We only wanted you.


This tribute was added by Basil Ajuo on 27th February 2014

"Harry: If  a drop of rain could show the whole world how much I will miss you,I will ask God for a storm. I can't imagine. This is shocking! This is unbelievable! It feels like a bad dream, but Harry, is this news true? It can't be true. If this news is real, then we are actually living in a world without us. One thing is for sure. I know I will never see you again in person, but I know your spirits will forever  live in us. Keep a better place for your classmates in heaven. Amen"

This tribute was added by MBU JANET on 27th February 2014

"RETURN IF POSSIBLE(R.I.P).Harry am short of words to express my feelings,it's so hard for me to say goodbye,but am left with no option,than to say GOODBYE and GOODNITE.You'll be missed by all.

This tribute was added by Roxy Okpu on 27th February 2014

"Darling, my love, my peace of mind, my twin, my confident, my problem solver. Eh! Eh! Harry, Harry Jones, Harry Joe! You have left me here alone. Why did you do me this way? Why? I got you the Armani shades you wanted? So when are u gonna wear them? You know they are male, so I can't wear them. I need you to come get them. I leave them every morning on the table in the study before I leave for work. But when I return from work, they are same place I left them. I don't understand why. But then I remember, you have left me. I feel u around me every minute of the day. I know you here with me. Do u hear me when I talk to you. The baby thinks I have lost my mind coz I pretty much talk to myself most of the time since you left me. Em! Hang on! No I can't be losing my mind. I know you are close by. I know you will never leave me. Harry! Harry! Hear your "follow back" speaking. Can you say something to me? Please! I beg you. You have left all your siblings behind. I have a picture of mum, she is crying. She wants you back. What are we supposed to do now? What?                                                My sexy, sassy, hot, chocolate on my strawberry. Rox, don't cry! Harry loves u. See...can't u see? He smiling at you. I told you I was coming home to visit you and with some cute stuff for you. And u laughed and said "yeahhh! Roxanne!"                                                                               I really wanna sing for you Harry! I wanna sing and make you feel loved. I know I will have another opportunity to sing for you big brother. Come here, let me kiss your chubby cheeks. Hahah! I love u Harry! I always loved you and will always do.                                                                                                         Rest in God now bro! Peace! Roxy"

This tribute was added by eko arabella on 27th February 2014

"Okpu as I fondly call u, is still a dream am trying to get my head around. We will miss u dearly, may the good lord receive your soul and rest in peace . adios"

This tribute was added by Kangsen Ekume on 27th February 2014

As much as I hate to say this to you, Rest in Peace bro.  God bless your soul. You were a good and true brother and friend. One love forever. Your boy,

This tribute was added by Fointama Che on 27th February 2014

"Harry is so hard to find any words i borrow from this song by Micheal W Smith....


Packing up the dreams God planted
In the fertile soil of you
I can't believe the hopes He's granted
Means a chapter of your life is through

But we'll keep you close as always
It won't even seem you've gone
'Cause our hearts in big and small ways
Will keep the love that keeps us strong

And friends are friends forever
If the Lord's the Lord of them
And a friend will not say never
'Cause the welcome will not end
Though it's hard to let you go
In the Father's hands we know
That a lifetime's not too long
To live as friends......

the last chat we had you said as friends we should try to be in touch often now i know why.RIP BRO"

This tribute was added by T. Ebai on 27th February 2014

"Harry, Wow!!!!!!!! I am still speechless. Every morning i go to your wall hoping that some one might say it was a lie.

I Fare Thee Well Harry to wherever  you think you are going to. I am still  wearing my doubting-thomas-suit.

I pray God grant strength to your family & friends."

This tribute was added by Mathias Njumbe on 27th February 2014

"Harry, I really lack words to express how I felt when I got the news, I was stunned and doubted the authenticity of the news. But when I called and confirmed, I laughed, because I was speechless. Your departure is painful and not an easy one to smile over, but it tells me one thing; that we’re on a journey that can end at any time. May your soul rest in perfect peace at the bosom of our LORD"

This tribute was added by Emiliene Eyongakpa on 27th February 2014

"Sir Harry, rest on till we meet to part no more!  Hard to say goodbye:-("

This tribute was added by Catherine Ndeley on 27th February 2014

"Harry it's so sad for me your special driver. Don't know who will call me that again. You will be missed my dear.

  May Your Soul Rest In Peace"

This tribute was added by Beboi Lifanda on 27th February 2014

"Harry.... You will be sorely missed but my fond memories of you will always live on! Rest in Peace!"

This tribute was added by Ndi Ben on 27th February 2014

Moments like this stare us straight in the face to remind us of the brevity of life. However, your spirited nature and companionable presence are what will remain most in my mind. Nobody knows when death must come but I dare to say your death came way too soon. RIP bro but be assured you touched many lives; reason why you will be missed sorely and your memories will remain ever green. Fare thee well Harry"

This tribute was added by kevin ndelle on 27th February 2014

"Oh Harry, bro I can't believe I am writing a tribute to you. It is all like a dream and my eyes are all teary. Where can I start....we come from way back....way way back and the memories are countless. I have never met a more energetic full of life. To me you are not are still alive in my heart and the memories of our time together will keep me going. Till we meet again bro. I love you man. Say hi to Gideon for me."

This tribute was added by Marja Motanga on 27th February 2014

"Hmm...Harry, I no even know thing for tok really. When Ebai called me on Saturday morning, i screamed. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine such a thing. I liked you a lot. You were so full of life, very funny and very neat. Always well dressed. Last year, i called you and begged for a favor and you took time off and went to Buea for me. You were a nice person.
In short eh Harry...I no know thing for tok I tell you. All i can say is that it is a road we will all walk, you just decided to leave sooner. I pray that God grants your family and friends the strength to go through this difficult moment.

Rest in Peace Harry."

This tribute was added by Gerald Tiku on 27th February 2014

"Harry its hard for me to write on your memorial site because our moment were full of joy n happiness.i lack words to describe u.u were an "ALLROUND"smart guy from childhood. U always made your points felt no matter what. Kurupt everyone is missing u men. Our last conversation on the 15/01/2014 , was full of joy,happiness and a promise to see soon.  But I got to see u no more.  Will miss u much JO. LOVE U BRO.RIP"

This tribute was added by Fombe Gremo on 27th February 2014

"A true friend and brother. Always patient to listen and share opinions respectfully and with a smile that potrays his inner self. God alone knows why and surely you are in a better place. Forever in our hearts. A Dieu."

This tribute was added by Ruth Caspa-Foleu on 27th February 2014

"Harry!!!!!!!!! What a life. When someone dies it draws me closer to our creator. But yours made me rededicate my life. I can still hear you calling me "Bali!!!" RIP my dear may the soil of your ancestors be soft for you to walk on. Your love was flawless and you said the truth like it had to be. You live on my dear."

This tribute was added by Dato Larry on 27th February 2014

"Will forever miss you you bro. It's hard to imagine you are no more .
Just know in your heart that you have always been a good person.
Peace be with you.
Love u and miss you."

This tribute was added by ntaribo tataw solomon ashukem on 27th February 2014

"sir Jones,what happened bro?I remember when we use to read together in school,and call each other scandalous baby.God has a reason,i will always miss you for ever,may your soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Princess Estella on 27th February 2014

"Most time we take the people in our lives for granted until we loose them and start living in regret. That's my story with u Harry Tabe Okpu. You have taught me a great lesson my dear and I promise to change my mind for better. Though we fought a lot, the love we shared was the best in all my life. I wish I stayed and gave you the chance to love me the way you wanted. My heart bleeds but your star will always shine in our hearts. Rest in peace super Star. I love u always."

This tribute was added by Stanley Azure on 27th February 2014

"Rest in perfect peace"

This tribute was added by Eleanor Lomby on 27th February 2014

""The shock is just too much that, i have been unable to write or say a word.

If tears can build a stairway, and memories a lane. The Peeps you leave behind would walk right up to heaven and bring you home again

But 1 thing i have learnt so far is that; Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.

May God HEAL your family for your loss i know is GREAT.


This tribute was added by Kelvin Ashu on 27th February 2014

"It ain't fair, you died too young, like a story that had just begun, but death, tore the pages all away.....Your story ended too soon."

This tribute was added by ENOW EYONG on 27th February 2014

"Kid Broda,
       U are gone too soon. U make me sad coz all u've done is leave me with vivid memories of u.

Remember our public debate on "should teenagers be given pocket money" in 1992?

Ur positive spirit made u the man in all gatherings.

Sir Harry as I fondly call u, U shall always be remembered.

We dearly loved you, but the Good Lord most dearly loves U.

                      REST IN PEACE Sir HARRY!"

This tribute was added by OJ Tarh on 27th February 2014

"Harry Jones You left without saying goodbye. Well You alone know why you decided to leave in that manner. all I can say is go in peace and I hope you are at peace. you belong to the ages."

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