"Let the memory of Harry be with us forever" xxxxxxx
May His Family Get all the Love & Support Possible xx
  • 4 years old
  • Born on March 30, 2010 in Nottingham, nottinghamshire, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on June 23, 2014 in nottingham, nottinghamshire, United Kingdom.

This memorial website was created in memory of Richard Clements & Marika Procko's son / loved one, Harry Procko, Aged 4.
Born on 30/03/2010 and passing away on 23/06/2014 Due to QMC Failing Him.
Harry's Family will remember him forever...
With this Memorial Page & Facebook Groups Harry will always be Remembered and Cherrished and his Spirit will Live on.. xx 

Posted by Donald Blatherwick on 30th March 2018
Have a nice birthday up in heaven you should be with us having a birthday cake for your ,8th birthday miss you lots time goes by and i still cry kid xxxxxx
Posted by Sharon Minshull on 26th March 2016
rip harry you are so missed by your mommy and daddy put i no you send them your love xxx
Posted by Donald Blatherwick on 23rd June 2015
Harry my god son passed away put not forgot You was the best god son in the world now With god my angel miss you all the time cry Every time I see a pic off you .you was the man Off the house and rules was your bit rest in peace God son
Posted by Jess Jaims LaSalle on 8th May 2015
Hi Harry, I will continue to fight for you and yer family. I never got to meet you in life but now feel as I know you through yer Mummy and Daddy. I hope it isn't wrong to say I love you cos I do love you sweetheart and will forever stand by yer family's side even after we get you justice! Once I meet someone (even through Facebook ), I'm loyal friend for life. Rest sweet boy and let us forever to be yer voice. God bless yer Mummy, Daddy, and yer siblings. I will come back hunni and talk to you again. With love forever, Jess <3
Posted by Donald Blatherwick on 20th November 2014
harry rest in pace lad miss you lots never forget you and your smiles
Posted by Rose Bailey on 15th October 2014
Rip lil Harry I may not know you or your family but I'm sure they are lovely people. And I'm sorry for your mummy and daddy's loss you will always be the angel and will be sadly missed by a lot of people. And once again rip sleep tight little fella x
Posted by Sam Mcgurk on 13th October 2014
fly high little harry we all lite our candles for you baby harry and u are in my heart and u are in my familys heart we all love you so much u will always be mist and we will get u justice harry we will not rest till we do xxxx sleep tight angel
Posted by Paul Dymond on 10th October 2014
You will be missed lots, you little angel, Love Paul
Posted by Lisa Marie Oldham on 10th October 2014
little harry! Well i have heard so many good things about you! i never knew your personaly but i hope your up their having such fun! R.i.p little man<3
Posted by Marika Procko on 10th October 2014
Harry its me mummy I can't believe I am doing this this is mumnys nightmare I live till I die I miss you harrybo your smiling face cuddles kisses dancing with you in my arms you giggling know mummys arms ache to hold you dreaming of you is all my mind can do when you flew away did you feel mummys pain for you it gripped me forever more it will stay with me where you should be no more mummy and Harry time nomore how my life is empty without out you my hart has been crushed smashed turned to dust I will place my broken harts dust into a hour glass and for when the dust slips thru and runs out wrap your beautiful white angel wings around me and carry me to your beautiful resting place Harry my beautiful baby boy please come to me don't forget mummy I will never forget you Sleep paecfully Harry mummy will dance with you in my arms again my arms will never be empty again xxx
Posted by Chrissy Jordan on 10th October 2014
Fly high with the angels Harry and shine with the stars x
Posted by Becky N Craig B on 10th October 2014
this is a beautiful tribute.to a beautiful little boy that is missed incredibly by his s loving and doting family....heartbreaking but beautiful at the same time......sleep tight beautiful boy xxxxx
Posted by Charlene Wood on 10th October 2014
My heart broke when I watched your video on fb, you are the same age as my son who is also a very special boy on the autistic spectrum. I hope we can do you justice and make changes little Harry. Sleep tight little man ; ) xxx
Posted by Jeff Dymond on 10th October 2014
missing you lots little man . sending lots of love and hugs Grandad
Posted by Michelle Mallinson on 10th October 2014
just seen your story on fb how heartbreaking rip harry <3 x
Posted by Kurtis Scott on 10th October 2014
Sara Manning Posted on Rip little Harry Facebook Group @ 6:56am on Friday 10th October: Morning Harry hope you slept peacefully little fella. I didn't Zach was up from 2.29am till just gone 4am found him with 7 monkeys lined up whispering like only an autistic child can. Zach loves Harry now I know that much. Week little one but of a weird night sitting watching my boy talking to you maybe you've become friends in some way. Well little fella gotta get on so I can get stuff done for you later now you've gone Global with thousands of followers this group is gonna get pretty busy. Big smoochies & massive hugs just for you
Posted by Elaine Dymond on 10th October 2014
love and miss you my darling grandson sending hugs love you forever darling you will always be in my heart from grandma
Posted by Paulinelegend Hope on 9th October 2014
Your story has touched many all around the world.. Sleep tight little one and forever R I P...XX
Posted by Samantha Stephenson on 9th October 2014
Rip Little Man. Sleep Tight Hope Justice Is Brought. Fly High With The Angels Dude♡ xxxx
Posted by Tracy Grosse on 9th October 2014
A silent prayer we send your way to say we think of you each day a cherished memory in our heart but sadness that we had to part. sleep tight little man ♡
Posted by Bridger Aitchison on 9th October 2014
Posted by Linda Compagnari on 9th October 2014
R.I.P. Harry, I never got to meet you but you will always have a place in my heart! Please watch over all of us and know we will see you again!
Posted by Bridger Aitchison on 9th October 2014
Fly high little angel xxxxxx
Posted by Sara Manning on 9th October 2014
Sleep tight little ❤️harry❤️
Posted by Richard Clements on 9th October 2014
my little momkey boy i'll miss you life will never be the same again you are always in my heart and memories until you come to fetch me i'll be waiting

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