Harvey Blevins was a great man!!!! He was born in 1955. He lived in several different places throughout his life...a few being West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky. He loved the country scenery. To him it was a little piece of Heaven. He became a truck driver when he was in his late teens to early twenty's. That too was something he enjoyed more than anything. He drove a truck for season all for many years. Being on the open road was a sense of freedom and relaxation to him. There was nothing better than watching those many miles that he drove disappear in his rear view mirror. He traveled through many different states and met a lot of great friends through-out the years as he drove his "321627 Semi truck"! He often joked with us that when he made it to Heaven, he was going to drive that Big Semi of his through the pearly white gate and let everyone know that he had finally made it home! He was a very good Christian. He had strong beliefs about God and making it to Heaven. I know that at the moment I am at loss for words on how great of a man my Dad was. I know that I talk about him all the time. I don't want ANYONE to ever forget the great memories that they have of him and with him. I know that the memories I have, and the memories my husband has.....we hold near and dear to our hearts. We love u Dad and miss you everyday!!! xoxoxo