My Dad

Shared by Mallory Blevins on May 14, 2010

The Day I found out my DaD cancer was terminal it was very hard but I always kept a brave face around him I would never let him know I was Sad I would always talk to him and keep him company he would always tell me that God was going to heal him and that he was going to jump over the moon I truly believed that with God any Thing is possible I loved him so much The hardest day for me was july 12th 2006 it was the day I lost my DaD he went home to be with God And he is at peace know I Know that he will always be with in my heart I love u DaD More than you will ever know It will be 4 years this july that you,ve been gone in heaven I love u u will always be in my heart .

My goodbye...

Shared by Rebecca McCown on September 12, 2009

So, I remeber the day I had to tell my Dad that I was accepting the fact that he was sick and that he was going to die. This was the hardest day of my life. I remember walking inside and walking over to the couch that he was setting on, the couch that he refused to leave. Even when he got really really sick, he refused to have a hospital bed in the house. He said he wasnt just going to lay down and die! In so many ways, I was so sad for him....but at the same time...I couldnt help but look up to him for showing me what real strength was!!! So, I walked in the house and went to the couch that he was setting on. I set down next to him and asked him how he was feeling. . . reguardless of how he felt, he would never tell his girls that he felt bad!!! He told me he felt pretty good that day. I reached out to hold his hand and I remember it being so tiny compared to the strong hands that I had always remembered. At that moment, I think it really hit me that he was not just sick....but that he was terminally ill! I know to some people that may sound weird but to me it makes perfect sence. Sometimes its hard to accept the fact that someone you love is sick. So as I set there and held his throat got a knot in it the size of a softball it felt like.....but I tried to stay strong. If there is one thing that I will never forget about my Dad, its that he knew everything about me without a word having to be said. It amazes me still sometimes when I think about all of the things he knew that I never told But, I just told him that I loved him alot and that I didnt want him to hurt anymore. He looked at me and told me that he wasnt hurting and that he was okay. I know that I didnt have to tell him that it was my way of saying my "goodbyes"....he knew and I knew but no-one else had to know. I never got the chance to tell him how special he really was to me or just how much of my hero he really was!!!! He was like his daughters own personal super hero!!! There wasnt anything our Daddy couldnt or wouldnt do for us!!! Although I miss him deeply each and every day, I would never want him back in this messed up world. I praise God that he called him home where he could be at eternal peace! No more worries, no more struggles, no more pain, no more problems!!! I love you, Dad!!! You really were my hero and no one could ever replace the part of my heart that left the day you went to be with the Lord. I will see you when I get there!!!!

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