It has been 10 years since you left us.

Shared by Charles Phillips on June 2, 2019

Hello momma,  these 10 years have gone by so fast. I hope you are resting peacefully.  You are always with me in my heart and mind. Love you

Shared by Debra Moore on November 15, 2010

Erica,visiting her Grandma,always making her smile

Shared by Debra Moore on November 15, 2010

Remal taking care of  her side..

handle with care

Shared by Debra Moore on November 15, 2010

This was taken April 4,2009,   After she broke  her right ankle. Always kept her sense of human. Making everyone laugh......These are the time we handle mommy with care

My Love (MAMA)

Shared by Latasha Phillips on July 29, 2009
I miss you Grandma so much. I dream about you nearly every nite. I look at your picture and start to cry cause for some reason I felt you will never leave me. You all I had and I always knew that. No matter what we went through you always understood me. Thats why I never kept secrets from you. Even when I knew you wouldn't like some of the things I told you ,I kept it real with you and just listened to your advice. So many things I wish I could go back and change, but I still hear your voice and take it as a lesson I learned in life. I all the good times we had. Most of all my memories are with you. I remember when you fell in the kitchen in a split and Delilah pass you and didn't hear you calling her cause she was busy making hawking nose with her throat and nose. Me and DeeDee had to pull you up. But, it was a struggle at first cause we was laughing so hard, But we did it. We pulled you up. And that time I asked you to do that trick you do after you was picking on me with Berni. You said what trick Tasha, I said that trick you do when you take your teeth out and go, baa, baa, baa. We laughed so hard. And the memories go on and on......... But so many I have from a little girl to adult. Grandma I'm gonna still make you proud, you will see. I know you will!!!!!!LOVE YOU, YOU TASHA

MY Dearest Mother

Shared by Debra Moore on July 29, 2009
I will miss you dearly. I thank Jehovah for allowing you to be in my life,But mostly being my mother. You will forever live in my heart..Now I know what It Feels Like to Have a Broken Heart............. Love,Forever....DEE-DEE

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