Hayley's Garden

Shared by Margaret Dodd on December 4, 2014

Well was feeling sad that i did not have enough money in the kitty to do a secret garden for Hayley in our new house, posted my feelings on FB next news is a page was formed fro Hayley's garden, the comunnity got behind this and my beautiful daughter Toni did so much in trying to organising everything for her sister.. she was run ragged and ended up sick .. she has 7 children and to do all this ontop of everything was way to much... but she loved her sister and wanted to make a garden for her.. Toni was supposed to spend 4 days in hospital for investigations ,, but she has declined.. And Kate Edwards who started the project is also overwealmed .. But we know it will all work out in the end and Hayley will have her secret garden in our new home... By Hook or crook it will happen.. So Thank you every one who has cared enough to help , those that can walk the talk are amazing xxx

Just a memory from xmas

Shared by Toni Dodd on December 27, 2011

Yesterday was Boxing Day, we went to see Martin and Christy as they were staying in a hotel in Mandurah, as we were sat around the table your niece Simone was complaing about the kids playing with her grip ball that she got for Christmas it reminded me of when you got one, I said to Martin do you remember when Hayley gor her grip ball for Christmas and she wouldn't share it with anyone and wouldn't let anyone play with it with her, Christy said but you need two players to play it and I said exactly we all started to laugh, at the time when you did it we were trying to explain that you needed two players to play it but you wouldn't have it and would sit their throwing it to yourself until a few days later you got bored then you let us have a turn I love having memories like these of you just silly things you said or did love you forever xx

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