Posted by Paula Haddan on March 27, 2020
Thinking of Feather Princess today; it’s been a very long year since you left and I miss hearing about how Aid is doing! So I figure I will tell you what I know! He isn’t a baby or even a little boy anymore. He’s struggling with high testosterone levels and dealing with people who expect him to get on with whatever they have planned for him! He doesn’t take too kindly to any of that! Sound familiar family  Wanda is hanging with him and all the growing up pain he is going through and I really think you would be proud of her efforts! Anne is the stability of the driving force and is right there when she’s called. David, Marcia, & I are trying to be faithful prayer warriors and Gramma is the best prayer warrior of all! Your momma has been battling her own health issues this year too but we all keep praying and going! Fighting to keep Aiden safe and give him every opportunity for a productive future! JESUS keeps us together! See you again at the rapture! Auntie Pawz.
Posted by Anne Blodgett on March 27, 2020
Dearest Heather cant believe its been a year since you left this earth. Things are changing yet somethings never change. There are some that are still struggling with your passing and need your help.  There are some who may have not forgotten you but have continued on with life. I know you are happy to be out of pain and suffering and that makes your being gone palatable. Aunt Wanda is fighting everyday for your son. He needs lots of prayers and love. We are standing beside and behind him as he struggles to make a new life. Sing some good songs and laugh a lot with the heavenly family till we meet again. Auntie Anne
Posted by Anne Blodgett on August 1, 2019
Missing you especially today on your birthday. Know you are happy in heaven. Miss your sweet spirit and love for life and all that is in it. Miss hearing your voice say "Hi Auntie" Aiden is looking good and seems to be getting happier everyday.  We all are looking out for him. Especially his aunt Tonya and Aunt Wanda. We will celebrate your birthday with your mom tonight and think of you.  Love you Auntie Anne
Posted by Margaret Behrens on June 26, 2019
Hi, Aiden - thank you for sharing this information about your mother. I'm glad I got to meet you today and got to know you a little bit. I hope you have a good school year, and don't tease your grandma with that cobra!
- Margaret (Sioux City Schools)
Posted by Aiden Bauman on April 8, 2019
thank you all for leaving these it has been hard these last few weeks and I will continue to hang in there and make my mama proud thank ou
Posted by Paula Haddan on April 3, 2019
Dearest Aiden, I leave this tribute of your Mumma for you Great Nephew! Your Auntie Anne is right when people talked about you she would light up! She was PROUD TO BE YOUR MOTHER! She never gave up on you or quit fighting to live for you! That’s her legacy to you never give up on yourself or your goals and always be compassionate towards your family and friends. I am grateful for the time that Heather was in my life and feel very blessed that she trusted us to care for her “Aid” after she passed ! I take comfort knowing that she did accept Christ as her Savior because I know i will see her again when we all get to Heaven! Until then my Feather Princess, Auntie Pawz will always love you and I will keep my promise for you boy!
Posted by Anne Blodgett on April 1, 2019
Aiden you were the light in your mommas eyes. The wind beneath her wings. The love she had for you filled her every word. Your mom so enjoyed sharing stories of your adventures. She was so very proud of the beautiful and strong young man you have become. I WILL NEVER FORGET your momma or you. I will be here anytime you want to talk.  Xoxo Auntie Anne
Posted by Tammy Lundman on April 1, 2019
I am so sorry to hear about your mother's passing. I remember you from Ocoee Elementary when you were little. Continue to make good choices and make her proud of you each an every day. Big hugs!
Mrs. Lundman (the car line lady and "Queen of Testing"!)
Posted by Michelle Bovée on March 30, 2019
Aidan, buddy! I am SO sorry to hear about your mom! I didn't know her very well but the few times we spoke, she was a friendly & lovely woman with a shared love of books. Knowing you a little bit more, I can tell she did a great job raising a great son. My deepest sympathies!
-Michelle (from the Hopkinton Public Library)

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