Let the memory of Heather be with us forever
  • 6 years old
  • Born on February 10, 1984 in Odessa, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on June 13, 1990 in Lubbock, Texas, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Heather Connally, 6, born on February 10, 1984 and passed away on June 13, 1990. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Joann Maupin on 10th February 2018
Dear Sweet Sis, and Heather, Love and miss you both so much. Happy Heavenly Birthday Heather! I know you all are having a good time on your birthday, with your mom, and Aunt Pam, and all our family up there. We will all be together again sometime. Love you all so much!
Posted by Cathy Connally on 13th February 2017
Happy Heavenly Birthday my darling daughter Heather. I miss you so much and love so much. Not a day goes by That I do not think of you. One day I willbe reunited with you and aunt Pam I miss both of you so much.I am fighting this cancer as hard as I can I love you ba much
Posted by Cathy Connally on 22nd January 2017
Hi Baby Girl I love you a million times over. How are things in heaven. I miss you so much and I miss Aunt Pam so much and the rest of the family.I know one day i will join you one day, but it seems like forever. I am going to foot dr and hope to get this boot off nd wed i go to hearing dr and hope to get the hearing aids fixed so i can hear better. The kids stayed all night. it seems like when you and Pat were little. Well can not think of much to say. I know your birthday will fe here so soon. Love you.Momma xxxooo
Posted by Cathy Connally on 28th December 2016
Hi Baby girl. Our christmas was not good for me without you. I hope you had a great Christmas in heaven. Anxious to be with you in heaven. Your nieces had a great time Christmas Eve opening presents like you and Patrick did in the past. I was in hospital on Christmas day for chest pain. But they got the pain down. And went to Grandma's to see the family Aunt Susie, Aunt Doe,Patrick and Korina and Grandma and Amaya, Raelin and Caiomhe, and Elona on Christmas Eve. I love you so much and miss you. I know you are with Aunt Pam and the family and now Carrie Fisher. I think of you often and cry so much for you.<3
Posted by Cathy Connally on 14th December 2016
Hi sweetie well another Christmas is fast approaching without you again. It is so hard to get through without you and Aunt Pam. I love you so much and miss you so much. One day we will be together and reunited in heaven. I pray for that day. I love you so much Heather. I have lot of drs to go to but you know that. Your nieces and nephew are looking so forward to Christmas like you and Pat did. We all love you. The tree is decorated with your special ornaments and purple ornaments your favorite color. I am with you in spirit always my darling daughter. Take care and know how much I love you. xxxoooo
Posted by Cathy Connally on 1st December 2016
Dear sweet baby girl I miss you so much as you know how much I miss you so much.My heart is so broken and has been for such a while. I have a cast on my cancer is not responding to treatments and cancer tumors are growing and getting bigger. So I also lost hearing in left ear in the hospital. so go see Dr. Cepero on dec 19 and cancer surgeon dec 15 and oncologist dec 16 fie them to decide new chemo drugs . I see foot dr to see if i have to get another casts.i see kidney dr dec 6 so much is happening i miss you so much. Aunt Pam and Uncke Ronnue are therewith you.I ;ove you.
Posted by Cathy Connally on 11th October 2016
Hi baby girl. I love you and miss you so very much. My heart is broken and has a hole in it. Because you are not here to brighten our lives. Your nieces and nephew talk about you and visit your grave often. I always want them to know you. Your brother Patrick takes the kids out there and talks to them about you. I go out and visit you clean your headstone and talk to you but you know about that.I am fighting my cancer as hard as I can but you know that we talk about it when you visit me. And until your next visit. i love you Momma <3 xxxx
Posted by Cathy Connally on 28th August 2016
Hi sweetheart i miss you so much. you and your brother Patrick are the love of my life even though you are in heaven, you are with Aunt Pam she is not suffering anymore but I miss her and you so much. Yourneices and nephew are really growing One day we will all be together, and that will be a grand day, I love you today tomorrow and forever my darling sweetie. I carry you in my heart always.
Posted by Cathy Connally on 8th April 2016
Hi baby girl I love you so much and miss you and Aunt Pam. My heart is breaking so much i am so depressed with you gone. In such an moment you were gone from me forever. I know i will see you one day in heaven but that is so far off. Life is so useless to me. The grandbabies know of you and love you I got you some flowers. Daddy and Pat miss you so much. I love you and will talk to you again..Momma
Posted by Cathy Connally on 15th March 2016
Hi Baby girl I sure miss you so much. Love you more than my life. But soon I will see you again. I love you more every day. Each day is trial just to get through. Without you and Aunt Pam. I miss both of you so much. I used to call Aunt Pam just to talk to someone special and about you as she missed you so much too now you are together. love you both i carry you all in my heart love you Momma
Posted by Cathy Connally on 12th February 2016
My precious angel your birthday has come and I missed you just as much as I always do. I love you Heather and miss you so much. I know you are with Aunt Pam and she is taking care of you. I cry for you so much. I can't wait to be reunited with you and see you my precious angel. i love you, momma
Posted by Joann Maupin on 10th February 2016
Happy Birthday Heather!! Hope you and William and are other children are all having a great day today. We love and miss you all so much. ❤️❤️
Posted by Cathy Connally on 16th December 2015
Merry Christmas my precious Heather. Christmas is coming soon I know how you loved Christmas. You still are a part of Christmas. I have your wreath that your Aunt Korina made it is so beautiful I hope you like it. I ran short of money that i wanted to decorate your headstone but i have a wreath and some flowers honey. And a light a candle for you always in your memory and I miss you so much and love you always. all my love Momma. xxxxxoooooo
Posted by Cathy Connally on 24th March 2015
hI Precious Heather I know you know that Aunt Pam is with you she passed feb 25,2015 I miss her so much you know that i have had you both visits. But losing Pam was like losing you all over again my two favorite people gone. Pam an i talked so much but i know she was in so much pain so i am glad she is not in pain Aunt Lavonne and everyone misses her and you but now Pam is with her mom and dad and uncle Ronnie, Pam's kids are hurting so much and Lavonne and Karen. and me i am having succh a hard time making it with out pam i love her and miss her my precious. take good care of her hug her i love her as i love you my darling goodnite momma i love you both
Posted by Cathy Connally on 12th February 2015
Hi my sweet precious baby girl i am sorry i did not get to write to you and wish you Heavenly Happy Birthday but you know in my mind i told you happy birthday and I love you so very much and i took your picture with me to Dallas with me so you were close to me always and i talked to you and wished you happy birhtday and wished you happy birthday and soon it will be valentines day and i will get you balloons and flowers and wish you happy valentines day. You know i love you so very much and i can not wait til we are back together again in heaven with the rest of our family. Also my friends kids william, Joshua, Amy and Jackie i miss you so much baby girl but i will see you soon. love and kisses and your nephew and nieces love you all so much love bird as Grandma and aunt susie and aunt doe do. i have gottten more information from my new friend ronda and i know you know her and Linda she loves you and i know you see her little boy Bobby take care I llove you more than any thing in the world. you know you are my life. i love you and i am so sorry i was not out there to protect you and save you i hope you forgive me.
Posted by Joann Maupin on 10th February 2015
Happy Heavenly Birthday Heather! I know you are dancing around, and enjoying your day. Love you, and your momma. Please tell William, and Josh, that we love, and miss you all, and see you all in heaven one day.
Posted by Rene Moose on 10th February 2015
My thoughts and prayers for you today, Cathy and a Heavenly happy birthday to Heather. I am sure she is looking down on you, knowing this is a difficult time and is holding out a hand to help you through, as i am sure that is what she would want. Have a Blessed day...rene
Posted by Cathy Connally on 7th February 2015
Hi sweet baby girl. A sad thing happened i know you already know aunt Joyce passed and is in heaven with you and grandma and all of the other relative I know you were there to welcome there at the pearly gates thank you. Yes i told Joann and Carla your messages as you know how excited they were and they said to give you sweet kisses and one for me your momma who misses you more than life itself. I did not think it possible to miss someone as sweet as you this much but i do you were so special my Heather. As you know I am going to surgeon and i pray that i can get surgery right away . I hurt so much. But we shall see daddy and i drive to dalllas Monday and i hope.wwell baby girl i will lwt you go and you are never out of my mind and i have a good friend that makes sweet things for me it so pretty you would love them they are for your birthtday. Love and hugs all the time You are the love of my life and the center of my life honey.kisses/
Posted by Pamela Schultz on 7th January 2015
Precious Heather. I had the pleasure of becoming friends with your mommy tonight. She told me so much about you. Please show her signs that you are there so she can rest easier. And please give my David Schultz a big hug for me . I know you don't need protected in heaven but he will protect you anyhow. That's the type of boy he is. I will meet you one day and kiss your face sweet child.
Posted by Cathy Connally on 1st January 2015
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Baby Girl Momma is missing you so much I feel you slpping away from me and i could not take that, You are all that Keeps me going. You are me love of life I love you so much and I have a hole heart my heart is so damaged where our love for you was. What will i do if i lose you . I do not know. You keep me holding on. My tears are tears of loss and joy that i will see you so sooon. Sometimes i think you are all that holds me together. Without you I am nothing. I love your brother and your nieces and nephew and Grandma Connally and Aunt Susie and Aunt Do. and Daddy. Christmas was so empty with out your laughter and you to share it with you. I want you so much baby girl . I forgave the woman who hit you it was so hard but my heart is broken she took you my baby i love you i need you so much more than anyone realizes. love to you my precious little girl my Hettie Pettie i love you forever and ever.
Posted by Joann Maupin on 9th December 2014
Hi Heather! I feel I know you, and love you so much! Your mother and I , have become great friends, I consider her my Sis. She misses you so much. We love you Heather. We will see you one day!
Posted by Cathy Connally on 9th December 2014
Hi precious Baby Girl i fixed the tree just like you would love it is white and purple ornaments and at the top it has the angel momma that you bought me last christmas we spent christmas together the best christmas ever. only this christmas could make it the best. I miss you the most ever and love you so much it breaks my lheart without you the tears i shed are because you are not herre with me. I love your visits with me you are one of gods little soldiers and i know you know all of the groups childrens and babies as you have brought some to meet me like carlas and you have brought william and Brooklyn Kays grandaughter and little Bobby Linda baby boy and so many more. Now i know you are with Aunt Pam helping her please do not let any thing happen to her. OH I LOOK FORWARD TO THE DAY WHEN I CAN JOIN YOU IN HEAVEN I MISS YOU SO MUCH BABY GIRL I KNOW YOU HAVE SEEN KELLY TAKE CARE UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN ON OUR NEXT VISIT LOVE AND KISSES AND I WILL NEVER LET YOU GO EVER I LOVE YOU MY PRECIOUS BABY.
Posted by JoAnne McMillen on 9th December 2014
Precious baby girl, Your momma loves and misses you so... <3 Cathy this is such a beautiful tribute to Heather....God bless you
Posted by Maureen Maloney on 30th November 2014
Heather, Your momma loves and misses you so much. She talks about you alot in our group. You were such a wonderful little girl and your momma adores you. I am sure you are looking down from heaven everyday watching her and guiding her. You must be so proud of your momma and how she does so much for other mothers and fathers that have children in heaven with you. Your momma has done a lot of healing and forgiving over the last couple of years and I hope that has made you happy. I hope you have had a chance to meet my son Matthew. Please give him a big tight hug from me, I miss him so much. Give Jackie a big hug from me too. I never had a chance to me her in person. Her and your mom helped me through some of my darkest days. And as you know Jackie is the founder of our mothers group. I still believe it was our children that brought us together. You have a wonderful mother and she will always keep your memory alive. She is using her love for you to help many other parents. Keep visiting your momma in her dreams, as that is the only time she is truly happy...when you are with her <3
Posted by Linda Bolduc on 29th November 2014
I lay a beautiful flower for a beautiful flower.. <3
Posted by Cathy Connally on 21st September 2014
Hi my sweet baby girl. Oh Heather you know how much I miss you and love you so much more and more every day. It seems like a nightmare and i will wake up and you will be here at home. But it is not. I know you come to me and you know how sick i am i love our visits. Aunt pam and Aunt Lavonne miss you so much and also Uncle Marvin and Uncle Ronnie.I cannot wait to see you again and hold you and never let you go. Patrick misses you so much he just likes to be tough and not act like he does but he does as Daddy does and Grandma and Aunt Susie and Emily do also and Aunt doe. I love you with all my heart my precious little girl you left such a void in my life and heart I just feel empty. sometimes it is so hard to go through the days and night without you. I look for you honey everywhere but i do not find you. I will love you forever and ever amen. Mommy
Posted by Cathy Connally on 2nd August 2014
Hi Baby Girl I know it has been a while since I have been here, But you have never been far from me. Always in my heart forever and that is where you will stay tillwe meet again. I saw the movie you talked to me about heaven. Heaven is Real. It was wonderful like you said. I have met a new Mother the one you talked about you know her name is Laurie and I was so happy you brought her Kelly to meet me. And to tell her mom some things. Her Mom is as special as you and Kelly said she was Thanks for the gift Heather Momma Love s You more than anything on this earth and cannot wait to see you again in heaven. My darling angel. I love you and miss you. <3
Posted by Cathy Connally on 2nd September 2013
Happy Labor Day my darling I miss you so much and want you back so much I hope you like the music I have in your site. I love you so much. You are always with me my precious and always will be it will soon be your brother's birthday wish you were here to fcelebrate with us. your neices and nephew were here .Love Momma
Posted by Linda Bolduc on 13th July 2013
Hi Heather I Just want u to know U have a Very special Mom...I am so proud to call her my friend!! She loves U so much and misses U so much I wish that U could somehow give her the comfort and peace she so deserves. I Love ur Mom very Much and I will always be here for her!!I worry so much about her!! If U meet my son in heaven please tell him I miss him and Love him...Ur Mom is a saint <3
Posted by Pam Bush on 12th July 2013
Heather Imiss you ANd Love you, you are really special, andare really missed. There not aday goes by you are not thought of. Ilove you.yopur up there with the love ones and god.your misses you alot and thinks of you allthetime. love your Aumt Pam!
Posted by Cathy Connally on 12th July 2013
Hi baby girl That was such a wonderfuldream of you and Amy visiting and taking me and Jackie. Jackie and I both wish it was true. so glad you come to me in my dreams. I miss you so much honey. Love you more than my life. Please watch over Aunt Pam today she is Having surgery a pacemaker and tell Grandma Kinney Happy Birthday today Love you baby girl. Momma
Posted by Cathy Connally on 18th June 2013
Well baby girl we made it almost another year. With you with me and the other mothers I have made it. I am positive and upbeat about this day. I love you more than my life and I will always miss you but I carry you in my heart forever. And my next big step is to forgive Cassie with your help and Kays I will acomplish this as I need to do it. Love you
Posted by Cathy Connally on 18th June 2013
I love you more than my life itself. I know you are in heaven where we will meet someday. I love your brother and all his kids. And I know you are watching over us and with you in my heart I have made it through this week. But now the hard work forgiving Cassie/ I love you Heather so much and miss you forever.
Posted by Cathy Connally on 21st May 2013
Good Morning my precious Heather Mama is going to have an endoscopy a big word baby. But having so much stomach pain hopefully they can find out what it is. I can't eat only crackers and sprite. Not very good meal honey. I miss you and love you so much My baby doll. I pray you will be with me today as you are always with me in my heart and I curse the woman that hurt you honey. love you
Posted by Cathy Connally on 21st May 2013
Good morning my precious Heather Mama is having a stomach test done today to find out the cause of my pain. I will carry you with me my sweet one and know that you are always in my heart forever and always. I miss you and love you more and more each day.
Posted by Cathy Connally on 20th May 2013
Morning Baby girl: Well missing you so much and love more than life. I am going for an mri and ultra sound on my neck today. Then tomorrow is my endoscopy and I know it is a big word but hopefully dr can find out why so much pain in my stomach. So will be thinking of you my sweet. My friend Jackie has been a godsend to me. aunt pam is sick too.
Posted by Cathy Connally on 20th May 2013
I didn't get to finish my tribute honey but I love you so much and wish you were with me now. It is so hard to face life without you my honey sweet girl. You though are in my grandkids your personality Amaya is so much like you tender and sweet and so caring. Raelin so outgoing and cheerfully cute and Caiomhe has your temper like grandpa hit person yes we all miss you so much and love you
Posted by Cathy Connally on 16th May 2013
oh Baby girl I have missed you so sorry that I disbanded you for awhile but you are here to stay. Mama misses you and loves you so much honey forever we are together.
Posted by Cathy Connally on 10th May 2013
Hi Sweet Baby Girl i am sorry I have been gone so long. I got that age progression pic done at your age 29. You are so pretty as you always were. I miss you so much my baby girl and love you more than life itself. My days are filled with tears for you, somedays it is just too much to be without you.
Posted by Elizabeth Monschein on 26th December 2012
Heather.. I see your mommy's pain everyday without you. You were so loved and are so missed! Hope that you had a special Christmas in Heaven. If you might come across meeting my Son Andrew, please let him know that he is loved and missed as well! Please watch over your mommy, as I know you do everyday! What a beautiful tribute you mommy made in memory of you! You have a wonderful Mom!
Posted by Rene Moose on 11th December 2012
I am so sorry, I didnt know all of this, but i am sure she is an angel watching you. God Bless You , rene moose
Posted by Cathy Connally on 5th September 2012
Hi baby girl well I had an upsetting post from a person who belongs to the group Mothers who have lost a child. She feel I need help because I miss you so much. I love the grandkids but am I just suppose to not feel anything for you. I am not going to forget you honey. If Jackie thinks I am a problem than I will do what she says as she is such a good friend and she lost Amy. i love you.
Posted by Cathy Connally on 5th September 2012
Heather I miss you so much my little girl. I have seen a little girl who resembles you her mother is Amber Young. And she is so special. As is jackie Cassidy, such good friends I have made. I miss you more than life itself my baby girl. I wish the tables were turned it was me that was gone and you were here. I love you so much my baby girl. My heart aches for you so much my sweet angel.
Posted by Cathy Connally on 30th August 2012
Hi my sweet Baby Girl: It is August 30.2012 and I am so depressed I am missing you so much. Dad Is going to have a angigram wed please watch over Daddy. He may not say it but he loved you so much. Our heart has been ripped out without you my sweet one. It is almost Labor Day Your nieces are so beautiful and your nephew is so cute too. My life is so empty without you. I love you very much.
Posted by Cathy Connally on 19th July 2012
Hi Sweetheart. I am sorry I have been gone so long. I miss you so much more everyday. The pain is unbearable everyday. The snocone trucks are a constant reminder that you were taken from me too soon. Nothing can relieve the pain and hurt I feel. But I will see you again my dear. My friend Jackie has helped me so much. I love and miss you.xxxooo
Posted by Cathy Connally on 5th July 2012
Happy 4th of July my sweet little girl. It has been so long since I saw your sweet face and heard your voice. It has been such a long day, I have missed you more than you could ever know my little Heather. I have a friend on facebook that is going to plant a flower in her yard in your memory. She has 2 little girls and 2 teenagers, And my other friend is Jackie she lost her daughter Amy.xo
Posted by Cathy Connally on 26th June 2012
Good Morning my sweet darling, I have met some wonderful women in the group I told you about. My special favorite friends Jackie Cassidy who lost her precious Amy let her know how much her Mom misses her and sheds tears for her and to save a spot next to her, and then Amber Young who lost a baby and she grieves for it, can you watch out for it and save a space for its momma. Love you
Posted by Jackie Cassidy on 25th June 2012
Precious little Heather. I know your sweet Mother from facebook. She cries for you every day darling one. I lost my daughter too, so we cry together and pray for you. Your mommy misses you so and she begs to see you again sweetheart. Keep a good place for her by you.
Posted by Cathy Connally on 24th June 2012
Hello Sweetheart Another day has passed without your shining spirit and your laughter. I finally made it through your anniversary week of passing, which much sadness. Each year it doesn't get any better. I miss you so much my little Hettie Pettie. My tears are many, I just am having more and more trouble getting through each year. I love you.xxoo
Posted by Cathy Connally on 14th June 2012
Hi my sweet Heather I went to your resting place with my memaw today . We talked to you and grandpa. We gave you flowers and a little waterball with a flower and a bee on it. I just cried all day. Can't eat I made mistake of listening to Bette Midler and she sang that song Wind Beneath My Wings. It just makes me cry. I joined a group today I think it will help Mothers who lost children.

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