Just like a Daughter.

Shared by Donna Lester on March 26, 2011

         Heather was the most beautiful, generous, caring, young lady that I have ever known for the youthfulness of her life. She would go out of her way to make sure to please everyone she met, it may have been a friend, it may have been a family member, but if she came upon a stranger, she soon made a friend. 

          Heather had the biggest heart and shared it with everyone she knew or met. Her two little boys worshiped their Mommy and they were her pride and joy in life. And I really believe she is watching over them and the rest of her family and friends.

           Heather was my daughter's best friend and I just figured they would grow old together and rehash the old times of the best times of their lives, they were inseparable, where you  would see one, you would have seen them both,  then her beautiful world and ours, came to an end one day that took her from us, all of us and her family. But yet she lives today in our hearts and minds and forever will.

            Heather, honey you will always and forever be missed by all that had the opportunity to have known you. We send our love your way!! Your second Momma.

Donna L. Lester


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