This tribute was added by Alisonn Rose on July 7, 2020
Heather is such a beautiful and gentle soul. I say "is" since I believe she goes on in her way, with her beautiful light. She was quick to laugh and when she listened, she listened with a depth and an understanding. It was a gift to have her presence during the African safari last year. What a time we had. Fare Well and Good Journey, Dear Heather
This tribute was added by Beverly Hand on July 1, 2020
Posting for Alejandro Queijo: sad!

We will always have the memories. She was a great boss and women. What a young.

From how it sounds she died on her terms and in peace. Very nice website, it’s a great way to remember her.
This tribute was added by Ian Packer on June 30, 2020
Heather was one of the most genuine people I have ever met. Her ability to see the best in people is one we can all hope to achieve. I also really enjoyed working with her. She always looked for the best solution for the issue at hand while keeping the human aspect in the forefront. Heather will be missed. God bless her and her family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
This tribute was added by Barbara Walker on June 30, 2020
My heart goes out to those who grieve the loss of Heather. I'd like to share a poem that I hope will bring comfort to those who loved and will miss her.

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sun on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there; I did not die.

By Mary Elizabeth Frye

Much love,
Barbara Walker

This tribute was added by Maryann Fleming on June 27, 2020
I was so fortunate to meet Heather while in Iceland some years ago. She was very kind to me. 

This I know to be true. Heather will be sorely missed!
She was so smart, funny, kind, and a true believer in all that is good about our world. And she practiced what she preached.

I am happy she is now free but I am so sad for her family and friends.
Much love,
This tribute was added by Nicole Rager on June 27, 2020
I am so sorry to hear about Heather. I remember that I kept running into her over the course of my career - first when I was an intern at Clorox in CA, then at Manugisitics in Maryland, and most recently when I worked at Capgemini and we did a project at Sears In Illinois. We were like wow this is so crazy to keep running into each other! Heather always was calm and compassionate, saw the humor in things and seemed to take everything in stride. I feel like any time I ever worked with her or randomly ran into her, she always seemed happy and full of genuine warmth. She will undoubtedly be missed and I will miss running into her.
This tribute was added by Janet Lindeman on June 27, 2020
Heather and I worked together at Clorox. For many years, we were on a team that travelled the US doing systems implementation training. It was a pleasure to work with Heather - always so calm and metered, an awesome problem-solver, caring and thoughtful. We got to know one another quite well amid the airplane trips, layovers, hotel dinners, etc. I just loved her laugh.  She brought a sense of serenity to every situation.  I remember chuckling with her about how she was a Nancy with a sister Janet and that I was a Janet with a sister Nancy. The world is a little less bright without her. My heartfelt sympathy to all her family and friends.  So stunned that she’s gone. 
This tribute was added by Jach Pursel on June 27, 2020
I saw Heather at workshops. Even in the rush coming into the room or making my way out of the room at break time, I SAW Heather. We didn’t speak that often but her presence and her grace stood out. She was there and her soul was so evident. There was a gentleness and tenderness that always brought a pause, a smile, and a moment of recognition. Heather had a capacity to love that was/is both memorable and inspiring. I always enjoyed seeing Heather. At workshops, I looked for her. We talked at times at the special event workshops. I wish we had spoken more yet I value the times we did touch with words and without words. Heather: A treasure.
This tribute was added by Peter Sarris on June 27, 2020
Such sad news. Heather was my first manager when I joined Manugistics. She has the greatest gift of empathy and taught me how to be more empathetic. She was so kind and a great listener. We had many great discussions together and she always kept me laughing. She will be truly missed. My deepest thoughts and prayers for her family. May she rest on peace.
This tribute was added by Keith McCandless on June 27, 2020
I met Heather in Maine when she was about eight years old. She was then a very cute little girl called Nancy. I was hanging around her sister Janet, who became my wife a couple of years later. Heather and I developed a very nice brother-sister relationship. She remembered my birthdays and sent me perfect Christmas gifts. But our friendship was the best gift. We exchanged emails frequently. I will miss my bright, good-humored younger sister for the rest of my days. Heather was special. Everyone knew it.
This tribute was added by Rosemary Arp on June 26, 2020
Heather and I met while both being newcomers to Heatherwood, our Boulder County neighborhood. We had barely exchanged names when we decided to try walking together. For around six years we would walk twice a week when able. I so missed Heather as a walking buddy when she moved away. We were very different from each other but that was part of the magic of our relationship - how we enriched the others experience. Both of us did love nature, cats, having someone to walk with and humorous moments. I am sadden to know she is gone but so glad I knew her while she lived in Colorado.
This tribute was added by Virginia Ricciardi on June 26, 2020
Heather was a light in a dark place. I'm heartbroken. in her youth, she often stayed with Jor and me in Boylston, and it was always a joy to have her energy around us because it stayed after she left. Incredible woman and loving friend, she will be with us as long as we remember her. See you on the other side, my dear Nance.
This tribute was added by Beverly Hand on June 26, 2020
Heather was someone special to know. She was unique, compassionate, and had the ability help one see situations differently. The world is a better place for her having been a part of it! She will be missed.
This tribute was added by Carol Wiener on June 26, 2020
I got to know Heather when we worked at Manugistics together and we bonded immediately...we traveled often to meet with colleagues and clients and we always had many good laughs along the way...I will greatly miss Heather's spirit and incredible optimism through all the ups and downs in her life and I always looked up to her for this!  Her strength, courage, creativity were amazing! My heart hurts with her in peace my dear friend!

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