Her Life
Heaven was my 1st Born Child. She came into this World a month early screaming so we all knew she was here!!! She was always a Joy to be around. Growing up her Favorite food was Cheetos. She walked around in her Diaper with a bag of Cheeto Puffs watching Backyard Agains till she was almost 3. Her favorite movie as a kid was Chicken Little. She watched it on repeat for what seemed like forever. She was never the kind of child to make a mess or get into something she wasn’t supposed to. She played by herself till Gage was born. Heaven was 3 years old when she became an Older Sister. She was never mean or ugly about having a brother. She loved Gage.They were partners in crime and shared many late night moments together way passed their bedtime. She was always a good Student. She attended Duncanville ISD throughout her life minus her 4th grade year. She had many Friends and never cared what other’s said or thought. She was her own person. She put other’s before herself and was always forgiving. Heaven enjoyed so many things. She was so Funny and musically talented. She was outdoorsy and loved Fishing. The first time her Papa Mark took her fishing was at Richland Chambers in Corsicana Tx. She pulled 15 Blue Catfish out of the water. After that there wasn’t a fish she couldn’t catch. She was a natural and even baited her own hook. Heaven was never afraid to get Dirty. She was the girl digging in the dirt in a Hot Pink dress. She was never selfish. When you would take her shopping she never picked out anything expensive. You’d almost haft to force her to get something that cost the same as everyone else. She had a way of leaving herself out without noticing or caring. She used to get picked on in school and I would get so mad because she never defended herself. Heaven always took it. I did everything to get her to fight but she never did. I can think of times waiting to get her from school wishing, hoping, and praying id see one of these bullies parents. It just never bothered her like it did me. Then one day that switch flipped and it took everything to get her to stop fighting. She was truly one of a kind. She had ADD and ADHD during her Elementary school years. Sometimes you could be talking to her and she’d walk off on you Mid-conversation. She would literally forget you were talking. It was just her..  Ifyou had something to say you’d better make it fast. Her whole life she was told she was wrapped special with a real BIG pretty bow. She definitely was. She spent most of her summer’s swimming and riding four wheeler’s. When she was 5 her Cousin Lillian came to live with us. She was Heaven’s first Best Friend. Lillian and her did everything together and learned from one another their whole lives. When Presley and Ariel were born she blossomed and took on this role with them almost like a motherly role. She was Amazing with her siblings. Ariel slept with Heaven every night and she got Presley ready for school every morning. She made sure they had lunch and a snack for school. She was never asked to do this she just did it. When Ariel started Daycare she walked her in every morning. She signed her in like a grown up. She was always so thoughtful. She loved animals. Heaven left behind so many wonderful thingsand she touched and changed the lives of so many. She will forever and always be missed. I’m proud to say we were able to spend the time together that we did. She was our Angel in disguise.