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Shay shay

Shared by Miranda Ary on November 13, 2020
I Hurd your voice today in my head  at school I wanted to break down because I was just feeling so many emotions. I still feel numb I can’t really describe it. I saw your smile in my head and I needed that. And I know your guiding me from up there. But I feel like when I felt emotional I couldn’t because your smile kept me together I got by today and I’m thankful shay shay

Shay Shay

Shared by Miranda Ary on November 13, 2020
I remember are memories like it was yesterday. I was lucky to have you in my family and have the time we had together. You where my shoulder to lean on my inspiration my everything. Days felt like years with you and minutes felt like hours. When I was with you it felt as if the whole world just stopped. Your smile was one thing I loved a lot about you but most of all your where goofy and always could find a way to make me laugh. I remember it Arkansas when you showed me how to ride the four wheeler and at six flags we where both squeezing each other’s hand on the ride while gage left us to be with his friend and mommas was in the back lonely . I remember when Christmas came and we went to get stocking stuffers together. I remember waking up and seeing your messy hair and your morning eyes. I was blessed shay shay to have you . I would do it all again 1000000 times and more. I have so many memories and laughs to share that we made together. I thought to myself erlier and was thinking god wanted us to have that time and make those memories and take all of those pictures for a reason. Because pictures and videos can mean so much at the end of the day they will bring back that memory and bring back your smile all through I have your laugh and smile in my head when I think of you I’m thankful to god for the Time we had and all the memories and pictures and videos everything I’m just grateful. I’ll always keep your memories alive no matter what nooooo matttsr what because I know you would do the same for me. I miss you a lot shay shay

Thanksgiving memories

Shared by Ava Irlbeck-whitson on November 4, 2020
Even though we didn’t see each other regularly i new that thanksgiving would come I would get to see you. You made that small little town of cado gap so fun. I remember this one time we were at my grandmas house and we were being so loud and laughing and having so much fun, I was running into the dinning room and smashed my whole body into the dining room table. My grandma then  told us that we had to go outside and play because we were being so loud and crazy. I mean I wouldn’t see you for months and then thanksgiving would come and it would be like we never spent anytime apart. We would always find something to do like shopping in Little Rock or digging for crystals or just going out and taking pictures. When we were both in cado gap we never spent any time apart. I love you so much shay shay and I will always miss you thanksgiving will never be the same without you 

Our Friendship

Shared by Sa’Niah Brumfield on November 4, 2020
I remember when you first came to reed and you were in my 4th period tall girl and i asked you a question and then from there our friendship grew. When Mr.Watts put us in groups we completely said forget that and leah me you and mia would sit together everyday. You really gave me change everyday for me to get lucas and candy for us. We fell out a couple times but then you got moved to my first period and thats when we made 4/4 with me, you, Alexis and Yanaa . We was all close but then we got into it. When summer came though we was back close as ever talking like everyday but then I left for camp and I came Back and we was still close as ever. 8th grade year came it was a emotional rollercoaster wE all went through stuff and the whole group fell out then you left and the day I found out you passed I cried so hard it was so unbelievable took me weeks to come to terms with it. Even now it still crushes me to this day

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