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Muy Especial

Shared by Lucinda Loya on September 11, 2012

Missing my papi today, he used to sing this song to me when i was a little girl, after 17 years of looking for this song after he was murdered and taken from us, i found it today, at 4:22 am, i found it significant because his bday was 2/11, i know hes looking over me and i miss him and loved him so much, i didnt know what this song meant till now, and it has more meaning now than it ever did. I LOVE YOU PAPI, tu eres muy especial, y te llevo en mi corazon.


Shared by Lucinda Loya on November 25, 2011

Miss you so much, wish you were here, i dream of you alot, and the dreams seem so real that I never want to wake up, God has a plan for us all this I know, I just wonder if he makes rough drafts before he puts them into affect.?? :*(

Love You. 

Nobody will fight your fights

Shared by Lionel Loya on March 12, 2011

Hector bought me a toy. It was a foam disk shooter. When he bought it we were going home(walking). I shot one disk and it got stuck on a Letter of a Local Business sign. He got mad. So we kept walking and he says, "wait here". I watch him walk to some Hatian kid and talk for a bit and The kid looks at me and walks up and punched me in the face. I looked at my dad, requesting help with just my stare. He said, Don't look at me. He punched you. Hit him back!" So i fought the kid and when it was all over me and my dad continued on home. He stopped me and said,"Nobody is gonna fight your fights for you. You wil be alone just like you were back there." Best lesson I ever learned.thank you Hector.

                                                                Lionel Loya



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