Let the memory of Heidemarie be with us forever.
  • 72 years old
  • Born on January 5, 1947 in Heidelberg, Germany.
  • Passed away on January 8, 2019 in Salem, Oregon, United States.

This website was created by family and friends of Heidemarie. Her passing is a huge loss for so many people, because she touched all of us with her warmth, and caring ways. But maybe most of all, her love of life and the people in it. 

Please share some thoughts and stories about her. And come back to the site in the future so as not to forget her. 

Posted by Consuelo Kammerer on 14th February 2019
I will always remember Heide for her hospitality, her generosity, her love of food (and wine), her excellent cooking, her ukulele playing, singing, and love of music, her curiosity, her kindness. She was smart, tough, and fearless. Heide was a caring and fun person and a good friend. She loved it when i called her “My Queen”, and that she was. Tom Kammerer
Posted by Russell Dobrowski on 12th February 2019
Heide was such a wonderful woman, funny, smart and so very kind. Always had good times whenever she was around. She will be deeply missed.
Posted by Al McSwain on 11th February 2019
Richard, you and Heide were inseparable. She was a force of nature and possessed of more innate courage than anyone I ever knew. What a loss. You guys were also the glue in our extended family, which, of course, includes many friends as well. I'll always love the wise and frank Heidemarie. Al Jr
Posted by Richard McSwain on 11th February 2019
I know Heide would not particularly appreciate this music. (Sorry dear). I am working on how to add some more suitable background music. Alas.
Posted by Walter Howard on 8th February 2019
I have known Heide and Richard (sounds like one word to me) for well over 50 years. We have shared all the important moments of our lives together. Heide was the most honest person I've known (no need to guess what she was thinking). That honesty was matched by her interest and caring for the people she loved and who loved her. I will miss Heide a great deal but I will continue to share those important moments with her.
Posted by Walter Howard on 7th February 2019
Our lives were intertwined through high school, college and dating our future spouses. Marrying best friends we established life long relationships. Heide became god mother to our first child and she and Richard were a fixture in the lives of our family. We were separated by distance but never disconnected. I will miss her unique personality and generous heart. Rest in peace dear, old friend.
Posted by Peter McSwainpp1843mm on 6th February 2019
I will miss you and will try to help Richard through his incredible loss.
Posted by Ed Busch on 5th February 2019
Heide & Rich are special friends. Since we moved to Sequim, WA. in 2010, they have visited the most of all our family and friends. We always enjoyed many laughs and much wine. Heide was to be admired for her ability to rise above and simply enjoy life. Her wisdom, wit and caring will never be forgotten. Sharlene & Ed Busch
Posted by Jack Shenker on 5th February 2019
We will always remember all the vacations and outings we had with Richard and Heide. Each one was an adventure. She was always fun to be with and had an attitude toward life that we admired. We will especially miss her sense of humor and her smile.
Posted by Jacqueline Barrington on 4th February 2019
Heide, I still have the picture of you and I in your silver Honda convertible up on my wall. I titled it "Girls Just Want To Have Fun". And fun we did! Every time I'm driving our Honda Del Sol convertible I'll be thinking of you driving yours around in Heaven, singing that song. Such fond memories - you are missed Dear Lady! Love, Jacque
Posted by Chris Gasperini on 4th February 2019
Hiede and Richard have always welcomed Larry and I with their annual McSwain family reunion. Hiede had a lust for life, a good story and adventure. I loved listening to her talk but mostly laugh! It was contagious! She will be sorely missed. Rest In Peace dear lady and Richard, tons of hugs to you!
Posted by Michael Reddington on 4th February 2019
Heide fought an unbelievable battle with tremendous courage.May she rest in peace
Posted by Patricia Pierson on 4th February 2019
We will miss Heide so much. There was always a smile and a brilliant quip from her that made you laugh and smile. Neil will never forget the kind friendship extended to him by both of you. It was always a fun time when she stopped in for a visit at our house here in Lake Oswego.. You are missed by everyone you touched.
Posted by Consuelo Kammerer on 4th February 2019
I miss hearing Heide talk to her sister at 5 or 6 in the morning while she was in the hot tub.
Posted by Dorothea Schneider on 3rd February 2019
I miss my older sister so much. I miss the Friday evening telephone gab sessions, which included lots of self-mocking hilarity. I miss the funny stories we’d tell each other, and hearing about trips and family and projects. I miss seeing Richard and Heide together. I wish Heide could have had many more years enjoying herself in this world. But she will always be alive in my memory.
Posted by Richard McSwain on 31st January 2019
And your garden and flowers also miss you and need you.
Posted by Richard McSwain on 31st January 2019
Your gone, and I am realizing on a daily basis how much of a hole that leaves in my life. I will try to focus on the wonderful life we had together, sweet memories. I love you dear.

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