Posted by Cecilia Monachello on April 2, 2021
Dear bro,
I will always remember Helen, her sense of humor, her laugh, and most of all her kindness. I'm so glad she was my sister-in-law and sister in my heart. I remember the times my kids and I went to visit you all in Washington and the sight seeing at the Old Saw Mill among other attractions. It was always a lot of fun being with you, Helen and the grandkids. I'm glad for the times we had together, (too few!) but very precious. We always had a lot of laughter especially when you recounted your 4th of July experience being chased by fireworks! Helen and I laughed so hard when you told me your story. Good memories to keep in my heart and that still bring a smile to my face. :)
Posted by Bradley Padilla on March 17, 2021
G-ma, where do I start? I'm going to miss you beyond words! You always made sure we felt your love unconditionally. The amount of lessons and advice you gave me are something I could never repay and I thank you for that. I love you grama and I think about you everyday. Love your Babar.q
Posted by Nancy Hernandez on March 17, 2021
A beautiful, loving tribute to a beautiful person both inside and outside. A special bond starting with a "drink" shows miracles do come in surprising ways. The devotion and love of family shines in this tribute to Helen. I bet she is dancing again!
Posted by Breanna Hoekstra on March 13, 2021
The drink is one of my favorite stories. It should be a Nicholas Sparks book and then a movie. It has been my favorite story since I can remember and I used to always make you both tell it to me. Grama’s funny side comments and you told always made me laugh.

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