Auntie Helen's Life

Auntie Helen alias HM was born in Small Soppo Wovila, Buea  about 1935 to the family of Mama Agie Nanyongo Mafany and Papa Bernard Mbua Mafany.

She grew up in Soppo and attended the Soppo Girls Convent School at Soppo Roman Catholic  Cathedral now Bishop Rogan.

Auntie Helen assumed responsibility at a very young age with her having no direct brother, she would later assume the natural role of parenting to her siblings, Magdalene, Mojoko, Enanga, big Koko, Sarah, Liengu L'Ekema, Mafany M'Ekema Robot and Bertha they loved and respected her even if she was overbearing at times. She raised them all with love and so much firmness and still policed them till adulthood.

After leaving school, she occupied herself with some petty trade, cooking and selling of food. Her speciality dish was kwacoco and Mbanga soup,  in front of her grandfather’s house in Soppo. 
She also sold palm wine that was tapped by her grandfather. With the house being on the popular Soppo - Tole - Saxen-hauff - Wotutu - Mile 4 Victoriar road, it was a very strategic location and she had many customers. 

Auntie  later met and married her husband Mr Simon Ngwendson of blessed memory this union was blessed with a daughter Katy Nwendson. Aunty Helen loved all her Ngwendson children. 

She moved to Tiko about 48 years ago where she settled and made it her home, firstly,  under the care of her auntie Hepsibah Ilongo. Auntie loved and doted on her Ilongo nieces and nephews and was fondly called ''Kokolenge''She stayed at SS Quarters Tiko.
Auntie  later moved to Street1 and then to John Holt quarters (where she dutifully raised her grandchildren)

In1994, auntie moved  to her house in Customs Beach Tiko. 
She worked in the Tiko Rural Council for over 25 years where she was fondly called "Outside Government" she retired from active service in 1998.
During her retirement, she did some stores rental business where Cargo boats (later Achouka) and the Customs where her Tenants.

Auntie Helen was generally always very jolly and made lots of good friends in Tiko town and lovely neighbours who formed her larger family. She was known by all as "Auntie or Mbamba" some called her ''Edi Amin Dada'' some called her ''Mammy Bakwerie'' and all her Nigerian friends called her ''Mammy Muambo''.

Auntie Helen's health started failing as far as back as 1999 when she had an accident that led to a fracture on her left leg. Come 2000, it was diagnosed that she was diabetic. The following year, she began having hearing loss problems and later hypertension. She still enjoyed life and managed her health quite well.

She visited the United Kingdom in 2013 where it was picked up by the diabetes Consultant that her Kidneys had begun failing due to long term diabetes medications.
Her medications were changed and other tests were conducted. 
Sadly it was discovered that Auntie Helen had lost almost all of her hearing, 75% to be exact. She was giving hearing aids, she couldn’t bear to use this and the hearing loss made her increasingly irritable as it can be very difficult when one loses a sense.

Auntie returned to Cameroon and enjoyed good health up to about the back end of 2014, however her activity rate had dropped considerably to less than half.
In 2015 Auntie started developing cardiovascular compications. She suffered 2 mild strokes (April and August) luckily, she made full recovery, shortly after this time it was discovered that she now had chronic renal failure.
Auntie accompanied by Katy explored all medical care and attention to the highest level. She made trips to Douala Reference Hospital fortnightly to see the Kidney specialist.
Auntie Helen would later become very anaemic, she went through a phase of constant and frequent (weekly) Blood transfusions.
Auntie with the help of daughter Katy explored all the available medical options.
 Auntie Helen continued to manage her health, took her medications religiously, knew her dosage, times and always on top of things in this regard.

In the last months and weeks and even days of her life, she suffered from Oedema ( fluid retention) there's a high risk of heart failure with this condition.

Auntie Helen died suddenly after she had difficulties in breathing on Tuesday night, as usual, the Classy Chick, shocking us all. Not wanting to stress us all, not wanting to suffer.
Aunty Helen was rushed  to Dr Biaka's hospital popular thought was that it was  her usual crisis.....but it wasn't, was the begining of the end.
.....she had done her bit of life's journey, had led a good and full life.
Peacefuly she went to meet the lord  at about 6:30am on Wednesday 01/06/2016 at the Regina Pacis Health Centre in Mutengene.
Sleep well Auntie!!!!