Let the memory of Helen be with us forever.
  • 59 years old
  • Born on February 2, 1960 in Tiko, South West Region, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on March 11, 2019 in Loudoun County, Virginia, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Helen Ikundi 59 years old , born on February 2, 1960 and passed away on March 11, 2019. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Katrena Ikome on April 12, 2019
Aunty Njomo, every memory I have of you is a beautiful one, always putting others first and giving without restraint. I remember when you missed Milly's graduation( Coventry July 2012), that telephone conversation with you is one of the incidents in which I have felt most appreciated. I learnt how significant little gestures could mean to others. That hug you gave me the day I got married and the advice you whispered in my ears will always be with me. I'll miss you but I refuse to mourn like an unbeliever because I know you are resting in glory. You will always be alive in my heart Love Trina
Posted by Nabola Lillian Ikundi on April 9, 2019
My dear Sister Njomo, it is not easy for me to be writing this, knowing that you are no more.My heart is still bleeding.However i am consoled by the fact that you were a child of God.I believe that you are resting in the arms of the Lord.No one else spoke like you,wrote like you, smiled like you or was so original in the way you did things. We will miss you as a family. I am amazed at how much time ,attention and love you gave to so many;It was even forced upon those unwilling to receive it at first,but soon they came to realise what i experienced for so many years,that you were a genuine and selfless person.You touched many lives around the World.I will miss our talks. I remember you called me in January 2019 and expressed some concerns and also two weeks before your painful exit.I was therefore completely devastated when news of your departure came.What will i do with the assignments you gave me? Sister, the Almighty God and His angels have received you.You fought a good fight.Your memory lives on......... Adieu. Your sister-in-law, Nabola Lillian Ikundi.
Posted by Morel VIGAN on April 6, 2019
I haven't known for a long time but it doesn't take long to recognize an angel among men. Mum was an angel who gave us the privilege to know her. Thanks for everything you represented in the life of your children, thanks for what you represented for all of us. It was with great sadness I have heard about you passing away. We will really miss you. But it is just a good bye. Rest In Peace
Posted by Yassine Akitoye on April 6, 2019
"Life is eternal and love is immortal; and death is only an horizon, and an horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight". Words cannot describe the sadness and sorrow I felt when I heard the news. We just lost a kind and loving mother but Heaven has just got an angel. It was an honour meeting mum. May your soul rest in eternal peace. I take this opportunity to present my condolences to you, stay strong in this difficult time.
Posted by Jess Bilikha on April 6, 2019
Hey Aunty all of this has really been a shock so far , but I understand this is life. One memory that I always have is me coming to your house in Limbe and the two of us just taking a nap on the living room floor . You were so peaceful, loving , caring, and nice . God has definitely gained another angel up there rest well Aunty ... till we meet again
Posted by Sabina Ekoume on April 6, 2019
"My Heart is Aching but I Know Heaven is One Star Brighter." I woke up that morning looking gloomy and the moment came when the news came crashing like a truck in the wrong lane speeding at me in a nightmare. My sister/friend died on a Monday, my heart hurts. To tell you about Her, why this loss is so tragic. Sister Njomo was special, dare I say extra -ordinary. She never missed an opportunity to encourage anyone, she helped many, touched many lives and inspired many too. She donated her time and talent for service to God and humanity because she felt called to do so. I can't be the only person who heard her encouraging words over and over. She had a special way with small people, treating them with such kindness, love and concern. One of the things that comforts me the most is that You came home and saw your mom , the Christians( PC Bota) she shepherded as chairperson ,friends and relatives. On the day you were leaving for the U.S we parted company in the church after the Pastor had prayed and annointed us. Sister, faced with the ill-health, your faith and will never wavered, you fought for your life, your family and the Church. Oh sister Njomo, who will call me "Sabis "how ? Who will play with the grannies in my absence? Who will caution the boys to be careful? How my heart bleeds. Thank you for being my Spiritual Mentor, Mom/ Grandma to my kids and grannies. Denzel, JNR, & Ange say farewell; Choò, Jacques, Jules(Men), Josiane(Mom) & Mr Ekoume join me to say, You will Forever be Remembered...ADIEU
Posted by Mandi Anyangwe on April 5, 2019
You left me speechless Aunty Njomo. I took everyday I had with you for granted because I knew there was just no way God will call you so soon. You were a mother to all. You cared for me like your own daughter. You showered so much love to my siblings and family. You were one of the most selfless women I knew in this world.. I know for sure, you are in a better place & where there'll be no more pain and hurt. We gained another Guardian Angel- Join your friend (my mum) to continue to look after us. We'll continue to make you all very proud. Rest in Power Queen Mother! Adieu!
Posted by Angela Daso on April 5, 2019
Your exit took me by surprise Aunty. The pain I felt...the tears I shed...and the hopes that it wasn't true. It is really hard to take but God knows best. You were one role model I admired so well. I remember one day when we were together I was just so admiring your person and really blessing God for you. A beautiful woman inside out. I loved your charisma, true humility and gentility. You fought the good fight of faith and I am confident you are resting in the bossom of our Lord. Sleep well Aunty till we meet again. Angy
Posted by Joffi Ikundi on April 5, 2019
Grand Ma, Thanks for loving and caring for me endlessly. I deeply miss your calls, your songs, your dance moves and everything. You actually made me feel like a princess and gave me everything I ever wanted. I will always cherish the wonderful memories and time we spent together and will always remain a good girl. I will always sing our songs, say our rhymes, numbers and alphabet and they make me smile. Thanks Grand Ma, I love, adore and will miss you very much. Sleep tight. Lots of love, Your Grand daughter Shannon Efeti
Posted by Lois Ikome on April 3, 2019
Iya Njomo you were a great leader of the Fako Secondary Education Family. Your legacy lives on. May you find rest in the Lord's bossom and may your family and friends find comfort. Wende swelele, Iya Njomo...
Posted by Njuma Tamufor on April 3, 2019
Aunty Njomo! If one checks in the New Oxford English Dictionary for the word "caring" , don't be surprised to find a small inset picture of this Great Lady. I still hear your sharp laughter, your firm steps and your intoxicating need for perfection. I'm happy we passed some blissful moments together and you were always ready to support me. You'll forever be remembered. Go ahead in Peace. ❣️ Dr Atangcho
Posted by Martha Muela on April 2, 2019
Sister-in-Law and daughter , l don't even know where to start. You called me few days before your departure. Little did l know you were giving me bye bye. My heart bleeds. I smile when ever l get a call from you. Now you are no more. I am sure you are at the bosom of the Lord. May your soul Rest in Perfect Peace.
Posted by Nelly Ncho on April 2, 2019
Auntie, I do not remember a moment in my lifetime that you were not there for us. We are still in so much disbelief. You are the definition of friendship and sisterhood. Thank you for gracing this earth with your presence. You have left a void that will never be filled. Rest peacefully!!!
Posted by Kate Mbome on April 2, 2019
Sister Njomo, I have admired you from when I was an infant till today. You are very pretty inside and outside. I will miss your lovely smile and your attentiveness and intimacy when talking with anyone. Your character will always inspire me. I know for sure you gave your life to Christ!! Though I mourn your passing, I am comforted by the fact that we will meet again in heaven, where you will be my forever big sister and role model. Loved you yesterday, love you today, love you forever. Goodnight sis♥️
Posted by Milly Ikundi on April 2, 2019
Mummy, I have a thousand things to say but I dont know where to start. You lived a very fullfilling life as a daughter of God. You were devoted. You were an inspiration. You were full of strength. You were mother to millions. I used to wonder why you were always so kind, nice, caring and loving to everybody you met. Now I reflect back and I understand so many things differently and this has given me a different perspective on life. The work you have done on earth will speak for you! Rest in perfect peace my mother. Love you always.

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