A Tribute to my Dearest Mummy

Shared by Joffi Ikundi on May 14, 2019

Mummy, You have been my rock, my mother, my best friend, my prayer partner, motivation and all, Mummy. You have loved, cared for and protected us selflessly.

The mornings I woke up feeling not-so great, your messages and calls made me brighter and happier. The moments I felt funny, your jokes and teases were there to make me laugh. The love you showered on me gave me peace. 

You are an amazing mother and friend.  A good example of a Servant of God. I am indeed thankful to God for blessing me with you and for all the Christian values and lessons you taught us, your children and everyone you met. 

Always positive, hopeful, always keeping busy and making others smile. Always excited to see her granddaughter and tell me "Take care of my mother very well". You actually told me this phrase every single day and I will do my very best to make sure she is well taken of. Every day Shannon says "call Grand Ma" and It’s been so strange for her, No calls or song from Grand Ma.

Mum, thanks for everything you've given us. Your love and care are endless. 

Even in death, I feel you, I hear your voice and you are always a special part of me. I know I am never alone because your memories are always with me. 

I will miss you so much but I am consoled by the fact that Heaven has gained another Angel. Rest in Peace Mummy and continue to watch over us. 

Your daughter

Joffi Ikundi

Tribute to my dearest Aunty❤️

Shared by Bisi Gaelle on April 12, 2019

Aunty Njoms,,Mommy Njomo..everything still feels like a dream or sounds like one..through you I learned a lot...standing out on my own was key,becoming a strong woman and facing my challenges with boldness was another I learned from you...family before everything was always your watch word...n education the ultimate..am thankful to God I got to meet one of his angels physically on this earth,so selfless,if there was a word after caring I’ll give it to u,kind hearted,hardworking..aunty we love you but God loves you more...Adieu mommy njomo

Shared by Esther Asukwa on April 6, 2019

Auntie Helen I really lack words to talk about the vacuum your departure has created  for those who had the opportunity to meet with. When I moved to Limbe in 2001, your were my principal and working under  you, I really  learned so  much. You will always listen and show respect to your staff. Your hard work gained  you a promotion. I also live in the same neighborhood with  you and we always share a lot of jokes during our monthly neighbor’s meeting. You were always down to earth to accommodate everyone. I really came to know more about you when you moved to US. You always encouraged me to keep doing the things that will bring me happiness. You were not only a good mother to your own children but others. No one could take that caring heart of yours. We will greatly missed you but your memory will forever remain in our heart. May your soul continue to Rest In Peace. Adieu!! Esthe

Shared by Silo Mbame on April 6, 2019

While the petals of love still remained so fresh with sweet fragrance like a crimson red rose,

Fritz and your kids nortured more love to shower you with, Helen.  Eyes so bright and eager ,
You yearned to continue to sip this genuine love that emanated from your progeny and Fritz,
Yet that pain kept you so distant though so close you remained to  their hearts
As the bell rang, your time was up, Yet you still looked back to see if your loved ones could hold you tight.
They stretched their eager trembling  hands to catch yours,
But their fingers were too short that they could not restrain you.
Hard so hard they tried,
But God's pull was so strong to give you a better EMBRACE than that they offered to hold you back.
Njomo may your soul rest in perfect peace in God's bossom. 
Tribute to Njomo by Mbame Ngembo
Shared by Linda Monono on April 6, 2019

Mommy  am gonna start by saying thank you . Thank you for teaching and helping so many your memory will forever be in our hearts.Thank you for raising 4 beautiful souls, and building such a strong family . Your bore 4 children but you were a mother to many . I know as you look down from heaven you’ll  be proud and happy to see that your influence and inspiration lives in so many . Thank you mommy and Rest In Peace . ❤️

Shared by Yassine Akitoye on April 6, 2019

"Life is eternal and love is immortal; and death is only an horizon,  and an horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight". Words cannot describe the sadness and sorrow I felt when I heard the news. We just lost a kind and loving mother but Heaven has just got an angel. It was an honour meeting mum. May your soul rest in eternal peace. I take this opportunity to present my condolences to you, stay strong in this difficult time.

Tribute to my younger sister Njomo

Shared by Elsie Ngowo Effange-Mbell... on April 2, 2019

my dear Njomo

Your untimely passing has been a big blow to the family. You were so intelligent, sociable and kind. The void you have left behind is impossible to fill. It is very difficult to start talking about all your attributes. You were a real gem . 

May  the good Lord whom you served so fervently continue to grant you His grace and mercy and receive you among his angels. I am sure you are already so busy there as you were here on earth. Please convey our solemn request to  our heavenly Father to listen to our supplications on your behalf and that of the rest of the family. We pray for your peaceful  repose  in his bosom and for peace in our country Cameroon . 

Love always 

Your senior sister 


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