The memory of our Mother will be with us beyond forever...She will live on in our children and there children.
  • 62 years old
  • Born on December 10, 1933 in La Habra, California, United States.
  • Passed away on April 27, 1996 in Chaparral, New Mexico, United States.

PLEASE feel free to add pictures, videos, memories, stories, thoughts and/or info which is needed. Your contribution is much appreciated. Thank u for visiting.

To honor our Mother...A Grandmother, Great Grandmother and Great Great Grandmother with pictures of then and now of our children and there's for whom she will live on for future generations...

She shall not be forgotten even after Brian & I have taken our Last breath. In God thru her, we took our First breath. Thru us our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren have and will take theirs....

Survived by her children:

Daughter-Brenda Charmaine Brown

Granddaughter-Seslie Katherine.
Great Grandson-Caden Micheal

Great granddaughter-Bella

Granddaughter-Kalee (Nicole)...
Great Granddaughter-Gianna...
Great Grandson-.Russo Jr
Great Grandson-Jake...
Great-Great Granddaughter-Arianna Marie Irene

Son-Brian Allen Brown

Great Grandson Emmett

Great Granddaughter-Jackie and Liam

Great Grandson-Landon and Charlotte





Posted by Brian Brown on May 12, 2019
Hi MOM stopped by today as you know, will see you in a few days. Love and miss you as always. Happy Mothers Day. PS Talked to Brenda today, all is as it should be. Going to the races in PIR again, this time with My SIS..
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on May 12, 2019
Happy Mothers Day Mother love and miss you always in my heart Beyond forever
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on May 4, 2019
It's been a while Mom but I have miss you everyday and you are Beyond forever in my heart. It had been 7 years but Brian and I got back together our relationship is strong he came and visited our new home it was so good seeing him I'm going to see him again in November at the races in Arizona you have another new great-grandchild I'll be sending pictures in the next day or so Brian and I are going to put an angel headstone at your grave site for Mother's Day I love and miss you very much Mom please keep watch over all of us Beyond forever
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on January 31, 2018
Hey Mom me again I know it's been a while I haven't been able to get on the internet I love and miss you you're always in my heart
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on May 14, 2017
I miss u still so very much, Always will. Please keep watching
Over all of us. Live, love n be happy among the Angels.
Beyond forever, your daughter....XOXOXO
Posted by Brian Brown on April 29, 2017
Hi MOM, I will be stopping by Sunday to see how your doing, see ya then. BAB..
Posted by Ses S on April 27, 2017
Love and miss you!
Posted by Brian Brown on January 10, 2017
Hi MOM, Just thought I would say morning. Doing iat. Talk to ya later MOM, Love your Son...
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on December 28, 2016
hey Mom, me again. its almost new years eve. cant believe another year has passed. Caden is 11 now. bought seslie a ring with ur birthstone, her dads, hers, caden n mine in it. Its gorgeous. u would like it. Please keep watching over us all. love n miss you much...will be back new years eve. ur daughter brenda
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on December 26, 2016
MERRY CHRISTMAS Mother. My heart is still missing you. I love you n wish you were here with the ones who love you. just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS....LOVE U. brenda
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on December 10, 2016
HAPPY BIRTHDAY n missing you so much. Today is your day....Angels are with you...bc
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on November 26, 2016
me again, an intriguing man which I have spoken with yet have no visual of as my eyes have not seen him.I relish in his wording.To the point...I left word I was coming to visit u....lolol He commented "Give my best to your mom." lolol I know, right? Unaware silly man..I have no doubt u would like him...I invited him to stop by n leave a word for you. His name is Paul...I'm giving you his Please watch over him as well. Going to close my eyes for awhile, planning on finishing cats play yard this weekend. Love u mom...missing u much,,bc
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on November 25, 2016
Hey Mom, thinking about you as always. Brian called last week, hopefully we can visit each other soon. Thanksgiving is pass now on to Christmas although your birthday on the 10th. I will be sending a rose up to you. I love n miss you much. Please keep watch over us. love, Brenda.
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on October 18, 2016
Hey, Mom, been back n forth to diff doctors. I am diabetic. testing blood every morning. no insulin...medication. doing alright. Rinda bought me diabetic 12 of them, they helped me so much as I was lost in what to do or how to plan my meals...even a plate that helps with portions...she is such a caring n generous person.
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on August 16, 2016
Me again, just read Brians words...WONDERFUL news..another new life of which ur apart. I'm trying to locate pics of u. As the fire took all the memories. I dont want to forget ur loving face mom.I miss u much.
please keep watch over us all. love bc
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on August 16, 2016
oh, Caden started 6th grade...time passes to fast. I know ur watching over him. love u mom...
Posted by Brian Brown on August 16, 2016
Hi MOM, Just thought I would let you know that you have another great grandson our daughter on the way. Its going to be Corys 2nd.
child. I will let you know when I find out, unless you already know.. Love and Miss you always..
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on August 15, 2016
Me again...well I now have been on this earth for 60 years. I want to thank u Mom for keeping me warm, safe n caring for me for 9 months til the day I took my first breath. If it were not for u n God...well dad did give it his best shot...hehe Love n missing u much. Please keep looking after us all. will visit again soon..Angels on your clouds..
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on July 29, 2016
hey mom, 40 years ago Seslie took her first breath...I am so proud of her as I know you are. I love n miss you much...bc
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on July 27, 2016
Hey mom...its almost Seslies birthday..3 more days. Time passes way to fast. A friend on line which I have never met has taken her last breath. I was shocked to log on n see post...causes me to think at any time...with our first breaths n our many lives are changed. Just like that..The world is in disarray, hate n discontent fills the heart of Americans..Trust is no longer a given n lives are being taken away from loved ones. Insanity fills the air we breath...The Lord has not forsaken us...but enough have forsaken the Lord to where the world is living in the consequences of others. Please put a good word in for us. Love n miss u much mom..Please keep watching over us all... bc
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on July 19, 2016
Me again Mom...finally got into see a doctor. Went for lab test. 7 tubes of blood they took. said they ordered a lot of test. Going for another chest x-ray today. Am now on BP meds everyday. Referred to a cardiologist, infectious disease doctor for my lungs, Will be back to share when I find out more. Please be with me...Mom Jeanne's sister has 3 stage Cancer. Please put in a good word for her. Dorine is her name. I love n miss u much. Brian was here..I'm glad..I sure would like to see him. might see if can get to phoenix when he goes to the races. u...hope ur dancing...BC
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on July 19, 2016
Hey bro...thanks much for the new photo...adorable baby..Info please..
lol who are the parents...age, birth date....u dont get off that easy. lol
love n miss u....sis
hey mom...miss u also..u know that..I shall be back.
Posted by Brian Brown on July 5, 2016
Hi Mom, A day late but happy 4th of July. I missed it myself, took a nap at 5pm and did not wake up till 4am on the 5th, guess I needed the rest. Love you Mom and talk to you soon..
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on July 4, 2016
Hey Mom...Spending day with friends...missing u much. Your in my thoughts n prayers. I love u...bc
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on May 11, 2016 again...I ask the Lord to guide the hearts of those to contribute their thoughts, memories and love of you here. I pray that you as Grand and Great grandmother will be shared with the children which may come to know what a wonderful, giving woman you were with such strength and faith...we are all blessed to be a part of you.
Mom you shall not be forgotten....Amen
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on May 10, 2016
for Mothers day you now can have pictures of your family, friends, videos n songs added to your site. I will be adding more pictures as u have new great grandchildren from Brian's side. You live on thru us n shall never be forgotten...I love n miss u much mom...Thank u for the Angels on my pillow...
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on May 8, 2016
Posted by Brian Brown on May 7, 2016
will have one tomarrow as always, love your Son..
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on May 6, 2016
missing u so much mom...almost Mothers day..You are so in my heart..
Brian had a new hip installed n did not let me know til after...he is definitely his mothers son...lolol im hanging in there, not giving up. He is my lil brother...its just him n i...i'll be back soon, have a surprise for u on Mothers n miss u much mom...bc
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on February 18, 2016
MISSING U SO MUCH...I know it has been awhile....I still feel u with me. Love u beyond forever..
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on June 13, 2014
Hey Mom, sure would love to be sitting on your lap with my head on your shoulder and you telling me everything will be alright. I miss piddles, kittie and angel. I know there waiting at rainbow bridge for me. It's so hard trying to get through this aftermath of the fire. I know we were blessed getting out alive but my heart hurts so bad for my fluffy family members I loss. I'm not sure I will ever get over it. Cant bring myself to view the pics or videos yet. but I am so glad I took so many. Well as you know it will be about 2 more weeks again. Starting all over from scratch is not easy specially when its put on hold to do so. From a toilet brush to egg slicer and all in between. I can not believe so many things which we take for granted using each day. well Mom thanks for being here for me, I miss you so much, love you even more. Please put a word in for Jeanne as she goes thru the radiation. She is being so strong. I am so proud of her. Please watch over Brian as I know he is not feeling well. maybe you can get piddles, kittie and angel to come to you and keep them with you til I get there. Tears always start falling no matter where I am. All in time I know. Be back you.
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on June 1, 2014
Hey Mom, I know it's been awhile. I'm sure you know about the fire. lost everything, i dont care about the material things. it's the 3 cats, piddles, kittie n angel that I'm having trouble with. as with u I miss them terribly. I'm just glad we made it out alive. I love n miss you so very much. ur daughter, bc.
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on January 23, 2014
I'm sorry Mom
love n miss you much
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on January 22, 2014
hey mom....sent balloons up to you on your birthday. everyone on facebook knew it was your I am sure missing you so much.
Angel, the white cat which I believe you helped send my going deaf...but she is loved and since not of them have access to the street I know shes safe, Piddles got fixed last week. I told you she likes cantaloupe...well she also likes marshmallows. the lil ones...I have been posting much about the so called pous. He is a very, very bad person n not doing right by us. I am going to become more involved n wish I could go to DC but could not leave the 3 fur balls here with Art.
he doesn't walk at all any more but you know all this. just wanted to stop by so u know I'm thinking of you. Brian hasn't called for awhile so I'm going to call him. Going to send him a few pounds of fudge on the first. I have been so sick this last week going into the second one. LOL u know that also. Rinda n I spoke on the phone for 3 hours the other day as we did last month. She shared many good memories...Mom please keep watching over all of us. Love n miss you much.Beyond forever in my heart...ur daughter brenda
Posted by Ses S on December 10, 2013
Happy Birthday Grandma! Love you!
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on December 7, 2013
I know it's been a long time Mom, I am so missing you. It;s almost your birthday. 3 more days. I will be sending balloons up to you again. I want to thank you for sending Angel to me. I feel in my heart it was you showing her the way to me, Brian and I have talked some. Not as much as I like. You know where I'm at, your getting your page upgraded for your birthday... now songs, pictures can be left by your visitors. how cool is that. I miss you, its been so long that you've been gone yet the pain is no less then the day you rook your last BC
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on December 7, 2013
Chrissy, Bella n Amber came to visit, she is so happy now. you would have loved them so and Bella is just darling. I know your watching over them also. I do miss you so much mom. Brian and Tina are no longer together but as you use to tell me, They have done what they feel is best for them at this time, You would be so proud of the boys/men they have grown to be. Brian and Tina did a kick azz job....I know you loved them dearly. I wished we were all a close family such as we were with all yours. I don't even know your great grandchildren from Brian's side, Saddens my heart some. I came back to tell you something....darn it. I'll be back mom. Love you much....Brenda.
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on June 8, 2013
hey mom, such sweet words from my friend day mom I hope to be able to come here to visit u and stay dry eyed...lololol
Paula Piddles is doing well. I want u to know im missing u much...
I will be back later tonite as its friday n im going to spend some time with to go find brunos mother
Posted by Bruno Raeber on June 7, 2013
Though I never met you u live on through your daughter Brenda. Thank you for blessing Us with her and allowing to have an insight as to how special you are.....
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on June 6, 2013
whas uuup Mom, lolol still loving n missing u sooooo much. I purchased one of the new scooters that's the craze rite now for Caden Its for his birthday in August but want him to be able to use it during the summer. hes gonna be so elated. Its such a wonderful feeling to cause him haplessness. now I know how u felt with seslie. u were the best Grandma n u
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on June 6, 2013
Mom, guess what...I now have a new addition added to my life. Shes the cutest kitten. I was going to call her diamond but just decided to name her Paula...yep, after u so much mom..thank you.
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on May 31, 2013
good evening mom, still missing u. put 3 plants in front flower bed this door gave me a almost dead palm plant. I'm going to get it back to healthy as there is still life in it. tomorrow im going to purchase a scooter for caden, should have it a few days. cant wait to get pics n video of him on it from seslie. she is such a wonderful mother, still a sheriff at the prison.
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on May 31, 2013
you would be so proud of her. i still worry about her at times. i may be going golfing tonite. its fun but my boobies get in the way of my swing. lolol still looking for a white kitten but if i dont find one soon, thinking of getting a bird.k mom, need to get in shower. keep watching over us please, love n miss u much..
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on May 28, 2013
hey mom, I see ses stopped by n left u words. happy memorial day.
still missing u much, not to much going on. I am looking for a white female kitten..thought i found one but the people still have not gotten back to me n took the ad down. I think it may have died. it said it was only 4 weeks pld n needed care...i would have done that...
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on May 28, 2013
so I shed tears for a kitten i never had a chance to love nor it having a chance to be loved n taken care of...sometimes i wish i had no feeling at n miss u. maybe a lil blessing of bringing a kitten n i together....ty
Posted by Ses S on May 22, 2013
Love you grandma!
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on May 21, 2013
hey mom, christina n i are sharing with one another again. now i can see n spend time with bella maybe someday.. beautiful little great granddaughter u have/I kinda feel bad cause Caden is my special gchild. k mom, gots to get some things done today. time to be productive. oh still havent heard from ur son..I have made attempts to reach him, I will keep doing so. love u n miss u much
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on May 21, 2013
oh my gosh mom, I just saw brians words. I just mentioned him n as I was leaving I saw his words. well u know that...guess its u once again that will bring us together. im contacting him again today. not one more day shall pass with out speaking to him. i love him. hes part of u. watch over us mom. i love u n thank you
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on May 21, 2013
damn it mom, i really need ur lap to sit on n ur arms around me. sometimes i so dislike this world n not to fond of god or jesus for that matter at this should still be here. I would rather have gone first cause u were much stronger then I but i wouldnt want u to feel this pain. Hopefully ses will leave words. im just upset right now. i love n miss u so much...still waiting mom
Posted by Brenda C Beyer on May 21, 2013
I tried to leave a story, I cant remember any n I'm so sorry for that mom.
I do try.
I miss u n need u so much right u

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