my mom the greatest women i know

My Mom and Dad was married on  Monday July 10 1961. Daddy worked odd jobs and even sometimes worked on a farm .To support his growing family .In August 10 of 1961, My mom and dad had their first son Howard Lee Ross.In 1963 they welcomed their first daughter Lisha Ann Ross on Feburary 11.In 1965 they welcomed their second son Billy Ray Ross on April 2.In 1967 the loving couple welcomed their second daughter Raine Lou Ross on Januray 12 .As of 1968 the couple had four of their nine children .I gess they needed a break cause they didnt have any more kids for seven years then they added their third  son Ronnie Lynn Ross on May 10 1974.In 1976 they had their third daughter Cassie Jane Ross on September14 1978 . In 1980 they had their fourth son William Mckinely Rosson October 4.On July 9 1983 they had their last baby a daughter named Heather Marie ross.They had all their kids .

 Sadly Januray 31 1987 Helen loving husband Howard passed away from a heart attach .which was hard on everybody in the family .

All their kids grown up has married ad had kids of their own there is 23 grand kids .

In september 2008 My mom found out she had lung cancer .she battle the cancer for six hard long months.sadly on April 22 2009 she passed away fom her lung cancer .