Her Life

mom it has been 13 years since you passed, I still miss you and hope one day to see you again.when things get tough for me sometimes, I think of you and hear your voice saying you can do this.and I get it done.I would love for you to be here with me, but god had other plans I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU MOM.

my mom

my mom was wonderful, i miss her so we were really good has been 12 years and the hurt i guess never goes away. my mom was in the hospital for a seizure disorder, she was doing fine she was to come home the next day. i stayed at the hospital for awhile that night. and she was fine. we were talking about things we were going to do when she came home. then she told me did i ever tell you that i love you more then life itself.and i said yes mom i know that. and she told me she was tired so i told her i would pick her up tomorrow and she said okay. at 3am  in the morning i got the call that my mom had passed away. and my  heart sort of went with her.she was my best friend. she was so beautiful and i miss her so.even now its hard to talk about. but i wanted to dedicate this to my mom because she was very much loved and cared father passed away in 1989 i miss him so. my father was in the marines for 20 years we all in all had a pretty good life. my mom worked at night my father worked for the city .i have a sister helen adams, and brother raymond adams and of course me alzada steele.