Shared by Alzada Steele on September 14, 2011

my mother was of italian heritage. she will always be beautiful to me . and she was.she is with god now, and i know that she is alright. but i sure wish i could of had a little more time with her. but i hope to see her again.i do not think mother and daughter could of been any closer, then the two of us were. maybe thats why the hurt is still so strong.i am grateful that i had my mom as long as i did.and i thank god for giving me her as long as i had her.we lived in pennsauken nj when she passed. i have since moved to ga. it hurts me that i cannot put flowers on her grave and my i would like to.but i am going home in october, and i will see that they both have flowers. i love them both so much.god bless you both and may you rest in peace.

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