Absent from the body; present with the Lord.
  • 88 years old
  • Born on March 24, 1924 in Neunkirchen, Saar Basin, Germany.
  • Passed away on January 8, 2013 in Mountain Home, Arkansas, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of  "Auntie Helen". Helene Pilz, 88, born on March 24, 1924 and passed away on January 8, 2013.

Posted by Ruth Abbott on 8th January 2019
SIX years! This morning during my quiet time my thoughts have reflected on memories of your life. In many memories of the earlier days you and Marianne are linked .. and this year you share a new link. I miss you both! I have a large bouquet of fragrant lilies on my dining room table today and I wish I could share that beauty with you. Sweet scents and loving memories... Thank you for being such a special influence in my life.
Posted by Jan Brown on 24th March 2018
Happy Birthday Auntie. I can only imagine how it feels when Time no longer matters or is acknowledged. To simply “be” must be heavenly! You are loved and missed. Hug everyone there for us.
Posted by Ruth Abbott on 10th January 2018
FIVE years! It seems you've been gone a long time and yet not long at all. I do know that I miss you and cherish memories of our times together. This year I'm in Fayetteville NC where I spent Christmas and New Year's with Val and my great-grands. Lots of new memories in these 5 years. DO miss your faithful prayers for each of us.
Posted by Ruth Abbott on 24th March 2017
Happy heavenly birthday, Auntie. #93 Are you having Angel's Food cake today? You have been in my thoughts frequently of late. In fact, the picture currently on my FB page is of you and I at the top of the arch in St. Louis. That was a great time together. You left an amazing legacy! Love and miss you.
Posted by Ruth Abbott on 8th January 2017
Not many flowers blooming today. The world you loved is blanketed in snow and ice. FOUR years this morning you slipped the bonds of earth and of the body that limited your last days. You are still missed greatly here. Your love lives on in my heart.
Posted by Kathy Jones on 8th January 2017
Thinking of you today and remembering many happy times with you. Especially Thanksgiving which was always at your
Posted by Ruth Abbott on 25th March 2016
Happy 92nd birthday, Auntie. I know I'm a day late in posting. I'm going to lay the responsibility for that on traveling and time changes. Mary Lou and I were in Mountain Home on Monday. This is such a beautiful season in the Ozarks...with your favorite Redbud and French Pear trees blooming everywhere. The Crape Myrtle that formed the fence between your house and the neighbors is not yet blooming so there is more beauty ahead. As always, sending you love~ We miss you here.
Posted by Kathy Jones on 24th March 2016
Dear Auntie, thinking of you today on your birthday and once again thanking God for your life and the ongoing influence it has over so many of your family and friends. Hoping that today you are enjoying a special celebration now that your sister and brother have joined you too. Rejoicing that you are all now complete in Jesus and imagining how wonderful that must be. Love you always , your niece Kathy
Posted by Tim Noe on 24th March 2016
Philippians 1:3 King James Version (KJV) I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, It is always good to get reminders of a precious sister in the Lord. Praying for your family today.
Posted by Ruth Abbott on 8th January 2016
It's difficult to believe you've been gone from this earth for 3 years. Your physical presence and your audible prayers for us individually are greatly missed, but I'm sure you're still following each of us and sending love. I'm leaving a flower today. Wish it could be one of the dogwood blossoms that will soon be blooming in your beloved Ozarks.
Posted by Kathy Jones on 24th March 2015
March 24. Auntie Helene's birthday. Hard to believe she's already been in glory for 2 years. Thanking You Lord for her life and influence on and prayers for this family and her love for You and desire to reach the lost world. She will always live in my heart as a great lady and example of the impact an aunt can have in the life of her family.
Posted by Ruth Abbott on 24th March 2015
Happy Birthday, Auntie. Know you are having an awesome celebration in heaven. The flower icon is to remind you of the beautiful roses in my garden that I'd love to share with you today...but God probably has an ample supply for you to enjoy. Thank you for all your love and prayers Miss you enormously.
Posted by Ruth Abbott on 8th January 2015
Two years! I miss you, Auntie.
Posted by Sharon Colvin on 24th March 2014
Blessings to the family of Helene as you remember her on her Birthday today. May you find comfort in having known and loved this lovely lady! May your hearts be filled with joy and peace as you miss her, but remember where she is now!
Posted by Sandy Bunch on 11th February 2013
Helene helped send bible lessons to children all over the nation through the CEF Truth Chasers Club. She helped us reach many children of prisoners. My sympathy goes to the family at this time of loss. May God comfort you as He now holds her in his arms.
Posted by Kathy Howe on 11th February 2013
Helene will be missed. She was an influential volunteer. After volunteering at Truth Chasers Club, she got fired up about volunteering here and went back home and got others to join her in volunteering. We thank the Lord for loving God and serving others.
Posted by Tim Noe on 8th February 2013
Helene Pilz loves her Lord, Jesus Christ. She showed hospitality to friends in the faith. She acted on Hebrews 10:24 "and let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds," NASB. She brought her church group to grade Bible lessons at the CEF Truth Chasers Club in MO and her influence added another church to our volunteer group. She is receiving a rich welcome in heaven.
Posted by Virginia Cook on 17th January 2013
Helene was my first friend when I moved to Mountain Home 9 years ago, She was kind, funny, and very knowledgable. I will certainly miss her, but know she is a whole body once again and smiling as she climbs those stairs. I thank her for all of the knowledge of Christianity, the Bible and what is most important in life. In my heart always.
Posted by Kristi Tan on 9th January 2013
Remembering Auntie Helene's sweet smile and gentle ways. . . always faithfully involved at Grace Trinity Church! Glad to know she is with the Lord she loved! May God's comfort be with all family members.
Posted by Gayle Metcalf on 9th January 2013
My grandparents William and Florence Erickson, my parents Bill and JoAnn Erickson had very fond memories Helene and others from Valley Center. God is so faithful, so glad that Helene is worshipping with her Lord!
Posted by Christian Schreier on 9th January 2013
" Menschen die wir lieben,bleiben für immer in unseren Herzen. Das Leben ist eine Reise die heimwärts führt." In stillem Gedenken Annelie, Christian & Familie
Posted by Ruth Abbott on 9th January 2013
Messages from my girls~ Dearest Mom our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family today. So thankful for the peace that comes with the knowledge of Christ and his sacrifice for us and to know that she's now in His peace. Love you. Tamara
Posted by Ruth Abbott on 9th January 2013
So sad to read what you wrote. I am praying for her to go in peace, and for you so you can accept God's will. I send you a huge hug! Maria I' m sorry to leard about her passing . But she is resting now.... I'm praying for you and your family. Here is a big hug for you! Renata
Posted by Ruth Abbott on 8th January 2013
The header photo was chosen to represent her beloved Mountain Home Arkansas. She so enjoyed the colors of the seasons...from the dogwood in spring to the fall leaves.
Posted by Ruth Abbott on 8th January 2013
copied from an e-mail message: Indeed, just like i mentioned last night....and others have mentioned.. she touched my life even tho so very young, and we will indeed miss a prayer warrior!!! We send our love and we will be praying for you all in this time of grieving!
Posted by Jan Brown on 8th January 2013
Auntie Helene was a very special part of my childhood. Always warm and loving. I can hear her singing in my heart. Heaven came down and glory filled my soul! Looking forward to a great reunion and song fest in heaven. #16. He lives...and so does she!
Posted by Sharon Colvin on 8th January 2013
I knew "Auntie" Helene the way she looks in the picture above-- Long before she moved to Arkansas, I knew her not only through family, but through Forest Home Women's Auxillary..so many years ago! She was a lovely, godly woman. I kept up with her through Kathy Jones, her niece and my sister-in-love. She is celebrating before the throne of Jesus with my dear mother, another Helen! Praises
Posted by Marla Jarett on 8th January 2013
Just thinking of her beautiful prayers...i remember clearly, how intimate her prayers were. It was comforting to listen, even as a child & young adult. Her walk with the Lord touched my life! Certianly there was rejoicing in Heaven this morning! Our prayers for you & your family Ruthi

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