Posted by Stuart Belfield on February 20, 2021
Words, alone, cannot express the grief I feel, over the passing of Helga. She will forever remain in my heart as a woman that cared for me as much as my own mother. She was always positive and upbeat about things. I grew up in Reston with her son, Robert, and later in college with her son, Detlef. My childhood memories are filled with wonderful experiences of living with the Ulfers family. I will never forget them. My only regret is that I didn't get to know her in her later years, when she was living in Blacksburg. Goodbye and God bless Helga, and may she rest in peace in her eternal life.
Posted by Janet Hulme on February 19, 2021
Helga consistently helped others anytime she was aware of their need even when it was outside her comfort zone. She was always patient, gentle and caring. She loved the Lord and served others without any hesitation and I am certain that Jesus welcomed her with Open arms and greeted her with
"Well done Good and Faithful Servant"....I also remember many years ago when my husband was ill with Cancer that Helga and Horst came to our home and brought us something good to enjoy. Truly a Blessing motivated by the Love of Jesus. PTL!
Posted by Kurt Pronske on February 14, 2021
Helga and Horst were among the first couples we met in 1971. My wife, Jean, and I had just moved into Reston and we met at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, then just a mission that met in various members' homes. Helga was a loving friend for many years, She and my wife became much closer after Horst died. Helga was always so sweet and caring of "yeene" as she called her. Helga was one of the first to call me in 2019 after jean died. We have stayed in touch all these years and I will treasure the phone calls we have shared . What a lovely lady, I will miss her.
Posted by Wenda Smith on February 13, 2021
Helga has been a dear friend and sister-in-Christ of mine and my husband, Jim, since 1991. What a wonderful lady!! ...full of loving kindness, compassion for others and of a humble spirit. We admired her MANY talents, her love of the arts, her gracious hospitality and her joyful smiles (makes me smile when I think of her). She had such a zeal for life, cared deeply for her family and friends, and was always lending her hand to those in need. She will indeed be missed by all who love her until reunited with her for Eternity in Heaven.
Posted by Volko Ruhnke on February 13, 2021
Helga with Horst were like my local aunt and uncle, as my relatives lived far away in Germany, my family and the Ulfers were close since earlier residence in New Jersey, and Robert (Bob) and I were best friends as grade-schoolers in Reston. My mother also was South American-born and my father German, part of a tight immigrant community.
Helga must have hosted me on hundreds of occasions as I played and grew up. Horst led my Webelos troop and coached me in soccer. One very fond memory: Helga and Horst took me on my first camping trips--a hobby that my parents were not familiar with--and that gift to me inspired many such trips of my own in my later life with my wife and kids. Especially whenever I go camping now, I will fondly remember Helga, and Horst too. May they rest in peace together.
Posted by David Hardin on February 13, 2021
I will always remember Helga and Horst as a couple who accepted me as part of their family when I roomed with their oldest sons Bob and Bernie for one year in an apartment called Drapers Meadow West. Bob and Bernie were VA Tech students, and I a Radford University student. Anyhow Helga and Horst accepted me as pary of their family from day one that we met, as my own parents accepted Bob and Bernie as their family as well. When Bob and Yezmin got married, they opened their house for me to stay with them while I was there for the wedding. Probably would have done the same for Bernie and Meg's wedding if I had been able to get there for it. I had had hernia surgery and was inable yoake both weddings, and rode the bus from Roanoke to Restin. I think I had gone up there another time droving prior to both weddings, each time she and Horst were very welcoming as of I were their own family. Really we are because of our King, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ which makes all true believers in Christ Jesus family, brothers and sisters in Him. When Bob was injured in a caving accident, my parents opened up our home in Roanoke for them to stay while Bob was at Roanoke Memorial Hospital. My memory is that they did stay at my parents house during at least some or all of that time, until Bob came back to Blacksburg. Anyhow she was and is a wonderful blessed woman of God, and she is missed, yet I look forward to seeing her again, along with Horst one day, whenever our King, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ takes me home to heaven and however He has it for me to get there amd whenever that day will be at His determination and plan. I am so honored to have known both Horst and Helga, and look forward to seeing them al0ng with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for all eternity as well as my immediate family and other friends and "family." God bless and comfort Bob, Yezmin, Bernie, Meg, Detlef, and the whole family, and grandchildren.
Posted by Lisa Narayanan on February 12, 2021
The Ulfers were very close family friendly and I have many fond memories growing up together in Reston. Helga and Horst were like another set of parents and I remember staying with them while my parents took a trip somewhere. I shared a picture of them dancing at my wedding. Horst was kind enough to videotape our wedding for us on that day. I will forever remember your parents.
Posted by Walter Hartung on February 12, 2021
Lillian and I spent many happy years being Ulfer's neighbors in Reston. Being of German heritage we shared many things in common; my granddaughter was born on April 15, Horst and I worked together at the Defense Communications Agency. It was always a pleasure for us when Helga invited us for dinner; she was a fabulous cook and host. They were our first friends in Reston and will forever dwell in our hearts and mind. 
Posted by Seby Bell on February 12, 2021
I know that my life, and my son's life, were made a little better through knowing Helga. She's been Skye's Oma since he was 4 years old and she was very special to both of us. I was always impressed by her grace and although she claimed not to be very smart, she was an incredible card player, spoke 3 languages, was an incredibly talented artist, had some music skills, could play the guitar and had a lot of wisdom and insight into many of life's issues that others miss, no matter how old they become. She was feisty and stubborn, but also loving and kind. We miss her.
Posted by Bernard Ulfers on February 11, 2021
My mom will certainly be missed. The last several years she would often reply 'Well ... life goes on.'

Well - she is right ... life does go on. And I am glad for that gift! I haven't done anything to earn it - my hope is in Christ alone. My last words to mom were 'I know we will see each other again.'
Posted by Josiah Ulfers on February 11, 2021
In any fairy tale with a sweet grandmother I've always imagined my Oma.
Posted by Detlef Ulfers on February 10, 2021
Thank you. Beautiful selection of photos!
She blessed us with her kindness and sympathy. I'm constantly surprised how many friends she made wherever she lived.

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