Her Life
     Helga was born in Bremerhaven Germany. She met Wayne.  They married and she had 2 children, Doreen (1958),  Patty (1961). Not long after Patty was born, She came to America.
     She became an American citizen on Sept 18, 1966. She was very determined to become an American citizen, as she had fears that they would make her leave the country.
     Helga was an amazing seamstress; fashioning Easter outfits for her girls with out the use of a sewing machine.  She went on  to become a Girl Scout Troop leader, She loved the giggles of the girls, and taught them many skills.
     She began a career as a librarian, quickly moving up the ranks. This was entirely due to her own personality and skills. She received a certificate of appreciation for her dedication to her position and for her friendly demeanor dealing with library patrons. 
     In 1981 she met Bill. They quickly fell in love and married on March 12, 1983.
They cruised the world together. She loved and lived for the travels that they went on.
     She loved having social gatherings and entertaining friends. She loved to golf. She thoroughly enjoyed opera, and went with friends to see plays at the Arvada Center. 
     In her later years she enjoyed the friendships she made in a recipe club that she belonged to. She was the most elegant hostess, enjoying the many friends that she had. Her life was filled with the things she loved to do.