Heng Sai Khin
  • Date of birth: May 25, 1962
Let the memory of Heng be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Heng Khin, . We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Heng khin on 23rd April 2017

"My heart ache why my son can just broken off with the girl who really take good care of him. This is not the right thing. The new girl is wicked and cunning. She can just took my son phone and delete everycalls I call and asked me to shut up. This girl is cheap know him for only 2 weeks can offer sex . Is she a pos. Maybe she is that kind of China type offering sex everywhere and spoilt people family. And that is what my mother in law and the two wicked bitchs did to other family. How can this happen to my children. Is not fair why happen to me and not the two wicked bitchs and the mother had done. This should happen to their family and not mine. God please punish SAROJA and VASANTHA let this type of things goes back to them when they old. Let their children suffers this not me. Is their mother and saroja and vasantha did this type of bad karma must go back to them not my side. Please god help. Jesus please help my eldest son don't follow the father wicked step too. This happen the same age the father had did it."

This tribute was added by Heng khin on 23rd April 2017

"today not my day, why god is so unfair. ramachdran family did all the wicked things and why this karma don't fall on the two wicked bitch daughters SAROJA and VASANTHA and even Ravi at all. I pray very hard now things happen to me must in return happen to them when the two wicked bitch getting old and their children have to suffer for what their wicked parents did. For nothing my poor children suffer. Nevermind my children suffer young but older they will be better than the wicked family.

Wicked bitches SAROJA and VASANTHA and RAVI bad karma will falls on your children very very soon. Whatever kumar had done also will have karma himself not my children.

I am really blind to marry into this wicked family. God help my children. Let them be happy and good don't do wicked things like this wicked family have done to other."

This tribute was added by Heng khin on 23rd April 2017

"I am so sad what the wicked father had did before happen the same on my son. Why God is so unfair this kind of wicked curse is done by wicked Kumar family n the two wicked bitch sisters why falls on me. God did you all open your eyes n see please put all this bad n wicked curse return to Saroja n Vasantha n Ravi children n not me. I did nothing wrong but was deeply bully n cheated by this Indian n wicked family."

This tribute was added by Heng khin on 30th October 2016

"Today I feel so sad n heart pain Jia wei passed away. Such a nice boy n works so hard for his family n not to let his relatives look down on him yet he is taken away from his love one.  Hope that he found a better place up in the heaven. Heart ache"

This tribute was added by Heng khin on 15th October 2016

"Now raining suddenly I missed my father alot.  15.10.16. Father missed you."

This tribute was added by Heng khin on 2nd October 2016

"I miss my father alots. My regrets until today is did not bring him for a haircut which he requested n at last my sister brought him.  Second regret he admitted hospital n I am working n that day the fucking Kumar cheat me into selling house n people is that viewing house n he said he is not free so I went to visit my father late about 10pm n at that time the hospital did not let him eat from 10am he admitted - reason x-ray n the stupid nurse who in charge had forgotten to arrange for it n did not gave my father any meal until I went there n let him to eat a simple meal. That day he really suffers hunger.  Thirdly I should apply unpaid leave to take care of him because during his illness that wicked China woman ( Huang Yan FEI) every two three days go n asked him for money for making up stories that her daughter want to go oversea to study n asked my father to gave money to her first if not later the money my brother will spend it. My father was worried n stress for it. One week before my father passed away actually I have plan to take unpaid leave for one month because Lai Lee said he wants to go work. Before I could submitted n discussed with my company my father passed away.  That is my big regrets until I die. Never can be forgive for this mistake. Just to let everyone know that the wicked China woman Huang Yan FEI had stolen about almost 100k during my father funeral which my father had put at home. Wicked Kumar plan everything sold the house n took all the money buy condominium at Philippines for the mistress n the wicked Kumar parent own my father money about 10k did not return. Kumar two wicked sisters saroja n Vasantha had stole alot my gold chains n even wicked Kumar sold the house these two wicked bitches also took money from him. This wicked man rather everymth feed the wicked sisters children n did not gave any money to look after his own children."

This tribute was added by Heng khin on 25th May 2016

"Happy Birthday to Heng Sai Khin and is also Heng Soo Thiang my father passed away 5 years 2 months."

This tribute was added by Heng khin on 24th March 2016

"I am very very tired. Once march arrived I dont feel like living. March is a very painful month every year as my two closed n loved family members passed away. My dearest father and my dearest niece. Very painful is that my father passed away during I feed him medicine and my niece just passed away infront of my brother. Just imagine how painful my brother had suffered the daughter passed away in front of him and my father, my brother just half way going home to fetch his daughter to school only. What is life - wicked people still happily living and enjoying and people suffering continue suffering by seeing their closed kin leaving like that. What is GOD. No no answer. The two wicked bitches Sarajo and Vasantha still can happy go lucky. Why can GOD gave me an answer. The wicked Krishna kumar can sweet talk until the children believe what he said and do but they never know that this wicked man cheat we all sell the house money goes to this two wicked bitches and his mother and the woman in philipiness."

This tribute was added by Heng khin on 21st February 2016

"2016 Chinese New Year my daughter gave me 5000 for June Japan trip."

This tribute was added by Heng khin on 9th February 2016

"2015 my son gave me 1000 n my daughter gave me 500 to go India. Today 2016 Chinese New Year my daughter gave me 5000 ang poa for me to go Japan."

This tribute was added by Heng khin on 6th February 2016

"My hatre to krishna kumar..saroja..vasantha n huang yan fei will never never end until I die. I am actuaaly waiting to die early so I will come back n take reverage. If saroja..vasantha n huang yan fei n krishan kumar not punished than their children had to pay for their wicked mother for what they have done"

This tribute was added by Heng khin on 22nd October 2015

"Depression and hoping to die soon. Painful and painful why wicked people can be enjoying, good people have to suffer. When all these wicked women get their punishment."

This tribute was added by Heng khin on 7th October 2015

"My hate to Sarajo and Vasantha and Krishan Kumar and Huang Yan Fei will never never can be change . I hate all these people until my last breathing and bring it to another world. Hoping that I go to hell and what I have suffer in the hell I will make sure they suffers three times that I have suffer."

This tribute was added by Heng khin on 25th May 2015

"Happy Birthday Heng Sai Khin"

This tribute was added by Heng khin on 29th March 2015

"Feeling very very tired. Tired until I don't know how to express it only wish that I can die now n forget everythings."

This tribute was added by Heng khin on 11th February 2015

"Very painful painful  when you are betrayal by your children and listen to what others said and did not respect you as a mother. I was one of them betrayal by my three children. That kind of pain make you only think of leaving the world n forget about everythings. My mind went blurr. Thniking that they have being bad magic by the wicked bitch sisters and father and even the death person too.
Not a good mother, dont earn a respect from them, only know how to control us when young, do what you expect.......etc this is what children said.
Old wicked woman and man passed away n before that in hospital went to visit without inforning listen to what the wicked people said. Die also did not informed until you need to call n check.
Prayer not supposed to be done for old man but did without asking me die already n listened to what other people said. No repsected."

This tribute was added by Heng khin on 25th August 2014

"My heart is aching. Why am I not leaving the world yet? Very painful n painful n don't know how to express it.Feel like my heart token into pieces by pieces.  My three children treat me like a monster always like to find troubles and trust what the wicked father and the two wicked n cunning bitch said.  The wicked parents in hospital no one informed me includied my children. When the wicked in laws passed away even my children did not informed me n must I called them to check why they are not answering my calls when I call then they just informed me that the wicked people passed away. The two wicked sisters n one of the daughter in law is happy to see that my children did not repsect me. Saroja, Vasantha and Shanti when when you all will get your punishment from GOD for doing all the wicked things."

This tribute was added by Heng khin on 22nd August 2014

"Saroja and Vasantha both wicked sisters are theives when I am not at home they will go and used key and open my door and took away some of my gold chains and gold rings which relatives gave to my children as a gift. The useless husband will let them take it until one day I found out why is my cupboard is not lock and my key of the cupboard is disappeared. Both wicked women will always and their children of them went to the friend's house also steal people money too."

This tribute was added by Heng khin on 24th July 2014

"My hatre for Sarajo, Vasantha, Huang Yan Fei and Krishna kumar will not be forgotten. All these wicked people will be punished by GOD. The two wicked mother and father had passed away, now lleft the two wicked daughters Sarajo n Vasantha ,n  Ravi's wife, What these wicked people have harmed me will let GOD decided how to punish them all. Later stage I will post their wicked picture for people to see."

This tribute was added by Heng khin on 29th April 2014

"Until the day I die I will never forgive and forget what the three wicked women had done to me. If I die early than the two wicked women Sarajo & Vasantha I swear I will not let them have peaceful in their life. How wicked these two bitches is & Ravi's wife is good in acting too."

This tribute was added by Heng khin on 26th December 2013

"My life is tough since I married into a very wicked n dirty Indian family. My husband is very useless only listen to the two wicked bitch sisters n the mother. My husband married me is because he knows that my father is rich n the family tried to cheat my father's money. When I married into the family the whole family stay with me. The married out eldest sister Saroja every two days came over my house n stay n she will create problem n her mother n sister will start all kinds of trouble for me n her mother will start to scold me for nothing. The youngest wicked bitch everyday came back from work don't do housework n everytime she went out late n my husband have to fetch her from the place. Both of the wicked women Sarajo and Vasantha always goes to my room when I am not around and they willl just took away my chains and rings which relatives and friends gave it when my children is young that time and they stolen about 10 chains and 6 small rings too. See how wicked and behaves llike thief comes to people house and take the things without permission and just go back. Asked the mother she just said she borrowed first later will return and that is all gone with the wind.  They need money to buy car n cannot afford n Saroja's money lost in my house n they claim their cousin stolen it as at that time the cousin came over n stay, so they don't have money to buy car n return to her wicked daughter asked me to borrow from my father n at first I refuse because Krishna early have borrowed from my father money to buy a pick-up n not yet paid. So I refuse the wicked mother n sisters everyday tried to find  fault n the youngest wicked daughter Vasantha almost every two days scolded n beated my eldest son while I am working n one day she slaped my son infront of me n I told her off n the wicked mother started curse n scolded me thru out the whole night. The wicked saroja cannot gave birth after marriage n they asked my son to pray for her to have a baby infront of me. The youngest son on n off also will find fault as his future wife is a Indian which their family like it. After I refuse to ask my father for help to lent them money n one day my father went to visit me at home, the wicked mother n father show face to my father. Later my father asked me n I told him about they want to borrow money n my father said is ok lent it to them whether they return or not is up to their heart. If they don't return just treat it as the money he gamble it. So my father passed the money 13k to the useless Krishna. After six month they did not return the money so I asked Krishna about it n the wicked father heard it n said we will return don't worry n wait for about 8 months later they just returned only 5k n balance of 8k until todate did not return at all.  The two wicked daughters alway troubles after marriage when they came to my house n the wicked daughters goes to work the mother have to look after their children n she refuses to look after mine n yet she stayed with me n most of the time she will bring them over n one day because of the wicked daughter's son snatched my son toy n my son just pushed him n my wicked father-in-law just pushed away my son n he just fall on the floor n my duaghter scolded my in law n he just slapped my daughter. The wicked Vasantha came over n stayed n she just throw her panties in the washing machine which contain menstration while i am doing washing n I told Krishna n the wicked mother they both just keep queit n nightime the wicked mother started scolding people thru out the whole night. This family is wicked n like to act infront of people. Sarajo did her confinement at my house n the wicked mother everyday scolded n scolded my children for making noise n the wicked Saroja did not do anything during confinement but mine the wicked old woman did not even do for me at all. I have to do all my washing n have to help her to cook if not she will start to curse n scolded. At that time I have depression and even I have chicken pox she refuses to look after my children n send them to school. I have to do everything myself. She even teached her two wicked daughters cook rice while it is hot sit on the rice without panties n later gave to their useless husband to eat. I told them if I do it to your son u want it or not. They do this so the two useless sons-in-law will listen to what the wicked daughters said. Even my useless husband listen to what they said children's tution also he refuses to pay n everymonth my useless husband gave the wicked bitch sisters at least one dollars per month n this wicked people can just take it n sold the two houses, my children and I get nothing but he gave to the wicked bitch sisters n feed his mistress. He supposed to give me n my children some money while selling the second house but later he said no money n refuses to give. My two eldest son n daughter study Uninversity all paid by me n expenses n my father also help in their study loan n fees too. But some of their friends n relatives I met told me that the wicked family told them Krishna sold the house because the children need money to study University n expenses n saying that I am not working using alot of money. See how wicked this family. Let God punish the two wicked daughters Sarajo n Vasantha. The two wicked women Sarajo n Vasantha is also thief whenever I am not around they came to my house just open my master bed room and entered n open my cupboard which I don"t  lock just take my gold chains, rings n some pendants which their relatives gave to my children for full months celebration n even borrow from me my gold chain and gold bangles did not return at all. When you asked them back they will always said oh forgot to bring n just act nothing happen.
Another person God need to punish is Huang Yan Fei during my father funeral awake this china woman steal the money which I have locked in the cupboard. She stole my key which I have left upstair during awake. Even her two children one boy n girl also steal my father's money. When my father is alive he saw these two children stealed his money but dare not tell my brother until one month before he passed away. Huang Yan Fei even conned my father to Hong Leong Finance n change one of the fixed deposit cheque to her name about 30k which belong to my mother. I have the proof which bank send to my father n I called her n asked her she said is your father agreed to give it to her. Before my father passed away did mentioned Huang Yan Fei had cheated him another 30k which supposed to give to our silblings, he said she came one day n said my youngest brother did not gave her daughter money to study n she needs to go th hongkong n study, her daughter needs money but the father did not give n she told my father is about 30k to study in HongKong so my father gave it to her. How wicked Huang Yan Fei is."

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