Henry Noval Colegado
  • 70 years old
  • Date of birth: Aug 25, 1941
  • Place of birth:
    Misamis Occidental, Lodiong, Bonifacio, Philippines
  • Date of passing: May 3, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    Cebu, Lahug, Philippines
Let the memory of Henry 'Nonoy' be with us forever. "The tragedy of life is not death, but what dies inside of you while you live."

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Henry Noval Colegado, born in Lodiong, Bonifacio Misamis Occidental on the 25th August 1941 and passed away on the 3rd May 2012 at 70 years of age.  We will remember him forever. 

In heaven, where there is no pain,
And sorrow is no more,
We hope to meet him once again,
With those that's gone before.

One Year Ago Today
by Angie Colegado Cordero 
3 May 2013

The great wheel of the year has turned once more and I find myself back at the 1st death anniversary of my father. For me  he has been away vacationing for a year already. I hope he enjoys his vacation as a man with no worries and no illness. I remembered what papa taught me before when I was still young. Every now and then I found myself piling up the plates neatly or arranging the clothes just the way he taught me. I realised there are a lot of characters that we shared: the way we dressed up, the way we talked,  and our expressions. At least we (my twin Haidee and my brother Jemwin) know we have some part of his character existing in us.

With those family, relatives and friends who lost their loved one and  still experience the pain, which I truly understand, I wish to share my sympathy at this moment. Life here is just fleeting, a prelude to a much better life. I always remember my papa would say, "Enjoy every minute of your life here as we live this life but once". 

I opened Papa's Bible (originally this was Mama's Bible but Papa was using it until his last breath) and it broke my heart to see immediately his handwriting and the article that he wrote for his last sermon. It's about a FATHER, that a father must exercise AUTHORITY with HUMILITY, in wisdom, in all KINDNESS and GENTLENESS and that he should be controlled by the LOVE and FEAR of GOD. Papa tried to live out this statement and I believe he already did and his memory will live in us.

We Love you Pa! 

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by aenji cole on 9th July 2014

"My father was the kind of man who is contented with his life. One of the reasons for this was his singing faith. Every sad experience he encounter I always see him with his guitar, songs, and quoted texts from the Bible. He always admits that all of these things that happened is God's plan for him.

Remembering again the grieve of his lost. I wish that he would still be here just even to get a glimpse of his granddaughter Alyse Ilaine.

I hope that the real tribute to Papa will be the actions of my (our) lives -- that we are a testament to the love and lessons that he instilled in us all!

When you think of my Papa, think of all of the good times he gave each one of you, please continue to tell your own stories of how they affected your life.   I’m sure that would be the best tribute to my father and that would be what he would want.
Thank you."

This tribute was added by Haidee Colegado- Graves on 3rd May 2014

"After 3 months of my mother in law's 2nd year death anniversary marks papa's 2nd year death Anniversary. It feels like yesterday when I read cousin's text message about my father's death. Tears streaming down my face while I called my brother and talked to him. He will always be in our hearts and thoughts and his memory still lives on. I remembered one of the songs papa sang in one of his church visits;  

"Till The Storm Passes By"

Many times Satan whispered, "There is no need to try,
For there's no end of sorrow, there's no hope by and by"
But I know Thou art with me, and tomorrow I'll rise
Where the storms never darken the skies.

Till the storm passes over, till the thunder sounds no more,
Till the clouds roll forever from the sky;
Hold me fast, let me stand in the hollow of Thy hand,
Keep me safe till the storm passes by.

When the long night has ended and the storms come no more,
Let me stand in Thy presence on the bright peaceful shore;
In that land where the tempest, never comes, Lord, may I
Dwell with Thee when the storm passes by.

This is one of the many songs that comforted me. Until Jesus comes, We will hear his voice again."

This tribute was added by Haidee Colegado- Graves on 4th February 2014

"Today, marks my beloved mother in law’s second year of passing away. Memories continue to linger painfully in us.  I just felt that she just went for a vacation but in reality, Tim and I missed her so much… It was hard to let go of Mom that Saturday morning in in February 04, 2012 and it’s painful when memories start to flow of our good times together.  I know our tears will soon dry and a new life will begin. But we have unforgettable memories for keeps. She was one of the special person that was taken away from us aside from papa.

In remembrance to both of them, I always claim God’s promise in Revelation 21:4 – “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.”"

This tribute was added by Haidee Colegado- Graves on 3rd May 2013

"It feels like only yesterday I heard the news, I remember so clearly my cousin & my brother’s text messages. Losing my papa was my rock shattered. It is hard to believe it’s been a year that we lost him. Although we knew there is nothing we can do, but we all knew that we will be seeing him again, someday in the resurrection day. Until we met again pa."

This tribute was added by jemcole colegado on 10th April 2013

"next month will be papa's first year death anniversary, it's still fresh how he passed away, we really miss him"

This tribute was added by jemcole colegado on 2nd March 2013

"tomorrow march 3 i will be celebrating my birthday without a father, until this time i am still emotional for my fatherz loss....this is the first time i will be celebrating my birthday without a father who is always by my side, fully supporting my ministry...tomorrow i will be visiting his grave and reminisce the past..."

This tribute was added by jemcole colegado on 2nd March 2013

"everytime i go to the academy i always look back to those when were leaving in the campus, i reminisce those times when papa will play with us, then we go gardening, then feed papa's chickens, tsk those were the dayz"

This tribute was added by Haidee Colegado- Graves on 6th February 2013

"Last Monday February 04, 2013 was the first year death anniversary of my mother in law (Sherry). Time just flies quickly, but the pain remained. It has been a great struggle for Tim and I. Both our parents died on the same year and it was never easy. The only comfort that we are holding on at this moment is the thought that we would be reunited with them pretty soon."

This tribute was added by jemcole colegado on 13th October 2012

"it's only that i start to realized that i have not lost a father, because he is secured now in the Lord's hands, waiting for that wake up call by our Saviour!"

This tribute was added by jemcole colegado on 13th October 2012

"papa's close friend kuya zaldy hallasgo passed away we bury him last sept 30, 2012 during my papa's wake he was with us, with those very comforting words of comfort, but unfortunately 4 months after ang eya napung family among gi comfort, tsk what is life!
but one thing i know for sure that kuya zaldy and my papa will see each other in that resurection morning"

This tribute was added by jemcole colegado on 26th August 2012

"happy birthday pa! without you celebrating your birthday is such a vacum we really miss you! i am longing for that day when the Lord will return in that glorious clouds, that day i will see you again pa, oh that day will be....i just really miss you pa!"

This tribute was added by Evelyn Pelayo on 9th July 2012

"GOOD NIGHT! Nong Henry we love you.May we follow your good values.Faithful til death.God bless your wife Ate Fe and children and grand children and other siblings.
Our love,
Roger and Evelyn Pelayo
Adventist University Zurcher

This tribute was added by Evelyn Pelayo on 9th July 2012

"Nong Henry was such a very good friend and a brother.Ate Fe was my co- teacher in Cebu SDA Elem.School,Tres de Abril Cebu.Nong Henry was always there for us during programs  and most especially he was there for our wedding in April7,1975. He took our pictures and  never charged us he said" what are friends for" Ate Fe we are just happy he slept in God's hands. you will see him when Jesus."

This tribute was added by jemcole colegado on 29th June 2012

"it was such a difficult struggle for me about my papa's loss...there are times when my mind will become boss always encouraged me, together with my co was that painful struggle i am now having."

This tribute was added by jemcole colegado on 29th June 2012

"it's almost 2 months since papa's death, still my mind is always reminiscing my beloved papa...i have already gone to hunob and will continue what papa has started...i am thankful and grateful for my agaw glenn angus who will try his best to help me in this project, this is not for my personal gain, but in remembrance of my papa...this will be the only way of my.. encouragement"

This tribute was added by Estelle Elseth on 26th June 2012

"We surely miss You Tiyo Henry"                                                                  I remembered when I was in phil last oct.when I and my 2 kids visited him on his nice place where in Cebu we had so Much fun talking to him,, I know he is a joker man and he had a good time talking to my kids,,,and I thank U for everything he did.his kindness we Will never be forgotten,"

This tribute was added by jemcole colegado on 23rd June 2012

"this was the church (hunob) that papa planned that they will celebrate itz 25 anniversary but sad he was not able to celebrate it...but we will continue to help finish this church, we will continue what papa has started..."

This tribute was added by jemcole colegado on 23rd June 2012

"today we went to hunob this was the church that my beloved papa built with only 1thousand pesos as stipend...oh boy i shed tears again tsk! my sisterz and i planned to finish this church, of course with the help of our close family friends and time i will post the picture of the church here"

This tribute was added by jemcole colegado on 22nd June 2012

"i am at a lost sometimes, thinking of my beloved only hope now is Christ coming..."

This tribute was added by jemcole colegado on 22nd June 2012

"there is a moment in my life that i could not almost did make it on my personal life...but my papa was always there to lift me up...but, now ii have to do it with out papa....this week as i was driving my motorbike i was thinking deep until i just realize that i was in city already, i told myself why am i here this is not my district anymore"

This tribute was added by Haidee Colegado- Graves on 20th June 2012

"Father's Day was one of the toughest day i could ever imagined. I can hear my papa's voice, I forgot & still look at my roaming cellphone to see if i got a message from him. I'm glad my brother is sending me text message of comforting words. It's not going to be easy without him, but I am taking steps one day at a time. He will always be remembered."

This tribute was added by jemcole colegado on 20th June 2012

"first fatherz day without papa...though it hurts but God's promise is my me he is the best father in the world....we grow up spiritually with
him...i think that is the greatest gift he could ever give to us....i miss him..."

This tribute was added by aenji cole on 18th June 2012

"First time to celebrate Father's day without papa. The best experience I've learned from papa are the ones he didn't teach or preach, but the ones he lived. When he disciplined us, he was the man with a few words and yet he spoke the loudest. I remember the days when I used to sleep on his chest. The comforting song he sung lulled me to sleep. Happy Father's Day, Papa!"

This tribute was added by Tim Graves on 12th June 2012

"Because of being miles apart, I didn't have the privilege of knowing him more than just the two times that I made the trip to the Philippines. But in those two trips, I saw in him a highly respectable man that I was proud in looking up to. And seeing his traits and attributes as reflected in my wife's eyes, I came into close relationship with my Father-in-Law. Until Jesus comes, sleep well"

This tribute was added by aenji cole on 11th June 2012

"Papa, we have only memories of all the good times we had together but it will live on, in our hearts. You brought so much joy to this family more than you'll ever know, you guide us day in and day out, for that I thank you once again for the strength you have given all of us to face life as it comes."

This tribute was added by Glenn Jay Colegado Angus on 10th June 2012

"I remembered Uncle Henry as a man of wisdom. I learned a lot from Uncle Henry. When he visited us two yrs. ago in Bangkok ,Thailand, we had a good time talking of our ancestors of Colegado's Clan down to the new generation of Colegado's Big Family. I never knew that last April 2012 were our last conversation on the phone. Surely, me & my family miss him so much."

This tribute was added by Marley Flint on 3rd June 2012

"The last time I talked to Henry was last month, We were talking about a joke from my husband who is 71 yrs old I asked him why do you watch TV and sleep there? My husband answered, Well, I am trying practicing how to die, and Henry was tickled that story he said that was his first time to hear.  The peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts. Phil.4:7 ......"

This tribute was added by Marley Flint on 3rd June 2012

"Words cannot describe who Henry was. And so words cannot describe the loss we are all feeling now. The more you are blessed, the more it hurts when you loss that blessing. We trust in the living god, who is the Saviour of all."

This tribute was added by Nissan Apurado on 3rd June 2012

"Henry Noval Colegado as known ,he is a gift from God to us,my phone pal when ever der r relatives needs help,a person who does not discriminate people and had a talent in tracing family blood lines and a dedicated person in the service of God...thank u uncle for teaching me to LOVE our relatives,regardless der standard of living,ur such a wonderful person,we always cherish ur good deeds"

This tribute was added by jemcole colegado on 3rd June 2012

"yesterday i was having a baptism first baptism without papa, i almost did not finish the ceremony because i was so emotional then, that tears starts to fall on my cheeks, he could not see me anymore doing this sacred ceremony..."

This tribute was added by Neil Ando on 3rd June 2012

"How I wish uncle henry is still around...i missed him! I considered him as my 2nd father especially when my father(Nehemias Noval Ando, his 1st cousin) died last 1997 in the pulpit while waiting for his turn to deliver the sermon during the divine worship service. Uncle henry was there for me....until I also became an auditor like him here in Zamboanga Peninsula Mission."

This tribute was added by jemcole colegado on 2nd June 2012

"it will be our first anniversary (with my wife neneng) without papa, we always txt each other in the early morning, but now since he's gone no more text....that's the thing now thqt i miz"

This tribute was added by jemcole colegado on 1st June 2012

"no more crusades, no more duets, but when on that resurrection morning we will have that duet again....i surely will miss my papa, but it is not definitely good bye for him....but a goodnight!"

This tribute was added by jemcole colegado on 1st June 2012

"everytime i have a baptism he is there witnessing with a smile, i know then he is proud of me...he is always there for me...that is why when he is already in the e.r. i was at his side i want to scream and would tell him pa please fight for your life...but in that painful event i know God's will and plan will always prevail...painful but if that was God's plan i will boldly accept it..."

This tribute was added by jemcole colegado on 1st June 2012

"that i always received from a loving papa... the years of my ministry was always a struggle but papa has always been by my ups and downs he was always there, he gave me always the strength to i was ordained into the ministry i saw papa's tears of joy running down his cheeks, i know then that he was very proud of me.."

This tribute was added by jemcole colegado on 1st June 2012

"it's sad that many of our plans with papa of the different crusades is gone...we have been together especially on his passion which is evangelism...we sang together in my association meetings, fellowships, b.days and even in funerals that was all his passion...he trained me to do God's work, i wouldn't be a minister today if it were not his support and the spiritual upliftment"

This tribute was added by aenji cole on 25th May 2012

"It will be our first time (dee and I) to celebrate our birthdays without papa. Haidee and I have different time zone now so we don't celebrate it together. I remembered when papa used to bring us live chicken to be butchered at home during our birthday. He is a good cook and we always feast on the food that he prepared for us. Our family gatherings won't be the same without you pa."

This tribute was added by jesse ababon on 24th May 2012

"Manong is truly rare. Im so blessed to be one o f the many that manong shares his intelligence, talent, faith and time with. His
influence to us (hunob and cadulawan}church is a living testament of
his passion on evangelism and love to his master. Surely his effort
will not be left futile. A man deserving o f a welcome by GOD. Well
Done my true and faithful servant!"

This tribute was added by aenji cole on 24th May 2012

"It's exactly 21 days since papa died. There are so many more things coming up in the future that I wanted to share with him.  However, I had complete confidence that his passing wasn't due to a lack of strength and determination to stay with us as long as he possibly could.  All of his life, family came first.  He dedicated his life to us."

This tribute was added by Lolit Colegado on 23rd May 2012

"We surely miss Nonoy Henry. The memory of his good works will never be forgotten When we left for the US in June of l965, our four children were left with him and his family. We really apprciate the care he and his family gave them. We have been counting on him each time we visit Cebu for our guide wherever we wanted to go.We know we shall see him again during that great day of reunion."

This tribute was added by Dodo Colegado on 23rd May 2012

"We don't need to worry because God has a promised to each and everyone.... in the Heavenly Kingdom all the righteous people will be in  heaven....and I believe that "Noy Henry Colegado" is waiting for us "Be Ready"............"

This tribute was added by aenji cole on 20th May 2012

"Papa was one of the most important people in my whole life. There was no one like him so I wanted to dedicate a memorial to him on this particular page. For those who have experienced loss, there isn't much you can do except remember the good times, best moments, fun experience and carry that person's spirit in your heart. "LIVING FOR JESUS" is one of papa's best-loved songs."

This tribute was added by aenji cole on 17th May 2012

"It's so strange that those in need
And those we love the best
Are just the ones God called away
And took them home to rest
But every time I think of Papa
I seem to hear God say:
"Have faith and trust my Promise"
You'll meet again someday."

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