Dad's favorite phrase "Everything will be better by Tuesday"
  • 82 years old
  • Born on January 28, 1930 in St. Wendel, Minnesota, United States.
  • Passed away on September 12, 2012 in East Bethel, Minnesota, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our dad, Herbert (Zeke) Warzecka. He was an amazing man, and will be missed by many... We will remember him forever.

Posted by Terence Traut on 12th September 2016
Still missing you, Uncle Herb!
Posted by Kristi Streff on 12th September 2016
My thoughts are with you today Paula and family....
Posted by Lorrayne Traut on 12th September 2016
Dear Paula and family, we missed our dear brother at our family gathering today. Love and prayers.,
Posted by Sarah Moon on 15th September 2015
Miss you grandpa ! Love you always
Posted by Kristi Streff on 14th September 2015
Thinking of you, Paula.... I do know how hard it is.... Kristi (Traut) Streff
Posted by Lorrayne Traut on 14th September 2015
Dear Paula, the best way to have a piece of heaven in your home is to have someone you love in heaven. I'm experiencing that now. Love you, Lorrayne
Posted by Terence Traut on 12th September 2015
Yep, still missing you Uncle Herb! Your daughter came up to help us grieve my dad's passing. She's a peach :) Your favorite nephew. (no, the other one. Oh, for cripes sake, TERRY!)
Posted by Kristi Streff on 28th January 2015
Happy Birthday, Uncle Herb! Kristi (Krispy Kritter!)
Posted by Sarah Moon on 12th September 2014
Miss you more and more grandpa ! Love you so much
Posted by Lorrayne Traut on 12th September 2014
Dear Herb, It's been two years since you've said goodbye to us...our hearts are still heavy and sometimes our eyes are wet. We're missing you, Brother. Love you, Lorrayne & Vic
Posted by Lorrayne Traut on 28th January 2014
Happy Birthday, Brother! I hope you're enjoying time with Corinne, Janet and especially DuWayne. We're missing you all so much! We'll make a toast to you on your special day - and add a prayer. Love you, Lorrayne & Vic
Posted by Paula Moon on 8th January 2014
Somebody has a birthday coming up!!!!! What kind of cake would you like? Cause ya know I am gonna get one :) Sure miss you dad :(
Posted by Sarah Moon on 27th November 2013
Like mom said.. see you sunday :)
Posted by Paula Moon on 26th November 2013
Hi Pops, Sure been thinking about you alot lately. Your website came up for renewal. You're now a lifetime member :). Coming to visit you and mom on Sunday.... see you then!
Posted by Paula Moon on 12th September 2013
WOW! A year Already. Some days seems like yesterday. . Others seems like forever ago . Still miss you everyday. Wish I could call you. .. So much has happened in a year, and I would love to talk to you about it. Love ya pops. .. always and forever :) Paula
Posted by Paula Moon on 16th May 2013
Hi pops.. thought I would stop by and say "hi" sold your house last week. Sad day. . Sure Miss you. Have some projects I need some help with. Guess you'll have to be here in spirit. Been keeping the bird feeders full, just like I promised. :)
Posted by Sarah Moon on 19th April 2013
Youve been getting a lot of company lately. Love you gramps . Really miss you. Come visit me tonight
Posted by Terence Traut on 19th April 2013
Uncle Herb, you've been joined by your sister, Janet, and brother, DuWayne over the last two weeks. Enjoy their company and tell them how much we miss them. Yesterday on the phone, my mom broke down in tears talking about how she's lost three of her family in the last six months....
Posted by Paula Moon on 18th April 2013
So pops.. lots been going on. April doesn't seem to be such a great month. As you would say "holy toledo" more of your siblings seem to be joining you. Show them the way. Love you. .
Posted by Sarah Moon on 19th February 2013
love you grandpa.. i really miss you . so does mom! come visit me soon!!
Posted by Paula Moon on 18th February 2013
Yup. . Had a blonde moment today. Picked up the phone and was gonna call you. Oooops. ;)
Posted by Paula Moon on 30th January 2013
Hi pops, Celebrated your birthday on Monday. Sarah brought home flowers and a cake. We lite the candles and sang you 'Happy Birthday' have to say... wasn't quite the same without you :( Sure you were thinkin' how crazy we were. Still think of you a million times a day and miss our conversations, ya know.. the ones you talk back. :( Love you!
Posted by Paula Moon on 30th January 2013
BTW? do you realize this stupid website only lets you write 400 characters? and 6 lines. I suppose it's for 'us' people that would ramble on and on. and on and on and on.. LOL
Posted by Lorrayne Traut on 21st January 2013
Hi Herb, One week from today is your birthday; won't be sending a card this year - darn - but we'll be thinking of you and making a toast. Happy birthday, dear brother! Lorrayne & Vic
Posted by Paula Moon on 21st January 2013
Put the rest of your pictures up pops. Sure do miss you. Your birthday is coming. No worries we'll put on those party hats that you like so much on. :) Love you lots. say "hi" to mom!
Posted by Paula Moon on 31st December 2012
Happy New Year pops. :) you and mom bring in the New Year right. Wonder what 2013 will bring? Miss you.
Posted by Paula Moon on 24th December 2012
Merry Christmas Pops. Hope you and mom have a wonderful day :)
Posted by Terence Traut on 22nd December 2012
Tis the time to think of Christmas past, present, and future. I loved getting together with all the cousins, aunts, and uncles. Miss you, Uncle Herb!
Posted by Sarah Moon on 22nd December 2012
I miss you grandpa.. cant believe we have to have Christmas without you. It will never be the same. :/ I love you my angel
Posted by Samantha Olson on 22nd December 2012
Been thinking about you a lot lately... thanks for the visit in my dreams the other night it made me smile and I had a great day thinking of you... miss you and love you.. wish you were here to watch many belly grow you would say "holy toledo!" I just know it :)
Posted by Paula Moon on 21st December 2012
Christmas is almost here... certainly won't be the same without you... say hi to mom for me. Keep watching over us. Love ya!
Posted by Paula Moon on 23rd November 2012
Was at your house today.. took the carpet out of the living room. Wood floors look amazing pops. You always did take such good care of things... :) Coming to visit you on Sunday. I have a wreath for you and mom. I know I know.. you would say I shouldn't waste my money... but.. You're worth it. Miss you daddy.. :(
Posted by Paula Moon on 22nd November 2012
Whelp. It's thanksgiving.. sure was a weird one without you. And..nope I didn't do the cranberries. Sorry..I tried, but they are icky. Sure miss you :(..
Posted by Paula Moon on 19th November 2012
Whelp's almost Thanksgiving. Gonna be weird without you... Say "hi" to mom. I'll even try the cranberries.....just for you :)
Posted by Paula Moon on 3rd November 2012
Ok pops... Gotta put in a dishwasher today. Mine decided to take a crap yesterday. Guess it's cause I use it so much.... Remember? Lol. So even though my fix it buddy isn't here, I am sure you'll be here in spirit and will help me through it. Love ya dad... And miss you every day!
Posted by Paula Moon on 27th October 2012
Halloween party tonight pops... gonna be a vampire. (I borrowed your teeth.... ok just kidding) Felt like being scary... imagine that! :)
Posted by Paula Moon on 17th October 2012
Hi pops.. just stopped by to say "hi" so "hi". Sooooo got alot of stuff to talk to you about. Suppose I'll have to do that in my dreams huh? You seem to do alot of lately :) Talk to me in my dreams. Hope things are going good for you.. holdin' my own down here. Sure do miss you...
Posted by Kristi Streff on 3rd October 2012
"Crispy Critter". That's what Uncle Herb always called me. He was the playful type with myself and the other nieces and nephews as I recall. He will surely be missed. God speed, Uncle Herb. Crispy Critter (Kristi Traut Streff)
Posted by Terence Traut on 3rd October 2012
Herb, I met up with your sweet daughter a couple weeks ago. She's quite the lady; reminds me of you (I beat you to the punch line on that one....) You done good. And that's what makes a good, rich life. Miss you.
Posted by Lorrayne Traut on 1st October 2012
Herb, you were a great guy and will be missed by all of us siblings. You did so well with your soup-making and sharing your recipes with us. And your humor was something else! God be with you, Big Brother, and we hope to see you up in Heaven some day. Love you, Lorrayne & Vic
Posted by Samantha Olson on 27th September 2012
Gramps, I know that you would like this (I think, lol), Sarah and I are gettin tattoos tomorrow :) Remember when you wrote on that paper, that you love us always? Yup we are getting that on our feet! I know you will be there to watch Sarah get her FIRST tattoo! We're getting it for you gramps! :) Love you
Posted by Samantha Olson on 25th September 2012
Hey Gramps, hanging out with Sue and Stacy tonight, we are sharing lots of stories about you tonight with Mom and Sarah Anne.. ;) Miss you Gramps.. Love ya... <3
Posted by Sarah Moon on 23rd September 2012
Grandpa, i miss you so much, its hard to beleive your gone :( . i am so thankful for being able to spend so much time with you! Thank you for being such an amazing grandpa. I love you. Ill always be your sweetie
Posted by Paula Moon on 23rd September 2012
Holy Toledo... Sarah upload a much better song for you. Think it's pretty fitting since I keep picking up the phone to call you.... and I can't :(. I know you can still hear me... and I am gonna be ok pops.. so no worries!
Posted by Julie Mikkelsen on 23rd September 2012
What a GREAT man. Funny and loving. He will be missed by many.
Posted by Gina Long on 23rd September 2012
missin on you grampies! you were a great grandpa to me.. even if we aren't blood related ;) being able to spend what.... a month or more with you almost everyday and you "adopting me as your granddaughter" was the best :) my favorite was when I'd walk in the house and you'd start singing "giiiiina!! giiiiiiinaa!!!" to me i just fell in love with your cuteness even more! :) :) miss you!!!!
Posted by Lisa Bunyea on 23rd September 2012
Uncle Herb You are so missed and loved by all. Gonna miss you bright smile, and you funny way about you. You always made all of us laugh. We will never forget you. Until we meet again. Love you. Lisa
Posted by Samantha Olson on 22nd September 2012
Thinking about you today Gramps, to be honest, think about you everyday, I miss you... hard to really believe that you are gone. I am so thankful for all the time that we got to spend together, I will never forget our lunch dates to the buffet, the long chats, our phone conversations, or anything, thank you and I love you!
Posted by Paula Moon on 20th September 2012
Missin' ya pops!

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