We will miss you Herb.
  • 80 years old
  • Born on August 17, 1930 in Washington, District of Columbia, United States.
  • Passed away on April 21, 2011 in Cupertino, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory Herbert Jones who was born on August 17, 1930 and passed away on April 21, 2011. We will miss him.

Posted by Susan Parde on August 17, 2011
Today Dad would have been 81. I miss him very much. He was very supportive of me and tried to understand what I was going through. Of everyone in my family, my father was the most compassionate. He really loved me unconditionally and that was a blessing. I miss you dearly Dad.
Posted by Ruth Wherthey on August 17, 2011
I thought all week that this would be the first time in a number of years I would not be making a birthday card for my brother. It was always fun to try to think of a memory he might like to share. Miss you brother.
Posted by Evelyn Slaght on May 3, 2011
My brother Herb's efforts were very important in helping us all get through college with our Uncle's financial backing. He also stood up for me at my wedding and supported my efforts to open an educational program for inner city young people.
Posted by Margaret Wingrove on April 29, 2011
Herb came into my life in 1999 bringing a deep love and friendship. We were lucky to share a wonderful relationship for 11 years. Thank you Herb- love you always...
Posted by Kelsey Jones on April 27, 2011
Grandpa and I shared a love of music. We always talked about the choirs we were in and what songs we were singing. I will miss sharing our musical moments.
Posted by Susan Parde on April 26, 2011
" My father was the quintessential Santa Claus.When he was home it was a big deal! He had usually been gone for a LONG time, so his arrival was much anticipated. All of a sudden everyone was happy and we seemed like a normal family for a minute...he
Posted by Angela Jones on April 25, 2011
The one thing I can say for Dad is he was easy to be around. I felt like I could bring any friend or boyfriend to him and he would find a way to strike up a conversation. He didn't waste a lot of time judging people. He knew how to seize the moment a
Posted by Ruth Wherthey on April 25, 2011
Herb was a good brother.While growing up in Pittsburgh, He often babysat for his two younger sisters.During the WWII blackouts he tried to keep us unafraid. He had a great laugh and could speak on just about anything with some insight. I will miss my
Posted by Terry Jones on April 24, 2011
He was in the end a pretty good dad, not a great one, but a pretty good one. His life was complicated, very complicated. He just could not sit still-even at the end. He had more different jobs and engineered more different products than I can rememb

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