Posted by Betty Dove on January 16, 2020
You have now had 1965 visitors to your site. Wow. Who knew that 1965 people read about you and you are missed by at least a big part of those visitors?
Van died December 11,2019. You were always so appreciative of him and I know he cared about you.
December is a very bad time for me--your death, Mom's death,Van's death, Dave Baker's death, Juanita died shortly after December, Jan 8th I believe, Paul had his stroke on December 30th --So many sad days to remember.
Posted by Betty Dove on December 2, 2017
Today is the anniversary of your death in 1972.
You had one more grandson, Wesley, after you died in 1972
David is now dead, as is Rick, Robin, and Davy, Barb and Bobby,Jr. since you passed.
Your house is demolished.
I am older now than you were at death.
Life does go on, and so do the number of deaths.
I still miss you and have so much I wish I could tell you.

836 people have read your life stories so far.
Posted by Betty Dove on May 20, 2017
As of today you have been viewed 539 times. I do wish someone would leave a message--a memory--a sweet thought? Maybe even the reason they visited your site? 
Add a story if you wish to, add a picture or anything you desire to add. If you knew Herbert, or are looking for your heritage; let's look together.
My birthday is coming up, Dad, and I miss you, but, I especially long for you on special occasions.
Posted by Betty Dove on August 3, 2016
Dear Dad, I continue to miss you even after so many years.
Are you happy wherever you are at?
I sure wish I could know.

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