Let the memory of Herbie be with us forever
  • 19 years old
  • Born on June 29, 1986 .
  • Passed away on September 13, 2005 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Herbie Justin. 19 years old , born on June 29, 1986 and passed away on September 13, 2005. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Nikki Knight on 24th May 2017
Love you brothers. I'm sorry I wasn't there when you guys needed me and for not reaching out like I should I miss you all
Posted by Donna Racklin on 13th September 2016
11 years herbie you left me 11 damn years ago i still waite for you to call or to show up at the door 11 years ive been waiting for u to accept my apoligies for all the messed up things i took out on you 11 years ive spent blaming myself for not being a real big sister and being here for you instead off in my own world 45 min away 11 years ive woundered with all the crap ive done why was it you and not me 11 years ive struggled with guilt around our family believing they feel the same but never ever would i change places with you for 3 reasons kori sean-andrew and because id never ever want you to feel 1% of the pain i do from losing you theres so much of your life i missed i still hear you asking me when am i coming home 6 years you waited i guess you couldnt waite anymore and the night after your funeral when you came to see me i believe it was your way of checking to see if i was really thereto let me see you and you me one last time every year at the end of august threw sept i get in a distant space and it never hits me why intell about the 10th that its september and your death anniversery is here i love you more than words can express ive been listening to 2pac your favorite and its like hes talking to me for you i wish i could be up there with you making up for all ive missed if it wernt for kori and sean i would be please keep mommie here for ever i need her christina nick poppa tony everyone i need them and my heart cant take anymore losses i live in fear everyday i stay locked in my own cell dreading it i loved you herbie fromvthe day you were born you were my baby im sorry for the ways i showed it and i thank you for loving me anyway love you to the moon the stars the sun and back down to the dirt
Posted by Donna Racklin on 27th August 2016
Ill be up grading the page in a few days so more pics videos songs ect can be added
Posted by Donna Racklin on 27th August 2016
I dont worry as much as i would over kori abd sean being away because i know they have 3 uncles a great grandma great grandpa and great uncle that wish somebody would... Please dint take your eyes off them i wish so bad they could been able to meet youherbie and thank you justin for loving my babies in the short time you where able to know them ricky if you are wiwith justin and herbie you got to be someone worth missing too i also need you to watch over our sister her pain is deep abd shes in trouble let her know your still with her and itll all be ok love you all gone to soon way way too soon
Posted by Susie Albro on 27th August 2016
go on mine and nick's page for photos of Herbie and Justin also Tiffany has tons of the both of them probably some with ricky in them also. I miss you son! I think about you every single day and hold back the tears and thank Jesus you are with HIM. I think about the abbapappa's in the back seat of the car, your undeniable beautiful blue eyes and infectious smile, your quick wit. The way you sang in church and love you felt for the LORD. You may have strayed but you were repenting and sharing HIS love where ever you could. I LOVE you son!
Posted by Donna Racklin on 27th August 2016
Losing my brother has been the hardest thing in the world even the pain of my babies being taken from me dosnt compare to missing him i wish i couldve been the big sister i was suppose to be and been with him instead of being selfish maybe i could of saved him maybe not but at lest id have a whole lot more memories to share i need to know my brother and im depending on you all to help me know him if you have pictures meomries any thing please share them i know justin and ricky where so much a part of his life they all met up in heaven to keep there friendship together so anything about them is welcomed to

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