her Life

Dear Beloved Mother


Today is October 16th, 2011; a very sad day

One year ago I held your hand as your life force was slipping away


On your way to heaven, to rest in the arms of The One Most High

After 90 years on this earth it was so hard to say goodbye


Devastated and inconsolable, non-stop for a whole year I have cried

My smile is just a life raft, so I won't drown beneath the tears inside


Mama, when you left, you took so much of me

You left a great big hole where my heart used to be


They say that the pain will subside over the lonely years

But even if I live forever, you'll reside in every one of my tears


How can I tell your whole story, Mom?

Billions of loving memories are so hard to capture

Every time I think I'm finished

I find myself writing another chapter


Like the flashbacks and memories of the close bond between you and me

A single mother, young and beautiful struggling to raise her family


I watched you age. Arthritis set in, your body wracked with pain

Your hair turned grey, but you still smiled and never ever complained


Our sacred phone calls every night, filled with laughter and fun

Very special moments that could only exist

between a loving mother and her son


Thank you, Mama, for being my mother

Thank you for giving me life

For those nine grueling months you carried me inside

Thanks for all you've sacrificed


My mother, my shoulder to cry on, my very very best friend

Someday, somehow, somewhere we will be together again...


P.S., I cannot silence this restless soul

until my body is stiff and cold

'Until I'm soaring through distant skies

to be with you in paradise...


So long, Mom, until we meet again

Forever missed – forever loved


Blasé – Doe-Doe




Happy 91st birthday my beloved mother,
There are no words in any dictionary
That can describe how much you’re missed
All day and all night, I reflect and reminisce
About our hearts that beat as one
Two hearts ticking inside of me
Twin souls, they’ll meet again
Across the sea of tranquility
So I light this sacred candle to honor your precious name
Forever in my heart, will burn this eternal flame
This torch, a raving inferno will burn inside of me
Through my profuse tears, even hurricanes… until eternity
I love you mama, with all my heart and soul
         Forever missed - forever loved
                                                                           ~ Doe-Doe