This memorial was created in the memory of our loving Dad, Homer C. Glass, loving and devoted husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather,  a man living for not for the happiness of himself but for his family and friends.

I remember many Christmas seasons when Dad would use his own hard earned money to repair used toys and bicycles for children of needy families. He is one who would walk to the ends of eternity to help someone in need.

He was devoted to his family, and was so crazy in love with his grand children, although he never got to see the three beautiful grandchildren I gave him but I know he sees them.

Dad worked hard day in and day out to supply each need that would arise. He would fight a chain saw in defense of his family and friends.

I remember his stories of how he took all George Jones money in a poker game at Freddies Bar in Galveston, Texas while mom was singing with Tex Ritter at the age of 16 at the Capital Theatre.

Dad battled an addiction to alchohol for many years even while mom would speak Gods word to him...Finally those years of Gods word paid off.

Dad had a heart attack and was hospitalized pending a triple bypass but the miracle of it all was prior to that when Jesus visited him and and touched his heart, broke the addiction and changed his life. He lay in the hospital, waiting for his surgery, preaching to the nurses, reading his Bible endlessly.  During the surgery, the hospital power failed and to my knowledge no backup power came on in time to save him. It was, however, the hand of God that saved His soul. When the lights of earth went out, the light of God began to shine and from his Saving Day, Dad lived for Jesus and made his calling and election sure. His journey took him the Kingomd of God.

One should believe that God has a time and purpose for all things and His Timing should not be questioned. I miss my Dad but I am happy that he made a new choice and now living a new life that has no end.

He shared  his desire with me, to see my brother and all his grandchildren saved. Dad found the secret to life and wanted to share it with the world

Our Dad was not the man that many once knew and many did not have the opportunity to see the new man he became. It is without a doubt that my Dad is resting eternally and at peace with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Dad, we all Love You and Miss You very much. There is not a day that goes by that I don't sit and cry just thinking about all the days we never got to spend together but we will celebrate together one day, when the Trump of God shall sound and Jesus will split the sky with a Great Shout of Triumph.

Revelation 22:12, 13

12  And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.
13  I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

Homer C. Glass
Born May 16, 1928
Called on to meet the Lord Jesus Christ in  June 10, 1983 

This day marks the day my Dad would have celebrated his 91st Birthday here on earth, but, now celebrates in Gods Kingdom, called to his Eternal Home where his party hat is replaced with a Crown, party favors replaced with Angels and the birthday song replaced with Amazing Grace.

Dad was called to be with the Lord, in 1983, just months before my first of three children were born. He never got to see them, all three, but he knew the first was on her way.

It’s sad when a child never gets to see or meet their grandpa and so, even I, make sure that my granddaughter and others to come, and I spend valuable time together, making memories that will last a lifetime.

My Dad, Homer C. Glass…He was a man of his word. He said he would go to church when it was time and God called him just in time, whereas Gods timing is always impecable and just, calling Dad ‘From the Bottle to the Bible’.

Dad was a go getter, a man who kept his promise, worked hard, worked long. Whatever was necessary to feed us, his family, he did. While he many times would strive to get us things we wanted, he also made sure we had a home and were fed. Dad was an amazing man of promise. Always showed up birthday parties and graduations, bought gifts. had a ball with 2 sons and a wife that made him proud and loved us endlessly.

Although our family faced setbacks, trials, tribulations and division, Dad loved his family…his grandchildren and his wife, Sue A. Glass, with a passion and always found a way to turn a frown into a smile and take time for parties, camping and other activities. While yet most of the time when my brothers’ kids were in another state following their Dad who served in the U.S Navy, Dad made a way to travel to see them on Christmas holidays. We road trains, drove in the car and all with high excitement of seeing the family together for that special day.

I remember late night dominoes, card games, football, barbecues in the park. Dad has a passion for fun and happiness and he made it come true.

Dad was generous man, dedicated to giving his heart to children, even ones he never knew or met. When he was a member of the Moose Lodge, while struggling to pay rent and bills, he spent his own money fixing up bicycles, tricycles and other items for needy kids at Christmas. He sanded, he painted, replace broken parts with new parts and on the day to deliver them, he had a multitude of Christmas gifts for the children.

Dad went out of his way to do for others. Even while the devil lured him with the alchohol, God was leading him with His Word.

Prior to his death, my Dad turned to a preacher of a small country church where he gave his heart to God and traded in the bottle for a Bible. He was devoted to his church and was there for every single service. God made an amazing transformation in my Dad. The days of turning up the bottle was taken over by lifting up his hands and glorifying our Great God and Creator of all things and all people.

Shortly after Dads Born Again experience, I received a call, that he had suffered a heart attack. We had the opportunity to see him a times before his bypass surgery but it was that time that God deemed the time well to take my Dad home to his Eternal Rest.

So, today, and many days I celebrate My Dad…My Hero…My Confidante and testify that I love him very much and cry, still, thinking of him every single day. He is just one reason why I strive, daily, to stay true to God and as steadfast in His word and keep on keeping on for the cause of Christ.

There are many times that would take many days to explain the turn-around Dad made and all the good that was in his heart so I will end with this…

My dad, instead of resting in a hospital bed, is now resting in the arms of Our Messiah…Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He put down the liquor and picked up his life saving promise, The Bible and he found the word that gave him peace and understanding that God has a better plan and he lived it out.

Never give up on anyone. There is always hope that lies in the  promise of God’s Word…

You just have to Trust and Believe.


I Love You Dad and I Miss you more than fancy words can say but I know you are in better hands and I just can’t wait to see you again.


Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound that saved a wretch like me…


Posted by lisa glass on June 23, 2022
Just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy Father's Day we really miss you around this time although we think of you daily I will see you again someday in the mansion in the sky
Posted by Gary Glass on June 17, 2022
My dear sweet wonderful Dad. I wanted to be early to wish you Happy Fathers Day. The day would be more enjoyable if you were here but I’m happy to know you are with Jesus. 

I love you Dad and miss ya bunches. We will have to barbecue when I get there.

Happy Fathers Day
Posted by lisa glass on June 17, 2022
I really miss you nowadays.Souch out in this world has changed.I just waiting for Christ to come so I can be reunited again
Posted by Gary Glass on June 11, 2022
Hi Dad. It’s been 39 years since you left us and each year gets a little tougher to face without you here. So many times I’ve wanted to call on you for your help and wisdom but all I have is a memory of which I cherish so very much.

David and I are going to visit Uncle Gilbert today. He’s in a nursing home and, as I have heard, he is not doing well. I expect you will see him when he comes. Also going to see mom today. She’s hangin in there tough as nails and constantly asking about you, her one and only love, as she says.

As for me, I beat cancer. God healed me and took it away. I’m so Thankful.

I Love you Dad. Always know that you are always in my heart. Save me a place at the table
Posted by Gary Glass on May 16, 2022
I’m Here but wish I could be there, with You!
It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since you were taken from us, too soon but in Gods timing. God saw your storm and sent Jesus and His Beautiful Angels calm the troubled waters and take you home.

Today, you would have been 94 here but where you are, your age is endless. You can be certain that I think of you, endlessly and tell your grand-kids and great grand-kids about you all the time. Yes, they know your name and they shall know all the goodness you shared to others.

My Goodness you answered Gods calling and made such a Heart Blessed change. 

I love You Dad. My heart hurts because I miss you so very much. I will carry the torch and continue Gods work until I can see you again, standing before God and the King of Kings.

Happy Birthday Dad and one last favor please. When my Birthday comes, would you blow out the candles?

I’ll be back to see you again soon.
Posted by lisa glass on May 16, 2022
Happy birthday papa I would just stop by here and let you know how much we miss you. It's really rough times right now but God always prevails. There's not a day that goes by that I think of you I have your picture of me and you posted by my bedside. Dolly is doing good she has her own place and we're trying to get her move back down to Austin. I'm supposed to go see Nanny soon . When I see her we always talk about you how you were such a good man and grandfather well I will let you go for now but we'll see you in heaven someday I love you and happy birthday
Posted by lisa glass on December 25, 2021
Good morning PaPa however even though I don’t celebrate Christmas my children do I celebrate Hanukkah best time of the year you’re always on my mind. I wish you were by my side when I was a teenager but I know God was calling you home once you except it him and got baptized and was a new person. I remember all the times we spent together and slept on the mattress outside underneath the stars. I remember all the lessons you taught me and pass them on to my children. I just wanted to go home here to say I love you and I miss my family. We are all not as close as we used to be when they were alive I barely get to see my sisters my brother my niece is my nephew I see my mom more than I see any other in my family.And I know she misses you and loves you as well. I haven’t got to see grandma Sue in a little while because I don’t have a way to get to her. But when I do get a chance to see her I will give her a big hug from you
Posted by Gary Glass on December 25, 2021
Good Morning and Merry Merry Christmas, Dad.
Well, family got together last night and your grand-babies opened their gifts and there hearts were filled with joy and delight. We laughed, dined and opened gifts but my Greateat gifts are Jesus and you being with Jesus.

We had some empty chairs around the table but we are happy that you are celebrating The King in His own House. Man, such an awesome opportunity to celebrate Christmas with The King of Kings.

Merry Christmas Dad, Love and You miss you so very much. 

Posted by lisa glass on November 20, 2021
Hey PaPa I just stop by to say I love you,And how I really wish you were here right now to see these kids grow so big I have sweet daughter and I hate the fact that you will again hopefully if they go to heaven when Christ ccomes.Its Thanksgiving again here pretty soon.I miss the good old biscuits and gravy you would make in the morning and waking me up early I never minded that. But I can use a friend right now David Paul accident and hurt his back what I’m hearing is doing better and then your granddaughter Elizabeth finally got married finally got married. Not many of the family keep up with me anymore which is kind of sad because I miss my family . Do you know what I see other family members together for Thanksgiving and I start missing mine. Mom Angel Julia Ashley analyst is the only one kind of keep up with me nowadays on a weekly basis. I spend my days being a mother and helping out others in anyway I can. I’m always about the fathers business because I want to do right Because I want to see you again. I went to the doctors last week and he said I had very low iron I’m almost anemic. So I’ve been pretty weak for a week now I am feeling better and can’t wait to see your mom on Thanksgiving.I love you and miss and think of you each and every day.R.I.P. PaPa You know I’m still your little baboon
Posted by Gary Glass on November 17, 2021
Good Morning Dad. I can’t type long because of the tears that fill my eyes every time I think of you. You know I love you but it feels so very good to tell you. I love you and miss you so much. David would come and post but he breaks down at the thought that you have gone but he is so happy for you and he misses you greatly.

Have fun in your paradise of Eternal love until I can see you again, in Gods appointed time. 

Mom misses you too and sends you Much Much Love
Posted by lisa glass on June 11, 2021
Good morning papa I truly miss you I think about you always. You were the only one true man in my life. I always looked up to you for advice on anything and everything and you just don’t know how much you made my life tremendously great. Yes being able to spend time with your daily was my favorite memory when you used to take me to the Hills café on S.Congress, for waffles and hot chocolate. In this day and time nanny Sue is in a old folks home when I really wish it was right here beside me. I don’t get to see her that much as much as I would like to. But I know she truly misses you as well. I hope to see you again someday soon whenever Christ comes to take us home. Well I love and miss you and wanted to stop by to tell you that.
Posted by Gary Glass on May 18, 2021
Happy Birthday Dad...I Love You and Miss You so very much. I am a day late getting here but we have been busy moving and it has been really tough and Jesus was with us all the way giving us patience and strength. Regardless of all that, you know I think of you in every single breath I take. Mom is doing well although a nursing home is not the ideal place to be, however, they help her more there than what David or I could do. David sends his love to you. He would come himself but it's hard for him to visit you here because, he too, loves and misses you beyond words to describe.

We are all well and just biding our time until we can see you again, with Jesus, face to face.

We love you and miss you Dad. Keep smiling and walking with Jesus.

Posted by lisa glass on May 17, 2021
Really miss you and these trying days PaPa, we’re here to help guide me. Wanted to tell you happy birthday as well in case I missed your birthday.Your Granddaughters are growing up so fast.You’ll Always be in my heart.I love you and will see you again in our home up above.
Posted by lisa glass on December 23, 2020
I just want to say I really miss you I think about you always especially nanny as well because she is in a nursing home right now and not able to be with her family were she belongs. Things are getting crazy in this world.Just want you to know you’re always in my heart
Posted by Gary Glass on December 23, 2020
Good Morning Dad and Merry Christmas. Well, here we are in the middle of a Chinese made pandemic, Covid 19. We all run around, everywhere we go, with a mask on our face. It’s ridiculous...we all look like a bunch of bandits. First time in history when you can wear a mask inside a bank and not get arrested. It’s crazy way down here.

Well, I just wanted to stop by and greet you with tearful love and a grieving heart. I miss you so very much and love you even greater. We celebrate Jesus with family while you celebrate Jesus with Jesus.  Now that’s the way to celebrate rite there!

I love you and I’ll be back to greet you again. 

Wait for me. I think Jesus may be coming for the rest of us soon.
Posted by Gary Glass on June 10, 2020
Hi Dad. Wanted to say I love you. You have all you’ll ever need. Not much to say about what’s going on here and no need anyway cos God has a different plan for it all.

I love you and miss you tremendously more every passing day. I could say I wish you were here but that would be greedy of me, so I’ll just say that I wish I were with you and leave it in Gods hands from there.

Say hi to gpa and Gma K And Cousin Larry. Love you all.
Posted by lisa glass on June 10, 2020
Good morning dearest PaPa I wanted to tell you how truly I miss you I these trying days.But I know I will see you again in our mansion in the sky
Posted by Gary Glass on May 18, 2020
Hi dad. Sorry I’m late but those two rascal new great grandbabies you have really keep me busy. Been missing you so much, more so than ever.

I just don’t know how to cope every day with you gone and mom in a nursing home. Well anyway I just wanted to stop by and say I love and miss you. Wish I could be with you.

Happy Birthday Dad
Posted by lisa glass on May 16, 2020
Good Moring Papa I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday .Life is not the same as when you were alive.So much going on I really wish you were here.I have hip surgery next month.Im hanging in there though.I love and miss you dearly,and think of you often as you were the male father figure in my life.Nanny is doing well Dad and Gary visits her often.I need to go visit or have a FaceTime call with her soon.Have a blessed day
Posted by lisa glass on August 24, 2019
Hey papa I just thought I would stop by and say hello I miss you dearly everything is so different now .Family is not as close as we used to be. A lot of changes over the years but I always remember you were there for me While growing up as a father figure
Posted by Gary Glass on August 23, 2019
Hey Dad, Dropping by to say hi, Not much has changed other than life being a little harder and prices of everything rising. I have been caring for your great granddaughter, Emma for the last 3 1/2 years and and expecting your great grandson in about mid September.

In all the chaos of life, I think of you every day, wishing I could see you again and that wish alone keeps me humble so that I can be worthy to enter in the the Lords House and see you for eternity.

Me and David visited mom today. I gave her a manicure, we got her hair cut and took her to lunch. She speaks of you every minute of the day, saying she misses and loves you so very much. She keeps asking where you are and all I can say is "He's in Heaven with Jesus".

We all know your in good hands but we do miss you more than words can explain.

I am going in for a sleep study tonight so I have to get going and get one more errand done. Emma will spend the night with Rhema while I am gone but I would ask that you watch over them all. You always were the one we could turn to for most anything.

I love you Dad, so very very much. I have to go now and I will try not to be so long before I come back.

Keep watching over this house and us all.
Posted by Julia Howard on May 16, 2019
Happy Birthday grandpa I was only 5 when we lost you so I don't remember anything but can't wait to reunite with you in heaven.Dad is always telling me y'alls crazy stories :) Love you papa
Posted by Gary Glass on May 16, 2019
Happy Birthday Dad. You should know you have a new great grandson on the way and now have a new great nephew by David Paul and his wife.
Things are happening here and the family is growing. You would certainly be proud of all these grand babies. I know if you were still here you would have em all spoiled, packed in the car and headed to the candy store and ice cream shop. 
It’s been a long day and it wouldn’t be complete without greeting you on your special day. .
Say hi to Jesus for me and wave to God and tell him I’ll be there soon...Won’t we all. 
Goodnight Dad, I love you and miss you so very much
Posted by lisa glass on May 16, 2019
Good morning papa wanted to say happy birthday and let you know how much I really miss you in my life since you never got a chance to meet your grandkids I had.But I know I will see you again in our mansion in heaven I love you
Posted by Gary Glass on June 19, 2018
Hi Dad....Sorry I am late but Happy Belated Fathers Day. Not much new stuff going on. Just wanted to tell you that you are the best dad ever and I miss you.
I Love You
Posted by lisa glass on February 5, 2018
Hey PaPa I really miss you these days the whole family is seperated.Im trying my best to care for momma(Dolly)Shes all i got right now besides God he always comes first.Angel lives in Montana we only get to see her and Rowan once a year but am lucky to have that time with her.I have surgery sometime next month,I do get to see Elizabeth and Ashley once in a while which is nice.But anyway ill C U again
Posted by Gary Glass on February 4, 2018
Good Evening Dad...Wanted to stop by before bed and say Hello and that I love you. It would be amazingly beautiful if Jesus would come this week, perhaps even tonight, so that I could see you again.

Knowing that you loved football so much, you might already know that the Philadelphia Eagles won the superbowl tonight.

Gonna head on now dad. I miss you, Please ask Jesus to come on down here and take us all home...I think it's time we had a sweet reunion.

Loving and Missing you always, it's me, Gary
Posted by Gary Glass on December 23, 2017
Good Morning Dad. Sitting here with a cup of coffee, thinking of you and just wanted to say, as many time before and many times to come that I love and miss you. Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus and while we all have grown and have families to share with, it’s just not the same without you here. Mom continually says she loves you and misses you two being together. She always calls your name and sheds some tears. We will be picking her up Christmas morning and taking her to our family Christmas dinner. I know you celebrate with Jesus so your Christmas celebration might just be a bit sweeter but nonetheless we enjoy our memories of you and your reborn experience. Was so excited to see you take the step into salvation. God Loves you, Jesus loves you and we all love you.

Merry Christmas Dad
Posted by lisa glass on May 16, 2017
Hello again PaPa.I so wish you were here at this moment.I think of you very often and remember all the great time spent with you.I havent been able to visit Nanny in the elderly home that Dad & Gary placed her in,but I will soon arrange a ride to visit her.With not much family around my heart is breaking.I know this if you were still here things would be so different,Ide have my mom & dad together.Also the siblings would be much closer.Thanks for always being there for me even now in good memories
Posted by Gary Glass on May 15, 2017
Hi Dad. Tomorrow is your Birthday. 89, wow. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday and that I love you so much. It is painful to face each day without you here to offer your advice and company.

Watch and wait for me. I strive daily to be as good a Christian as I can be to be assured that I see you again.

I miss you...Happy Birthday
Posted by Gary Glass on October 9, 2016
Dad this is David and I just wanted to let you know you've in mind all day and I needed to let you that I am in such pain right now and need to know my situation so I don't need to explain,just know that I just couldn't hold it together any longer.i tried so hard to be a great father and would be so proud of all tve kids,they really turned out great.
  I put your picture up in moms room and she said she'll never love another man.tou really need to look after her,we are trying g so hard to keep her safe and seeing her as much as we can.
  Guess you know you're going g to be a great grandfather again soon
Posted by lisa glass on June 10, 2016
Hey PaPa there's not a day that goes by that I think of you.Its been hard for me cause Nanny is now living in a nursing home.Well dad left mom and there's so much separation throughout the family.This is the time I need you the most,I try to keep us all together.But some of the family's hearts had hardened.And some say oh I have plenty time to change .But PaPa this is a hateful & cruel world.I may have to live in this world,but I'm not of the world.I gave my heart and my all to God a long time ago .And He has protected me and my 3 girls through all situations that satan tries to throw our way.Anyway on a good note Angel is coming into Austin today from Montana .So we're super excited for her visit.Its 2:14 AM and I need rest.So I'll talk to you again.
Posted by lisa glass on May 16, 2016
Happy 88th Birthday PaPa.Theres not a day that goes past that I don't stop thinking on all the good memories we had together.All the way back to when I was a small tile.I love you.Mom and dad I think need you more today than they ever have.I pray God will resolve it some how.Well you Rest in Peace PaPa P.S. I show my 3 daughters pictures of you all the time.And I tell them what a good man you were.
Posted by Gary Glass on May 16, 2016
Good Evening Dad...HAPPY BIRTHDAY...I thought I would let everyone get their greetings done and come by before bedtime...I miss you and to top it all off, we will be placing mom in a nursing home tomorrow.
Her Alzheimers has gotten so bad I can't seem to manage her any longer but she will be with Aunt Laverne. She will be well cared for and Uncle Gilbert will be there every day to visit, eat lunch with them and show some movies.

It will be a sad time and hard to do but she will get good care, as she needs and me and the family can visit as often as we want. It's just 28 miles away in Lockhart, Texas.

Well, I have to go for now. I love you Dad....Sure do miss you. Hold me a place at by the portals. I will see you as soon as the Lord calls me home.
Posted by Julia Howard on May 16, 2016
Posted by Gary Glass on March 21, 2016
Dropping by to say hello on this chilly spring morning. Wanted to say how much I miss you and love you. Carlton, my son, and his wife had a baby girl so now you are a Great Grandpa and I am finally a grandpa for the first time...She is so beautiful. Wish she could have known you here. I know you would have spoiled her.

Her name is Emma and soon we will have her dedicated to the Lord.

Keep waiting for me...I'm coming...I Love You
Posted by Gary Glass on November 15, 2015
Hi Dad...Just left Larry, wishing him a Happy Birthday and missing you so much. I can't wait to be with you but either I have to pass or Jesus has to come, not sure which will happen first but til then just remember I love you and think of you every single day. Been helping some other folks with things to replace what they lost in the flood. Mom's alzheimers is keeping me on my toes. She talks of you often and I know she loves you too.

Gotta go to bed soon so I will say goodnight.Much love to ya Dad
Posted by Gary Glass on May 16, 2015
Happy Birthday Dad...87 years old today and dancing with the Angels on streets of gold...I want you to know and I'm sure you do know I love and miss you very much.

Have fun and enjoy your eternal stay...I will be there one day soon.
Posted by lisa glass on May 15, 2015
Good Moring PaPa I miss you so very much,but I know I'll see you again in heaven.I always remember the smile you would have on your face when you see your grandchildren.Nanny is doing good,I talk to as much as I can.Your granddaughters are growing into beautiful young ladies.I wish they could have met you.They love their Nanny & PaPa.And David Paul is getting married this month on the 28th.Well I love you and until next time you'll be in my heart always.
Posted by Gary Glass on December 26, 2014
Merry Christmas Dad...Just wanted to say I am thinking of you today during the Christmas season remembering how you always decorated the tree and made sure it was packed with gifts for everyone.

I also remember how you labored so endlessly to refurbish old donated bicycles so needy kids would have a gift on Christmas day.

I miss you Dad...I miss you so much. Mom talks about you all the time and of how badly she misses you.

Enjoy your day and your walk on Heavens Holy Ground and tell the Angels to have the gate wide open when I come.

Love you Dad...Gotta go for now but I'll be back
Posted by Gary Glass on October 31, 2014
Good Morning Dad, it's October now and the fall season is showing itself finally. Seems my brother is at odds with me. All I have now is My Wife, Mom and Church. LOL they are the ones, apparently, who understand me. We are attending a wonderful church now and have been there nearly a year already. Sure wish you were here to go with us and encourage the other part of the family who seem to have went a direction with their faith and no one understands but God and He will have his way thru it all. We are getting ready for Halloween tonight, not celebrating but just giving out candy for the kids. Dad, there is a empty place inmyl heart and it's lonely here, not seeing you or being able to just hug you from time to time. Mom talks about you every day. She misses you so much. One day...One day we will all be together. Christmas is coming up too and again that empty place in my heart will ache again. I guess before I soak the keyboard with all my tears I will say, once again, I love you and miss you so very much. Will be glad when we see each other again...all of us together in a place where there is no more loneliness or despair. Keep watch for me...I'm doing all I can to make sure my calling is worth. Rest well in the Arms of Jesus. I wll be back soon...bye for now
Posted by lisa glass on May 17, 2014
Hey PaPa I know your just asleep in the grave awaiting that glorious day where well get to meet Yahweh and Jashua.Happy 86th Birthday.You are truley loved and weve kept your memory in our hearts.Much love,Lisa Glass
Posted by Lydia Patten on May 16, 2014
Gary I never met your Dad but this tribute is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your Dad with us. God's Blessings.
Posted by Gary Glass on May 16, 2014
Good Morning Dad and Happy Birthday. You would have been 86 years old today but in the Kingdom of God you are as a child, young and vibrant, running across the floors of Heaven.
It has been a while since I checked in but, nonetheless, I love you and miss your more than ever.
Enjoy your new life and your new body and remember to wait for me by the gates.
I Love You Dad
Posted by lisa glass on November 16, 2013
Good Evening PaPa,I had a great service @ church today.But I sure do miss ya.O know you are resting in peace though ,and I'll get to see you some day in heaven.And oh what a glorious day that will be.For some reason I think about the little play house you built for us .And the song Elvira by the Oakridge Boys.Me and Linda K.use to dance on the front yard to that song.I luv u.
Posted by Brandi Glass on November 16, 2013
Papa, I wish I would have had more time with you! I wish you could have known your great grankids! We miss you terribly! I know how happy you would be to see what a wonderful grandparent your son has become! My dad reminds me of you in so many ways! Because of hi I feel like I am closer to you! I love you Papa And I love you Dad!
Posted by david glass on November 16, 2013
Dad,there's not a day goes by that I don't have you in my thoughts.This is my first time I've left a tribute because I can never hold it together,you are always in my heart and it hurts so bad not to have you around.I know you would be so proud of all the kids,I make sure they know who you are.I am at ease after my dream explaining why I wasn't there and you know why.Dad keep us safe.Love
Posted by Gary Glass on November 16, 2013
Just sitting here thinking of you. Holding back tears is hard. I love you so much Dad. Some days are hard to get thru not having you here to ask your advice. You taught me well to stand on my own but missing you is something I cannot get over...David and I are gonna get together today and watch the Texas Game...Wish you were here. We all love and miss you so very much...God Bless You
Posted by Gary Glass on May 26, 2013
Dear Dad, it has been a long time since I visited and I am so sorry. So many things going on, as I'm sure you know, that it takes away from things that should be more important. We celebrated Moms Birthday last month and had a wonderful time. Mom speaks of you very frequently and we all miss and love you very much. We lay Bro. Thomas to rest yesterday. Say Hi to him for me. Love you mucho.
Posted by Gary Glass on November 21, 2012
Dear Sweet Dad, I was sitting and thinking of you yesterday and every day. I couldn't find the words to say how much I miss you and love you. We are preparing for Thanksgiving and my most greatest thing I am thankful for is you and Jesus making a connection and know I will see you again. So many days pass so quickly, it seems like you left us just yesterday...still, my heart is in pain.
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Posted by lisa glass on June 23, 2022
Just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy Father's Day we really miss you around this time although we think of you daily I will see you again someday in the mansion in the sky
Posted by Gary Glass on June 17, 2022
My dear sweet wonderful Dad. I wanted to be early to wish you Happy Fathers Day. The day would be more enjoyable if you were here but I’m happy to know you are with Jesus. 

I love you Dad and miss ya bunches. We will have to barbecue when I get there.

Happy Fathers Day
Posted by lisa glass on June 17, 2022
I really miss you nowadays.Souch out in this world has changed.I just waiting for Christ to come so I can be reunited again
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Happy Birthday

Shared by lisa glass on May 16, 2016

Happy 88th Birthday today.My girls are growing up so fast I always tell them what a good man you were and all the good fun we shared together.I miss you dearly.But I believe mom & dad need you here  right now more than anyone of us.

Shared by Julia Howard on October 29, 2014

I never really knew my papa :( I was only 5 when he passed away and don't remember anything about him.I did here about him getting saved a year before he died though.I love you papa and hope to see you again one day.


Shared by lisa glass on December 24, 2011

The 1 thing I remember very well is you were always the fist that kept this family together no matter what situatiions came up.I spent many days & nights with Nanny watching her pray for your salvation.She encouraged me to never give up my faith,to PUSH=Pray Until Something Happens.And I belived and listened to the lessons she would teach me,even more when you had gotten saved.And to this day thanks to Nanny for all her prayers for me,I have straightened my life up as well.I now have 3 beautiful daughters,you never got to meet.I do my best to raise them in a Godly manner.So that some day youll get to see them and myself.Thanks for being a the best Pa Pa a little girl could ever want.I pray your story inspires others to accept salvation.Cause God loves us all no matter of our past mistakes.I love you.Lisa