This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Hope Garvin, 46 years old, born on November 26, 1974, and passed away on April 4, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by N'keya Peters-Camille on April 4, 2022
365 days seems so long but still so surreal mommy. I love you so much!
Posted by Khadijah Abdullah on April 4, 2022
Greetings My Sweet Angel!!
It’s so hard to believe it’s been a year! I miss you more than I can say....... You were so funny-loving-kind! So wise beyond your years. I couldn’t have imagined I wouldn’t always have you in my life. I’m thankful to have even known you. Everyone needs Hope in their lives!! I LOVED you yesterday. I LOVE you today! I’ll LOVE you tomorrow. Thank you for an AMAZING Sisterhood❤️
Posted by N'keya Peters-Camille on March 25, 2022
On April 4. 2022 it will be one year since our mom Hope passed away. In joyous commemoration of her life do something you have always wanted to do! Thank you.
Posted by N'keya Peters-Camille on February 1, 2022
Thank you mommy for choosing me 31 years ago, you could have choose many different paths at age 16 but you choose me. I love you forever ❤️
Posted by Khadijah Abdullah on November 26, 2021
Dearest Hope!!
Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Angel HOPE!! I imagine you flying in the clouds and chuckling while you check on us..... It’s so amazing how one person can master so many things and be so much to so many people. You managed to put your signature on everyone you met... From the moment I met you I felt like i’d known you my whole life. We went through a lot together and somehow we managed to land on top. When I find myself having a challenging day-upset because we lost you- I remember what a pleasure it was knowing you..... There are so many people that never had HOPE in their lives..... Thankfully I did!! I LOVE you! I HONOR you! I SALUTE you-my friend-my sister-my confidante-my Angel
Posted by N'keya Peters-Camille on November 26, 2021
Happy birthday mommy, I still can’t believe you are physically gone, I continue to take it one step at a time knowing that you are always within my heart, body, and soul. I will you forever!
Posted by Kiesha Abbott on November 26, 2021
Happy Heavenly birthday to one of the best friends I ever had. I miss you sooo much my friend. It still hurts not to speak to you everyday or see you anymore. Today I continue to celebrate you on the day God blessed this world with you!❤️ Happy Heavenly birthday my friend. I will continue to remember and celebrate you always.❤️
Posted by Joseph Fulton on June 8, 2021
I miss you so much hope my life will never be the same mentally with out till we meet again will always love you and my daughter misses you as well
Posted by Khadijah Abdullah on April 20, 2021
Dearest Hope: My Hope. My Love. Ms. Garvin!
You saw me. You see me. Validated me when I forgot me. Reminded me. Taught me how to embrace my scars and wear them like beauty marks. Gradually breathe-Gradually heal-One breath at a time. Embrace the hurt-Embrace the pain. Learn the lesson-Each1Teach1 is our blessing.
Selfishly I think to myself-Did I tell you everything? How much I love you. How much I need you. How much I appreciate you. Did I tell you you’re a piece of heaven on earth? You’re an angel I had the privilege of knowing. An ultimate sister in my sisterhood. A teacher to my motherhood. A friend with whom I share no end.
You are you will be the sun-moon-stars that shine brightly. Flowers growing in Spring. A bird that spreads its wings. A butterfly flying by. Laughter in my heart-tears in my eyes. I’ll miss the words “Hey Girl” I will miss your infamous chuckle. When I tell you a story and you reply “You so crazy” “ I hear you girl”
Thank you so much for choosing me and accepting me wholeheartedly! I love you! I honor you! Got it-Got Cha
Posted by Ebony Mitchell on April 19, 2021
Posted by Madeena Mitchell on April 19, 2021
Love you keisha you will truly be missed it still seems unreal love you
Posted by Corey Vandiver on April 14, 2021
Over the last year, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Ms. Hope while working with Kai. Her love, passion and advocacy for not only her son but all students was evident from our first conversation! She truly was a champion for all children. Words can’t express what the absence of her voice will mean to our school community, but I am hopeful that her example will inspire other parents to exercise their power! I will miss our conversations about education and equity. On behalf of Lillian Rashkis High School, I extend our deepest condolences to Kai and the rest of the family! Ms. Hope set a standard and we will honor her legacy by supporting her son and empowering the next generation of advocates! Peace and Blessings!
Posted by Nell Bell on April 13, 2021
It took me over a week to write this message to my dear friend. Hope always will say.. Janell get over yourself, it's not always about you. So I'm getting out my feelings and showing love to my great friend. Words can't fully grasp the genuine loving person that Hope is and meant to everyone. She is the best Social Worker the world ever will have. As her health decline, she still worked both her jobs becuase she felt an obligation to the community that she service. Hope is a true gem, my friend I will miss you and all our crazy conversations.
Posted by Rosa Alvarez-Ladapo on April 13, 2021
Ms.Hope was one of our dedicated weekend social workers who helped our department provide safe discharge planning to our patients on the weekends and holidays at Woodhull Hospital. She was passionate, caring and a true champion of patient care. Ms. Hope was compassionate and very committed to her patients.
We will always remember her as a true and strong warrior yet with the most gentle soul. It was an honor to know her and to work with her.
We are filled with sorrow and will miss her dearly.
Our deepest condolences to her family and loved ones.
Posted by Kiesha Abbott on April 13, 2021
I miss you my best friend and sister. I'm missing our shopping trips and hrs of talking for hours daily about any and everything. I miss your huge heart, beautiful smile and contagious laugh. You were always there to support me through anything I was dealing with. I am so grateful for God allowing our paths to cross over a decade and a half ago. Your friendship and sisterhood is rare to come by these days. I thank you for being more than one of my best friends, you had became another sister to me. I am extremely grateful for the time we've had together and all the many things you've taught and shared with me. Sayah misses and love you!( "Auntie Hope") I miss and love you soo much my dear friend. ❤
Posted by Kmani Parris on April 12, 2021
"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

This is no truer statement- as I met Hope in person for the 1st time last summer at a party she hosted and even though I was a late arriver she made sure I got a taste of everything!! Serving me herself, when I could've easily made myself a plate and checking on me throughout the evening.
We ended up talking and laughing through out the evening and she even stuffed my bag with left over libations with a wink and a smile!!
I offer my condolences to her family and am happy to have met such a beautiful soul!! SIP sis
Posted by N'keya Peters-Camille on April 11, 2021
Maanami Ransom Bolton writes

"Hope, my dearest graduate school friend. This is not the news I expected having not been on Facebook in a while. You were the absolute realest and my heart is broken to know you’re no longer here. Ten years was too short a time to have known you but I’m thankful that I had the privilege of your friendship. I will keep your family and loved ones in my prayers. Rest well, Hope. "
Posted by Gillian Richardson on April 10, 2021
Please accept my condolences and know that death is temporary
1-Condition of the dead?

2-Is there hope for the dead?

3-When a love ❤️ one dies

1Thess 4:13 “Moreover, brothers, we do not want you to be ignorant about those who are sleeping in death, so that you may not sorrow as the rest do who have no hope.”
So Let’s sorrow with the hope of the resurrection John 5:28-29 & Acts 24:15

Posted by TriniSpiceBaby !!!!! on April 9, 2021
I have known Keisha most of my life. Every time I saw her she was always so pleasant and had a smile on her face. I remember when I was a young girl and at the time she was dating my uncle N’keya’s father. It is so shocking and sad to know you are no longer with us but through your children you will live on. I am so happy to have known you. N’keya I know there is no pain like losing your mom but I always admired your strength and determination. I know this will be a time in your life where you will have to really lean on your family and God. Just know your family is here for you. You and your family are in my prayers.

With love and my deepest condolences,
Posted by N'keya Peters-Camille on April 9, 2021
Shatyra Baker writes...

"Ms.Hope Garvin My Heart Is Really Broken Behind This , I’m In Shock Honestly Yall Dont Understand This Lady Was Amazing And That Word Still Dont Fit Cuz She Was Way More Then That I Swear I Thought I Had More Time , You Were There For Me Thur My Whole Pregnancy You Always Told Me I Would Be A Wonderful Mom , You Saw That In Me Before I Saw It In Myself When I Got Both Of My Apartements You Were Right There..You Feed Me,Wiped My Tears ,Rubbed My Back ,You Listened To Me For Hours And Never Complained Or Told Me You Didnt Have Time For Me With Kids Of Your Own , I Still Don’t Know How You Had Time But You Made It For Me And My Son ..When I Gave Birth You And Megan Were Right There , To Your Kids I’m Soooo Sorry Just Know Yall Mom Made Her Impression On This Earth , To Me And So Many Others, I Really Cnt Believe I’m Putting R.I.P Infront Of Your Name ..I Love You So Muchh Girl , And I’m Sorry I Didn’t Reach Out More ! I Promise To Always Keep You In My Heart
Posted by N'keya Peters-Camille on April 9, 2021
Rose Myah writes...

"My heart broke Ms.Hope I will forever be thankful for you ! If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be this far in life ! Thank you for being my life coach thank you for helping me ! Thank you for helping my kids ! Thank you for always talking to me & checking on me ! I’m really crying Written this
When it came to young girls that wanted more your door was always opened! You became more like family! And I will always thank God that he bought me to your door steps ! You helped me understand I can be more & do more ! May God Wrap his Arms around ya Family Thank you for being so pure Thank you for loving me like Your own Hope Garvin Sleep In Haven My Beautiful Angel "
Posted by N'keya Peters-Camille on April 9, 2021
CREC Brooklyn Writes...

"My beautiful friend and sister I'm so shocked to have just found you on FB and you are on a new journey. You will be missed. The old days of working at Community Access, you talking about your children and your love for writing. Our giggles about life. I let Donna and the others know about your new journey and we ALL will miss the strength, focus and your positive attitude when you walked in the room sistah. SIP Queen ✌ &❤"
Posted by Rosemarie Olabiran on April 9, 2021
I met Hope at Post Graduate center for mental health. She and I were case managers for scatter site. She was a great co worker and friend. After work we always went shoe shopping. We kept in touch via Facebook and telephone. Hope always had great advice and a listening ear. I will miss you Hope travel well and Rest In Power. 
Posted by Carol Hall on April 9, 2021
I met Hope in 2013 at JFK Airport. We were both going to Los Angeles for job training. Hope and I hit it off and became fast friends during our stay in LA. We talked about life, our kids, school, work, everything. We went sightseeing together, hung out together, and eating out... We met a couple from Alaska who invited us into their room and was showing us pictures. Hope and I were laughing because they seemed to have had quite a few cocktails that evening...but it was all in good fun! I'm so sad......Hope was a wonderful person in so many ways. I will miss her dearly......My condolences to the family. I know God is taking good care of Hope.
Posted by Gabrielle Clark on April 8, 2021
Thank you so much for all the gifts of love and service you gave to humanity. I got the pleasure to meet you through your daughter N’Keya, and although I didn’t get a chance to know you well, you created a beautiful legacy and changed my life by raising such an amazing person and one of my true friends in this life. Rest well, rest in power! Sending my deepest condolences to her loved ones.
Posted by Barnetta Matthews on April 7, 2021
To my baby sis I love you and it saddens my heart to know that your are gone but not forgotten you will always have a special place in my ❤️.
Posted by PAMELA LEWIS on April 7, 2021
Rest in paradise Hope. I never had the chance to meet you, but always enjoyed our conversations. To the family, my deepest condolences and prayers are with you. Sincerely Pamela Fulton Lewis
Posted by Laurice Walker on April 7, 2021
My daughter had many wonderful qualities worth mentioning. I'll list a few. The most notables are her genuine compassion for others and family. She was the one family could always count on for anything, whether a listening ear, or assistance of any kind. She most valued education and instilled it in her children. She was a hard worker, with miles of patience, and bundles of energy. She fought the fight with all she had. A real trooper! Your place continue to occupy my heart. Until we meet again. Love eternally!! Rivie.

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Posted by N'keya Peters-Camille on April 4, 2022
365 days seems so long but still so surreal mommy. I love you so much!
Posted by Khadijah Abdullah on April 4, 2022
Greetings My Sweet Angel!!
It’s so hard to believe it’s been a year! I miss you more than I can say....... You were so funny-loving-kind! So wise beyond your years. I couldn’t have imagined I wouldn’t always have you in my life. I’m thankful to have even known you. Everyone needs Hope in their lives!! I LOVED you yesterday. I LOVE you today! I’ll LOVE you tomorrow. Thank you for an AMAZING Sisterhood❤️
Posted by N'keya Peters-Camille on March 25, 2022
On April 4. 2022 it will be one year since our mom Hope passed away. In joyous commemoration of her life do something you have always wanted to do! Thank you.
her Life
Hope La’Keisha Garvin affectionally called “Keisha” by close family and friends was born on November. 26, 1974 to parents Johnnie Lee Garvin Sr. and Laurice Garvin-Walker in Brooklyn, NY. The fifth of six children, she loved learning at an early age and was always focused on her studies, this is a quality that she carried into adulthood.

Hope attended NYC Public Schools and graduated from Middle College High School in Queens, NY. She was a self-described “career student” and a lover of writing, reading, and science. Hope was the first in her family to graduate from college and received a Bachelor in Journalism from Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY and a Master of Psychology at Pace University. Her love of helping others led her to pursue a degree in Nursing at Pace University as well. Hope ultimately chose a career in Social Work, graduating with a Master of Social Work from Touro College. Hope was a Licensed Master of Social Work Clinician providing support to adults, children, and families at various nonprofit agencies in NYC including Women in Need, Postgraduate Center for Mental Health and Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizen Council. Hope found her love and passion in the field of Medical Social Work where she advocated for underserved populations at Woodhull Hospital and where she provided empathetic care coordination and counseling support to senior citizens and their families at Humana-Senior Bridge program. 

Hope’s love was her five children, they were her world, and she was theirs. She enjoyed spending quality time with them and her 3 year old grandson who she called “pumpkin patch.” Hope cultivated qualities of love and kindness in each interaction with her kids and always reminded them to give love and remain peaceful in their own lives. 

Hope’s diagnosis of stage 4 pancreatic cancer did not deter her from pursuing passions and from loving life. Hope continued to work while receiving treatment stating that “my clients need me” while also supporting her children in all of their endeavors and loving them unconditionally. She was always thinking of others constantly asking “How are you?” and “Do you need anything?” to family and friends who visited her during this difficult time. 

Hope departed this life peacefully surrounded by family on April. 4, 2021. She was preceded in death by her father Johnnie Lee Garvin Sr, older brother Johnnie Lee Garvin Jr, uncle Ronald Frazier, and grandmothers Maggie Aldrich and Odessa Frazier.

She leaves to cherish her memory, daughter N’keya Peters-Camille and husband Pedeche Camille, former spouse Stacey Bishop and their children son Jabari Bishop, daughter Ishari Bishop, daughter Nia Bishop, and her youngest son Kai Clarke, grandson Pedeche Camille Jr, mother Laurice Walker, sisters Linda Frazier (Marietta, GA), Cheryl Garvin, Vanessa Green Hines (Brooklyn, NY) Barnetta Priester Matthews (Barnwell, SC)  brothers Rodney Laury, Joseph Garvin, and Dennis Green (Brooklyn, NY), Anthony Priester (Allendale, SC) and numerous uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, and cousins.

In her own words: Hope was a “strong and beautiful woman.” She was “stress free, peaceful,” and lived life. She wished “peace and blessings to friends and loved ones” and reminded us that “Life is too short, Life is beautiful, despite the heartache, despite the faults of others…life continues to be beautiful. Take joy in it! Be grateful and forgive. Forgiveness makes life what it is. Never stop loving!” We can all honor Hope by living our life with joy, forgiving each other, remaining peaceful, and choosing love in the face of all life’s challenges.

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My sister forever imma miss you

Shared by Damien Watson on April 12, 2021
God only knows your struggle . All those late night you was up studying and making a way for your children never seize to amaze me. Your always was about business. You never changed up on me and always encouraged me in my darkest time . I love you sis and imma miss you so much . Your my childrens auntie and I know they are feeling it to . You brought sunshine into Any room you walk into . Imma miss your smile and laugh especially your hustle . I love you Hope and I am glad your not hurting anymore . Till we meet again sis you will always be in my heart felt prayers . Tell my girl Odessa I love her And Black and Rona I miss them too . REST EASY IN PARADISE QUEEN

An Important member on my team

Shared by Pedeche Camille on April 8, 2021
She was always on my side. She always saw where I was  coming from whenever a big tiff happened. I’m gonna be missing the reasoning side on any argument from now on. She was my second mom and she made me feel just as special as one of her own kids.