Let the memory of Horace be with us forever
  • 76 years old
  • Born on March 22, 1928 in Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on March 18, 2005 in Texas, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Horace Brown 76 years old , born on March 22, 1928 and passed away on March 18, 2005. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Peggy Haleen on 18th March 2019
Sleep warm.
Posted by Lee Ann Williams on 18th March 2019
It still seems like only yesterday that Daddy was here. I still hear him sometimes. Just recently I could hear him telling me if you can't load the gun you don't need to have it. I miss him so dearly. There are so many times I start to do things and it reminds me of him. I dream of him and it seems so real I don't want to wake up. Years may pass but he will forever be in my heart. Glynda has found me a candle that smells of pipe tobacco. It is a wonderful memory every time I burn it. Love you Daddy !!
Posted by SAM BRIDGES on 18th March 2019
14 years ago my Father-In-Law received his reward of ETERNAL LIFE from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I have very fond memories of the things we did together. He and I loved lots of the same things. So comforting to know he gave his life to Jesus and we that know Him will receive the same. God Bless you Horace Brown I know you are enjoying your Salvation!
Posted by Glynda Williams on 22nd March 2018
Happy 90th Birthday Horace. Enjoy your day in Heaven
Posted by SAM BRIDGES on 22nd March 2018
I am proud to have known my Father in Law, we had some really good times together and I miss him. If he were here he and I would both be taking my grandkids hunting and fishing together. I know he is in a far better place but I do have my memories and I thank him for those good times.
Posted by Lee Ann Williams on 22nd March 2018
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY ! LOVE and MISS YOU ! Till WE meet again...
Posted by Lee Ann Williams on 19th March 2018
Today will be another day to mark your passing into Heaven. It will never be the same without you. I miss you so much. There are so many times I would love to sit down and talk. The grandbabies are growing and I know you watch over all of us. One day we can catch up. So much I do reminds me of you. Love you always! Miss you till we meet again.
Posted by Glynda Williams on 18th March 2018
Another year is upon us again. I never had the privilege of meeting you, but Lee Ann and Irean still remember EVERYTHING about you so I feel like I know you through them. They love you still to this day. When I get to Heaven that will be my time to finally meet you. Rest well
Posted by Lee Ann Williams on 18th March 2017
Another year has come and gone. This year I am more aware of how your life had been. After this surgery sitting and listening to birds, looking out the window. Years pass fast. Grandkids that you would have loved fill our hearts with joy. Till we meet again I will miss you dearly. Love you my daddy!
Posted by Lee Ann Williams on 22nd March 2016
Happy Birthday Daddy ! I know you watch over all of us and you are enjoying the time with family and friends once again... One day we will all together and sing praises to our Lord Jesus Christ... Till then I will miss you and love you always...
Posted by Glynda Williams on 22nd March 2016
Happy Birthday Horace,,,,,,,
Posted by SAM BRIDGES on 18th March 2016
Daddy, thinking of you today and the good times we had fishing and hunting. I think of you often. When I am in the deer stand I think "I wish Daddy could be with me he would really enjoy this place." I think of you often and love you always. Sam
Posted by Glynda Williams on 18th March 2016
Horace, as time passes both Lee Ann Irene think of you often as well as your friends and family that are still here. They all know that you are in a better place and they look foreword to the time when they will see you again. By their story I know that we would have had a good friends and would have made our own memories.
Posted by Lee Ann Williams on 18th March 2016
As I sit outside my rv in Livingston I think of how much my sweet Daddy you like to listen to the birds,watch the squirrels and enjoy the peacefulness of nature. Some days it seems forever since I heard your laugh or saw you smile. I still can hear you in my mind singing you are my sunshine or sitting with mama planning the day. I remember when you and Manson went fishing that time and brought in a load! Guess that's partly where I got liking the outdoor life so much. You are always missed and will be till God let's us be together again. Rest well we will have a lot of catching up to do. Love you!
Posted by Lee Ann Williams on 23rd March 2015
Daddy you may have been gone from this earth for 10 years but you will always be in my heart. It seems impossible sometimes to think it has been that long. I can still smell your pipe and see your smile, hear your laugh. Can't wait to see you again..... LOVE you always!
Posted by SAM BRIDGES on 23rd March 2015
I think about Daddy often and the great times we had. He wasn't just my Father in Law, he was my friend. We hunted and fished together. Like me those were his favorite past times. Sometimes I wish he was here so we could go hunting together again but I would not ask him to return from the Glorious place he is now. I am glad we made the memories we did together. Those can never be taken away.
Posted by Lee Ann Williams on 22nd March 2014
Another year has come and gone... Another year of missing you ! Happy Birthday ! I know in my heart your days are filled with joy, peace and no more earthly worries. I miss you daily ! One day we will all be together and have so much to enjoy !
Posted by Lee Ann Williams on 20th March 2014
I haven't been as good as I should have on making this site full of all the stories and life of all of Daddy's antedotes. HE was always into sooo much. I will try to sit down soon and add my memories. I invite all of you to do the same. IF you need any help getting into the site to add things please let me know. Share the site with whomever you would like to. I will add pictures you have if you want to add them just email them to me. Till we meet in Heaven Daddy will want to be a part of our lives.
Posted by Lee Ann Williams on 19th March 2014
I miss you my sweet Daddy but I know you are with me. I enjoy the dreams when I can see your sweet smile. It is so comforting to hear you laugh. You will always be close to my heart.
Posted by SAM BRIDGES on 19th March 2014
Today we remissness and recount the memories of days gone by with our Daddy. I miss him so badly. I thank God for the good memories and times we shared. His passing makes me realize that life is so short and we need to make good memories with our loved ones every chance we get. Once they are gone it is too late and we don't get a second chance. I miss my Daddy deeply. I love you Daddy. Irene
Posted by SAM BRIDGES on 19th March 2014
I miss Daddy too. I am so glad I got to know him. We had good times being together. We hunted and fished together because we had that in common. He treated me like a son and he was like a Daddy to me. He made me laugh. I thank God for making me a part of this family and for the love we share with one another. Sam
Posted by Samantha Bridges on 19th March 2014
I never got to meet him but feel as if I've known him a long time Irene has shared so many stories with me of him. I know she thinks of and misses him every day. I thank you for having brought this wonderfull woman into the world and I thank god for putting her in my life. I light this candle in your memory/
Posted by Glynda Williams on 18th March 2014
I know that Irene and Lee Ann still miss their Daddy everyday
Posted by Glynda Williams on 10th August 2012
I feel that I know you by listening to your daughters storys, you are the gleem in there eyes. And even after 5 years,they speak of you as if you were sitting next to them. They smile, cry and laugh out loud when they tell storys of you and Edna. Thank you for giving them memories they will carry with them always. Thank you for Lee Ann, I love her dearly. Until we meet.... Glynda
Posted by Peggy Haleen on 9th August 2012
Thank you for letting me be a part of making such a wonderful place for your Dear Loving Father's memories. Always in my thoughts!
Posted by Lee Ann Williams on 8th August 2012
Horace and Edna Brown, my loving parents.... Their years were hard but they were always together. We were blessed with many memories that can never be replaced. Daddy may be in heaven now but he is never far from my thoughts and always in my heart.

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