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To My Uncle Frank

August 22, 2018
  1. Hi Uncle frank found out you were on the memorial website So I wanted to say hi.You haven't seen me since I was 3 years old But Now I am 12 years old. And I'm in 7th grade.See ya When I get to heaven and talk to ya later on this memorial website.Love you Uncle Frank xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo.

My Memories of Uncle Frank

July 4, 2009
My memories of Uncle Frank were good ones. I remember as a child loving to listen to him tell stories. Not the ones like children listen to, but regular stories that would happen in a conversation. I remember that he would visit Grandmom and would talk for hours. What he talked about would interest me and I could not wait to see Uncle "Pud" -- yes, that seems like soooooo many years ago. It took me the longest time to get used to calling him Uncle Frank. He was such a joy to be around. Everyone loved him. When he had his stroke, I missed the old Uncle Frank but soon adjusted and grew to love him even more. I looked up to him like a father figure when both my father and step-father were gone. He became so much a part of my "immediate" family when he came to live with us. I could not think of home without thinking of him also. People thought that when I came to visit, I was just coming to visit Mom, but I was looking forward to visiting him also. When Nicholas was born, I seen a different side of him, a more loving side. He would joke and play with Nicholas and Nicholas would light up when he saw Uncle Frank. Nicholas really adored him. When he gets older and finally realizes that he is truely gone, he will really miss him, as I do now. I loved him so much and really did not realize the magnitude until he was finally gone. As this song says, He is "gone too soon". I love you and will miss you, Uncle Frank!!!

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