Posted by Dawn Miller on March 10, 2019
My name is Dawn Miller. I am Francis Warren’s oldest child from his first marriage with Sheila Poag.  I would really like to connect with the Warren side of my family. I know I have a half brother named Steven and a half sister who I have never met. I can be reached at I hope to hear from you.
Posted by Sharon Seward on November 20, 2016
Hi again Frank. I am so sorry that I missed your birthday. I also missed the boys birthday too I miss you more and more each day. There isn't a time that I wish you were here to talk to I need Gods help coping with this loss I know that you are having the time of your life there with Granny-Mom and Patsy. I deeply miss them also.Granny you were our rock and Mom you tried to keep us together the best way you knew how. And Patsy you were the one that I could talk to and sometimes we clashed.But it was done and over with. I miss all deeply wish you were still here. But God has you doing his work and I know you guys are taking care of things there. Love always Sharon. .
Posted by Sharon Seward on September 25, 2016
Dear Frank I know that this is a long time in between your death and me writing .There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss you. I miss those rides we took together and the talks that we had. I miss the hugs you would give me when I was feeling depressed ..That smile of yours and the laughter is all that kept me going. We enjoyed the time in the new house at Linda's we would sit for hours and watch the kids play.When Nicholas came there was a glow in your eyes and the baby really loved you. He is now 10 years old and we still talk about you. You had a heart of gold and never complained for your handicap you kept your promise that you would walk and you did it. I was and am so proud of you and all that you had accomplished in your years here. I miss you all the time and will never forget you for one minute. When I talk about you it's with so much pride . God be with you and save me a place when I get there. Please give hugs and kisses to the clan***Mom-Granny and Patsy.-and yourself  Love always   Sis Sharon
Posted by Kimberly Beckley on July 4, 2009
Uncle Frank, you will surely be missed. You were a very important part of my life. A second father when my father was no longer here. I will miss you. I will miss your smile. I Love You!

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