In loving memory of Howard H Bragdon.Loved amd missed forever
  • 61 years old
  • Born on July 27, 1895 in Lawrence, Indiana, United States.
  • Passed away on April 1, 1957 in Lawrence, Indiana, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Howard H Bragdon, 61, born on July 27, 1895 and passed away on April 1, 1957. He will be remembered by those who loved him forever and always..

Posted by Beverley R Bragdon on 16th January 2012
Will this never stop It is like a nightmare that won't end I am getting so tired of it. And neither Lana nor I have done anything. We have not posted anything, we have not put stuff on facebook, nor made phone calls. Nor turned the entire family against them. And most of all, bothered stuff on graves. What I wouldn't give for PEACE! I have found another site for youL Love you daddy.
Posted by Lana Bragdon on 8th January 2012
I am sorry that your Daughter has to deal with such nonsense from people like this .
Posted by Beverley R Bragdon on 7th January 2012
Moved, once again. I hope you are happy
Posted by Beverley R Bragdon on 6th January 2012
You don't seem to realize that anyone could take the information on his birth certificate and create a new identiy and cause all manner of problems. That should never be put on a public forum. Just please, leave me alone. I have enough to deal with in my life without this. Bob is gone, and nothing you or your wife do can change that. So, it is time to move on and stop all this BS!.
Posted by Beverley R Bragdon on 6th January 2012
Greg, in case you get in here again. You keep insisting that Bob was my brother. I don't believe that I have ever said he wasn't. Just like you and Michelle keep insisting the he was her father. And no one at any time has ever said he wasn't. And since you seem to want to spend money to collect documents, would you like to have my divorce papers? Or my birth certificate?
Posted by Beverley R Bragdon on 5th January 2012
She knew Bob was not Daddy's. And she did tell all of us kids that back in the early 70's.Yes, Diana knows it too. Any document is only as true as the person giving the information.And that paper has no business being put on a public forum. And I don't care who or what Lana is. She is a friend to me. So, Leave me alone and stay off my Daddy's site, or I will shut it down too!
Posted by Beverley R Bragdon on 5th January 2012
Greg: I don't know how you found this site, and I really don't care. Bob was not a sister to anyone as you state in your text. And I know he was our brother. And yes, he was born as a Bragdon. But he had not one drop of Bragdon blood in him. And I don't need a copy of the birth certificate. I have one. And it is not worth the paper it is printed on because mom lied on there.
Posted by Greg Miller on 4th January 2012
I also wanted to let you know that you said that you hoped that your Dad Howard has seen your brother Bob, Well, he is your brother, Sonny's brother, Donnie's brother and Diana's sister, Charlenes sister, and Lois's sister BECAUSE he was born a BRAGDON !!!! We have the birth certificate to prove it, if you would like to see it or even better yet, have a copy of it. Just let me know. Greg
Posted by Greg Miller on 4th January 2012
Hi Beverly !!! Just to let you are NOT Lana's sister-in-law !!! I Just got their divorce papers yesterday. Just thought i would stop by and say HELLLOOOOOOOOO :-) Greg

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