Let the memory of howard be with us forever
  • 91 years old
  • Born on September 3, 1920 in philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • Passed away on June 15, 2012 in mt.ephraim, New Jersey, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, howard christinzio 91 years old , born on September 3, 1920 and passed away on June 15, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Annette Christinzio - Sea... on 22nd December 2018
Merry Christmas Dad! Wishing you were with me during this holiday season, but I feel you are, in my heart , prayers and thoughts. Watch over me, give me your wisdom and strength to overcome problems I am experiencing. Together, I know I can overcome the obstacles and move on. I miss and love you and it is hard to realize you and mom are not here. Someday, I will be reunited with both of you. Loving you, missing you always. Love, Annette, your daughter.
Posted by Annette Christinzio - Sea... on 4th September 2018
Happy Birthday Dad! You are lovingly thought of today and missed so much. You are in my thoughts daily and prayers. Thank you for the butterfly and penny acknowledging you knew I was thinking and speaking to you. You are my heart and I miss you so much, more than you can ever imagine.,Loving you, your daughter Annette. xoxoxo
Posted by Annette Christinzio - Sea... on 18th June 2017
Happy Father's Day! Dad, you are remembered, missed and loved not only today, but everyday. I miss our talks, your wit, how helpful you have always been to me...my heart aches, the road of my life is lost and I am all alone. Guide me, be with me until I can be with you and mom...love you always. Today is a sad memory for me, another Father's day without you. love you always..your daughter, Annette xoxo
Posted by Annette Christinzio - Sea... on 5th September 2016
Happy Birthday Dad! Another year without you and I am sad...remembering how we all gathered together and celebrated your birthday with your favorite Coconut Cream Cake....you had a smile from ear to ear. These memories will forever be in my mind and you in my heart...I miss you so much that my heart continues to ache and my eyes cry...I love you, miss you and continue to guide me from the heavens....xoxo your daughter, Annette
Posted by Annette Christinzio - Sea... on 15th June 2016
Dad....another anniversary date and Father's Day weekend..the tears from my eyes and sorrow in my heart is never ending. Again, memories of happier times spent with you, talking, laughing and the cinnamon buns with tea we shared every time we were together.. I miss you more and more each and every year..Forever you and mom will be in my heart and thoughts. Guide and walk close to me in my life, as I continue to need your strength and guidance. I look forward to sleep at night as I can dream of you and mom...by morning I feel comforted. Missing you and loving you both...your daughter, Annette
Posted by Annette Christinzio - Sea... on 11th June 2016
Dad, Happy Father's Day...I realize it is early wishing you a Happy Father's Day, but you are on my mind and in my thoughts daily. The month of June in which you passed is hurtful to me, and over and over in my head I relive you leaving me on the 15th of June. Oh, how I wish for one more time to hear your voice, talk with you, see you and spend time with you..I cherish our conversations about many things...you were so intelligent and supported me through good and bad times of my life. I truly never realized how lonely and alone I would be or feel without you being here for me. I miss you, and say a prayer for you and mom everyday. I carry you both in my heart and thoughts daily. I am so sad to lose great parents like you both, my tears are daily and the memories of us all together are locked in my heart. One more day is all I wish for....one more day.....love and miss you. Your daughter, Annette xo
Posted by Annette Christinzio - Sea... on 3rd September 2015
Happy Birthday Dad! What use to be a happy day is now a happy memory of past birthdays spent with you. I had a dream of you last nite and you were thanking Richie and I for a birthday cookie tin that plays Happy Birthday! I have that cookie tin, which I received on my birthday in August...I know you came to visit then and last nite. I miss and love you. Thank you for visiting me, it brings much comfort to continue to share with you. Happy Birthday, your loving daughter, Annette xoxo
Posted by Annette Christinzio - Sea... on 15th June 2015
Dad...today flooded me with so many memories of happier times spent with you..it is the 3rd anniversary of your passing. And again, this weekend is Father's Day and you are not here to share it with me. I miss you, think of you daily and wish I could spend time with you. My only joy, which bought tears to my eyes today, was a white butterfly that followed me all over the yard. I know you heard me say, "Thanks for visiting Dad! I know it was you, and I was happy even if it was for a short time. I know you are paling around with your buddy Nicky B. as he left the earth last March. You guys are having a fun time. Stay close to me as I continue to need your assistance, caring and love. I miss you so much, my heart aches. Thanks again for the visit today, it brought me comfort and I believe. Love ya, your daughter Annette.
Posted by Marie CuCulino on 10th March 2015
Michael, Pete & I were thinking about you the other day and talking about the great times we had with you & Florence growing up. priceless memories never to be forgotten.You were so much like daddy and I know your paling around together once again, May you rest in peace as i know you are.
Posted by Annette Christinzio - Sea... on 8th September 2014
Happy Birthday dad! I thought of you most of the day, and said a "special birthday prayer" for you. I see you in my mind daily and only wish I could spend another day with you to talk, share thoughts and listen to your inspiring wisdom. Oh, how I cry for the chance of "one more time." You are always with me, and when I see an unusual butterfly, out of nowhere, come towards me, I know it is you visiting me, I then, don't feel alone. I know you are there. Miss and love you, happy birthday! Light and Blessings, I love you.....your daughter
Posted by Annette Christinzio - Sea... on 16th June 2014
Dad...Happy Father's Day! It's been two years since you have gone. It continues to feel like yesterday. You are sadly missed by me everyday and night. Today is empty without you, only memories. Oh, how I miss you and still continue to need you in my life...my heart breaks and tears flow from my eyes. You were a good father, grandfather to Richie and husband. It was your time to leave this earth, but I was not ready for you to go. One day I will see you and Mom again. Missing you so much. Stay close to me for continuance of guidance, help and strength. I love and miss you.
Posted by Arthur Mercurio on 24th August 2013
Annette, I never recall meeting you, but I knew your dad. He and my father Art were childhood freinds in S. Philadelphia many many years ago, I can remember your dad stopping by here in Collingswood and they would both talk of the things they did as kids. Your dad was such a nice person. I lost my dad Art Mercurio in January of this year too. I can only think they are together in heaven
Posted by Annette Christinzio - Sea... on 16th June 2013
Dad, Happy Father's Day! It is 1 year since you left. It was not easy when you did go, and it is not any easier today. I miss you more than ever! You were my strength, my eyes, you carried me through all situations I encountered, most of all I miss "my best friend and confidant. I will miss you and mom forever. I love you both so much! Help and stay close with me. lv u, your daughter
Posted by Annette Christinzio - Sea... on 25th January 2013
Gone too soon, in a blink of the eye, you were gone..I love you, you were my wisdom, strength and courage. Thank you for the last 12 years of guiding me, being there for me and raising me to be the woman I am today. I will always love and miss you. My heart is broken and the road of my life is lost. Guide and walk with me in my life path and continue to be my strength through hard times

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