Posted by Siuling Zhang on April 14, 2021
昨天下午带你回到Naples, 你是那样的期待着在这里安度退休后的日子。
Posted by Lisa Christopher Stine on March 25, 2021
I was so very sorry to hear of Dr. Zhang’s untimely passing. He and his lovely wife have been sustaining visionary supporters of our medical research for the last decade at the Johns Hopkins Myositis Center. Together, they established an enduring research fund that would go on to allow us to unlock many mysteries of myositis and related lung diseases. Through their generous support, we have been able to better understand the pathophysiology of these cryptic illnesses, improve diagnostic testing, and enhance treatments and outcomes for our patients. We published well over 100 scientific papers together as a team. We grew from a small Center of just 4 doctors in 2007 to now 13 physicians and researchers. Our research was exciting to young physicians who joined the effort to study these challenging and complex illnesses. This excitement was a direct result of the data we were able to gather from the funding support we were given. We had the ability to pursue important research questions that were at times deemed too early for federal grant support. It was through these early studies that we were able to get needed pilot data to secure federal funding to go on to do further studies. Our research is often quoted worldwide. Indeed, I have been fortunate to give talks on six continents teaching the world about what we have learned in the field of autoimmune muscle diseases. We owe a debt of gratitude that could not adequately be repaid in these words. Please know that I will miss Dr. Zhang‘s quiet smile. I loved the interaction between him and his wife. As a physician, I had the privilege of knowing him in a medical capacity, but more importantly, getting to know him and Ms. Zhang as the amazing people that they are was the real joy. My condolences to the entire family, including his beautiful children. As always, I wish we had more time together; however, I carry him with me every day as I try to do better for every patient with myositis. His vision will have a lasting legacy on every patient who is touched by this disease. I am a better person for having known Dr. Zhang.
Posted by Siuling Zhang on March 23, 2021
34th Anniversary
Posted by Mike Yaeger on March 22, 2021
Dear Siuling, thank you for sharing this and allowing each of us to share our stories of the wonderful man you and your children loved so deeply. Huayi (or "Dr. Zhang" as our team referred to for the first few years until he said "Mike, we are friends, it is Huayi!") was a gentle, calm, brilliant and humble man. I was happy for your family when he said he was going to be spending more time in Naples but I also know how much he loved his work and the impact his research will leave. We will miss Huayi and will keep your family in our thoughts and prayers!
Posted by Mark Rhoades-Brown on March 20, 2021
So very sad to hear of Huayi’s passing, a good friend and colleague for over twenty years. Chatting in his office was always so enjoyable as he shared his many different views on a wide variety of subjects. His sense of humor and insight made these gatherings so memorable. 
Our thoughts are with Siuling and family at this sad time.
Posted by Hong Xue on March 20, 2021




Posted by Lucy Wu on March 19, 2021
RIP Huayi
Posted by Eric Liu on March 16, 2021

科大774 刘万东

Posted by Ming Zhao on March 16, 2021
It was with great sadness and shock as I learned of Huayi's passing. Though never close to his family, we spent our many lunches together and talked on a wide range of topics. He would always call me Little Ming, in a very endearing way.

He was a guiding figure in many areas of life. When talking about current affairs, he always provided his insight and philosophy but never tried to argue or judge. Always, by thinking over his words, I obtained a new perspective. He also talked about how he missed the times he held his tiny baby daughter, he encouraged me to spend more time to form a tight bond with my toddler. "Don't miss out any moment or you will regret" he said, I followed. He also talked about the time both of his parents passed away when he was just 15, "it was like the whole world crumbled", all with a gentle smile.

Never once he complained about his own illness or boasted his many achievements and philanthropy. I remembered, me, not knowing his illness and also because he always looked cheerful, invited him for an after lunch walk, which was hilly and long. He hesitated but said "let's go". Then I saw him obviously could not catch his breath after a short distance. I wanted to turn back but he said "let's go on". Later, I often found him taking walks by himself after lunch, and was able to walk faster and in longer distance by time. Eventually we could all finish the walk side by side. I thought he must have fully recovered from whatever he had. Around then, his face would lit up talking about his fondness of the food and weather of Florida, where he would choose to retire. I was so happy for him.

Then this news hit. I still can't quite believe it. Huayi, you will be missed!
Posted by Jenny hop ping Eng on March 16, 2021

Posted by yang zhang on March 16, 2021

Posted by yang zhang on March 16, 2021

Posted by Manli Yeh on March 15, 2021
I was very sad to learn of Huayi's passing. I can never forget how Huayi and Siuling graciously welcomed us when our group relocated from CA to NY. They opened their house to us all and made sure we felt not alone in our new environment. Huayi and Siuling also showed us by example how happy a family could be living and working in Long Island.

Although we were not in the same group, whenever we talked, Huayi was always a tremendous source of information, not only about work, but about philosophy, religion and other matters as well. His family's donation to Stony Brook University for Endowed Chairs in microbiology and rheumatology was a demonstration of his knowledge based generosity that accomplished something both specific and substantive.

Huayi's extraordinary knowledge and wise counsel, coupled with his generous, kind and humble nature will be missed by everyone.
Posted by Feng Xiong on March 15, 2021
Really sad to learn about Huayi's passing. Huayi had always been so kind to people around him. He had also contributed very generously to medical research, which will surely help many people in the future. He will be missed.
Posted by Kresimir Penavic on March 15, 2021
It was with sadness I have received the news of Huayi's passing. Suiling, please accept my sincerest condolences and kindly pass them to your children and the rest of the family. He will be missed.
Posted by Grace Tschang on March 15, 2021
我们六姐妹在遥远的加卅送上最深摯的悼念與祝福。❤️❤️ 榕表姐敬上
Posted by zhuangyi liu on March 15, 2021
化一走了,走得平静安详, 留给大家的却是无尽的思念 ...

我和化一自幼在上海是一墙之隔的邻居;青少年时代志趣相投,是学习的伙伴;1977年恢复高考时为备考而朝夕相处, 一起憧憬未来, 共享了梦想成真的喜悦; 多年后又在美国读研时相聚为室友,乃至结婚成家,其缘分延拓到了各自的家庭。我们之间有太多太多的故事...

Posted by Susan(Xiaojing) Hu on March 15, 2021
Posted by Xiazhi Zhang on March 15, 2021


Posted by Deborah Lowen-Klein on March 15, 2021
Dear Siuling,

All of us at Stony Brook were so sorry to hear of your loss. We are so grateful for Huayi's philanthropy which will be a lasting legacy to his generosity and vision.  We will miss him and remember him. warmest regards, Deborah Lowen-Klein
Posted by Yao Liu on March 15, 2021
Honored to know you as a great neighbor, big brother and fantastic teacher ❤️ Rest In Peace ✌️
Posted by Bala Swaminathan on March 15, 2021
I remember not just our interactions during the company trips but when you taught me and helped me with a nuanced problem. Good memories. All I can say is, "it is too soon."
Posted by Yukai Du on March 15, 2021
虽憾未拜见张先生,但早已从秀玲口中知悉张先生的和蔼、仁厚、善良,仿佛与他相识多年。惊闻张先生仙逝,悲痛万分,愿他一路走好,天堂得以永生。愿秀玲和家人节哀顺变,保重身体。    郑晓薇  叩首
Posted by Lidan Li on March 15, 2021
See you down the road.
Posted by 张 大镇 on March 15, 2021
    在阳和启蜇、品物皆春之时,我们将送别化一,心中除了深切的不舍和痛惜,更多的是无限的怀念!化一赴美后,一直关心生活在国内的哥哥姐姐,他和秀玲还邀请我们去美探亲。回想起2014年我们在长岛度过的欢聚时光,一切均历历在目。我们一起用餐,一起聊天;化一带我们去他工作的公司参观,每到一处都作详细介绍,如数家珍,我们能感受到他对公司满满的深情!我们也亲眼看到作为公司元老受到员工对他的尊敬!我们还去参观了他和秀玲捐资的医院,感受到他们博大的慈爱之心!当他亲自驾艇带我们游览海湾时,他爽朗的笑声仍似在耳边回响……点点滴滴…人生价值不是用时间,而是用深度去衡量的,化一的一生是有深度的,充满了对事业的执着、对生活的热爱、对家人的关怀、对朋友的诚挚、对慈善的奉献!人生本相同,却有完全不同的生命轨迹,而化一的人生轨迹是灿烂的!虽然他将离我们而去,但他的生命将在奉献中延续,他的精神将在人世间永存!化一永远活在我们心中!愿化一一路走好!张大镇 杨辛 率全家
Posted by Fang Wang on March 15, 2021
Posted by Audrey Gan on March 14, 2021
TJ and I are deeply saddened by the passing of Huayi. Huayi and Siuling were one of the first friends we got to know when we moved to Long Island from North Carolina 7 years ago. Huayi has been an amazing and dedicated husband and father to his family. He is a man of many talents - a physicist, a mathematician, a scientist and a trading system specialist. Above all he is a philanthropist whose generosity and support has made a significant contribution to research in immunology and rheumatology which will benefit and improve the lives of many. His positive impact on the community and society at large will be felt for many generations to come.

TJ and Audrey Gan
Posted by Ying-He Liu on March 14, 2021
Although I hardly spoke with Huayi I knew him from decades ago on various occasions. In recent year I befriended his wife Siuling through travel in Europe. Through Siuling I have been keenly aware of the heroic struggle with the illness Huayi had gone through. What a remarkable human being. A very wise and generous man! May his soul test in peace. May God bless his marvelous family!
Posted by Fengshuo Lan on March 14, 2021






Posted by Biqin Li on March 14, 2021
怀念化一 Remembering Huayi
我们在Naples有幸通过朋友认识了化一,他和秀玲对人的诚恳和热情使我们很快成了好朋友,化一身患疾病,但从来不提自己的病情,跟我们在一起的时候总是高高兴兴的,为我们做咖啡喝,跟我们一起乐。化一从不炫耀自己的成功和富有,总是那么谦虚低调,跟他在一起很自如,没有担心和拘谨。 好遗憾好心痛化一这么快就离开了我们,但他会一直活在我们心中!
Posted by Qingping Yao on March 14, 2021
It was with great sadness to hear and see that Dr. Huayi Zhang passed away. We are so sorry to lose a best friend.
Dr. Zhang loved science and was truly a brilliant scientist. He made significant contributions to scientific research, and his love of science and extraordinary intelligence brought him a rich and successful career. Huayi should have taken pride in his great accomplishments.
As dedicated philanthropist, Huayi donated precious fortunes to several academic institutions for scientific discovery and research. Those who have greatly benefited from the generous donations are and will be forever grateful. Huayi's selfless dedication and giving will be remembered forever.
We will miss a kind soul and low-profile character.
In loving memory of Dr. Huayi Zhang.
Posted by President NYCTCM on March 14, 2021




                                     陈业孟 敬挽(2021年3月14日)
Posted by Qibao Song on March 14, 2021
刚刚得悉化一突然离我们而去,心情无比沉痛,无法相信这是事实。化一是我们的亦师亦友。他 心地善良,有学识,有见地,使我们学到了很多很多。化一,我们永远怀念你!长歌当哭,逝者逝亦。天堂路远,愿化一一路走好。
Posted by Bin Xu on March 14, 2021
Posted by Haihe Tian on March 14, 2021
田海河 代表全美中医药学会ATCMA全体理事和会员 敬挽
Posted by LIBANG ZHANG on March 14, 2021
Posted by 张 大镇 on March 14, 2021
大镇 叩首
Posted by Jo Wu on March 14, 2021
虽然没有见过张化一表姐夫的面, 但从亲戚朋友及大家的 tributes 中,深深地感受到他的人品、才能及慈善心。得知他的善举已经开始造福社会及患者, 他会放心含笑九泉,安息无病无痛的天堂! 愿表姐夫一路走好!
Posted by Fiona Lee on March 14, 2021
Uncle Huayi was an incredibly warm and generous man with a brilliant mind. Someone I inspired to be growing up. Thank you for the kindness he has shown me over the years. I will always treasure his memories.
Posted by Min Zheng on March 14, 2021
张化一先生是我的妹夫。他为人大度 慷慨,长期以来作为女婿的他,对妻子老年父母的照顾在经济上做了非常大贡献,使得她们安享晚年,生活無憂。谢谢化一。
妹夫一路好走。郑民 叩首。
Posted by Fuchun Zhang on March 14, 2021
Huayi was a calm and enthusiastic thinker, a great friend. He is sorely remembered.     Fuchun Zhang

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