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This memorial website was created in memory of My Daddy, Hubert Nwokolo 75 years old, born on January 14, 1946 and passed away on January 13, 2021.
Posted by Dumga Dumga on February 2, 2021
My dearest Uncle Hubert, you remained a strong father figure in my life. You and Aunty Uche stood for me in my early days in Phc.  Thank you for all the counselling. Thank you for adding your prestigious presence to my life. Thank you for your sincere care; it was from you that I learned first-hand the practical way to "love your neighbour as you love yourself". You taught me how not to make political statements but rather to say what I mean. Thank you for all the good people I met through you. Thank you for never forgetting me...I often wondered how you did it, to remember everyone though your circle is large! I still cry when i remember a phone call from a lady I never knew, when you left for your last cross-posting, saying you asked her to always check on me and be close to me since you were leaving Phc. My God, so thoughtful! You and Aunty always ask after me little wonder at the wake of this unfortunate pandemic I got a message from Aunty asking if I had left Kazakhstan and if all was well with me. Only a father and mother would do that. God bless you. Chinedu, Chinazo and I are truly grateful.

I had no clue it will end like this. I was taken unawares. How can this be??? My strong Uncle! You taught me how to beat jet lag! I used your technique to appear fresh at work after a long haul flight. I still can't believe I will never see you again to discuss issues of life. Well, it's all in God's hands. Rest on dear Uncle Hubert. Enjoy worshipping at the feet of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. May the grace and peace of the Lord embrace Aunty Uche; I pray the Holy Spirit to embrace and comfort all you left behind. Amen.

Lots of love,
Chidumga Okoye

Posted by Maduka Ekpunobi on February 2, 2021
Tribute to Uncle and Grand Uncle Hubert.......from Maduka Ekpunobi & family

To say we were shocked and saddened when we received the sad news of your passing which occurred on the 13th of January 2021 would be an understatement. We were absolutely devastated.
You were our ever smiling, loving, caring and friendly uncle, grand uncle, and father all those years back in Shell Residential Area, Port Harcourt. Your passing brings great sorrow to us and we cannot understand why it had to happen now but as the scripture admonishes us to do in all things, we return all glory to almighty God who it pleased to bless you with a long, fruitful, and fulfilled life.
Uncle and grand uncle Hubert, you loved us and cared for us. Your house was always open to us and even though they did not have age mates in your house, the children enjoyed visiting you regularly to play with you and grand aunty Uche. You were there for us and always gave us wise counsel which played a significant role in shaping our, and in particular, the children’s lives. Your life was exemplary and worthy of emulation and we are privileged to have benefited a great deal and learnt a lot from you, for which we will remain eternally grateful.
We recollect with nostalgia the occasion of your 70th birthday celebration in Port Harcourt in January 2016 when we were all there dancing and rejoicing with you. We were looking forward to being part of your 80th birthday celebration but it has pleased the Lord to recall you to His everlasting kingdom.
Fare thee well uncle and grand uncle Hubert. You have fought a good fight, you have finished the race, you have kept the faith, and you have bowed out in honour and glory. You left a legacy of love and care which will continue to guide us in life.
To aunty and grand aunty Uche, and our cousins Ugo, Ada, Chima and Uzo, we extend our sincere heartfelt condolences. May the good Lord comfort you and give you the strength to bear the sad loss.

- Ifeanyi, Ebuka, Chizom, Tonia and Maduka EKPUNOBI

Posted by Chinwe Onyeka on February 2, 2021
This is a tribute so difficult for me to write.
Uncle Hubert, what can I say about you that has not been said?
I first met you during your wedding to our beloved Auntie Uche, my Mum's kid sister. At first sight, everyone fell in love with your captivating smile. Everything about you was excellent.
I have always wondered if you have ever had any misunderstanding with your darling-darling (as you call yourselves). Your marriage to Auntie Uche was "Made in Heaven".
Your beautiful home was open to everyone.
When Mummy was living in Houston, you and Auntie took so much care of her. Her refrigerator was always filled with assorted food dishes from your house. Even when she moved to Florida, you were instrumental to mailing massive containers of soup to Mummy.
You were filled with love for all members of our family and we equally appreciated and loved you.
We prayed and prayed for your recovery and when it happened, many of us almost questioned God because we wanted you to still be with us. 
As it has pleased your God whom you faithfully served to call you home, we submit to His will.
You are one in a million and we will sorely miss you dear Uncle Hubert, a perfect gentleman and a child of God to the core. Just know that we will forever love you!!!
Jee ije gi nke oma.

Posted by Uchechukwuka Emmanuel Odi... on February 2, 2021
My handsome Grandpa.

I thank God our parts crossed, you impacted my life in some many ways, your advice, jokes and most importantly your open and welcoming arms towards all.(hospitality)

You were a true definition of humility even at your age you treated all with so much respect and love.

Thank you for all you were to my family and I.
we love you!!!
rest on grandpa.
Posted by DENNIS IGBOKO on February 1, 2021


I met Mazi Hubert Nwokolo as a teenager in Port Harcourt during the Biafran War when he visited his aunt (Stanley Okoronkwo’s mother). We reconnected in Enugu when I would visit their family in Coal Camp. His friendship over the years is something I will always cherish.

One poignant memory occurred after my mom’s passing in Amuvi Arochukwu. Mazi came by to pay condolences to our family and encourage me. On three different occasions he came by when I wasn’t there, a point he made in a note he gave my sister! Fortunately, his willingness to make a fourth attempt was a visit that comforted my heart and strengthened my faith. I’m so thankful for his persistence and will always cherish his words of wisdom.

Mazi Hubert Nwokolo was a larger-than-life figure to me, a rare breed, the patriarch of his family and a gift to Amuvi Village. I see him as a beacon on the hill, as a light and shining example to everyone who met him. He was a giver, not a taker, and poured his life into those around him. He represented the best in us….we have truly lost a Giant.

We thank his family for allowing us to share this wonderful man—his kindness and generosity—over the years. May the memories we have shared together, especially with AFNA, continue to be a source of strength and comfort as we mourn this tremendous loss.

May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace in the bosom of his Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

By: Dennis Ume Igboko and Family.
Posted by Cyril Orji on February 1, 2021
The news of Hubert's death came as a rude shock to me and my family. It was indeed one of those most unexpected deaths. Hubert was a prominent son of Amuvi Arochukwu. In every conceivable human aspect, he was very successful. As a younger person, he had that unusual skill of being both a first class student and a first class athlete. Hubert's death is still hard to accept. But it's God's time and not ours. Shakespeare tells us in Macbeth that "life's but a walking shadow." Referring to Hubert in the past tense should make us all come to the realization that life is nothing than "a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more."

We pray to God for the repose of Hubert's soul.

Cyril & Adanma Orji
Jackson, NJ
Posted by Ego Anya on February 1, 2021
Uncle oooooo, I have struggled for two weeks now to write a tribute but failed each time.

Even the knowledge that he is with Jesus now has not helped to dull the pain of his passing. Uncle just left too soon. To think that I will not see him nor hear his voice again while still here is unthinkable.
He had a unique way of touching lives. Knowing him was a blessing itself. He indeed lived with eternity in view.

Uncle you will be missed greatly, but I thank God because I knowv you are with Jesus Christ where there will be no sorrow, pain or sickness of any kind.

Aunty Uche, I pray that our God (who works in mysterious ways to perform His wonders) will in His infinite mercy take care of you and all yours.
Posted by Joy Iheobi on February 1, 2021

Uncle, “Fear God and you will have nothing else to fear” are the very words you put on the wall of your office in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
As a beacon of light you lived out every letter of the above phrase on a daily basis to the glory of God.
Your dedication to knowing God and making him known was so palpable, contagious and a challenge to us all.

Godliness was your true identity;
Humility was your daily garment;
Love , generosity, care and sacrifice for all was your every day language and act;
Integrity was your lifestyle;
Humour was your way of lifting up every heart around you.
The beautiful life you lived and the very many souls you touched can not be put to words. 

May the good Lord strengthen and comfort Aunty Uche , your entire family and the body of Christ.

You are forever loved, cherished and missed.
Rest gloriously in your Father’s Peace and love ❤️
Adieu Uncle
Posted by Chris Iheobi on February 1, 2021
Hubert was a senior colleague in Shell Petroleum in Nigeria. He was remarkable in sharing his Christian faith by words and his lifestyle. 
He was equally lively with rib-cracking jokes that will remain evergreen in my memory.

Your exemplary life will remain a challenge to all of us.

Rest in the everlasting peace in the bosom of the the Lord Jesus. Amen.

Posted by Doris Onyia on February 1, 2021
It is very hard to believe that you are no more.
I know by Gods grace you are in heaven with your maker.
  I and my family will never forget you , you are indeed a great respected man.
With tears dropping out of my eyes I say rest in peace sir.
You will surely be missed forever sir.
   I pray that God almighty will console your wife and your entire family in Jesus mighty name Amen.
     Chiamaka, and Charles Onyia.
Posted by uzor oparaku on February 1, 2021
Daddy Nwokolo! as he is fondly called by many or almost everyone at African Christian Fellowship Houston Chapter, blessed me and my children tremendously while I was in the United States for my SJD studies. He impacted my life in a manner and magnitude that I will never forget. I have since learnt to love and give of my resources and self without expecting anything in return just as he love me and my children without expecting anything in return from a poor Nigerian student. I was hoping that I will see you again when I visit Houston, but alas heaven had other plans. Sleep on Sir! till we meet to part no more. You are forever missed Sir. Dr Uzoma Prince-Oparaku
Posted by Joy Njoku on February 1, 2021
Elder Hubert I find it deficult to stop crying for your death. Glory to God you are in His bossom. Yourlove mercy compassion and help to my family is indelible in my family's heart.You were another father to the family. My children are still crying. God will comfort and console my sister Uche and your children.It's like a dream. Rest in the Lord.
Posted by Damian Orji on January 31, 2021
Hubert was a dedicated Uchegbuom and Amuvi son. We will miss him a lot. May his soul rest in peace
Damian Orji and Family.
Posted by Cleopatra Ogbonnaya on January 31, 2021
Mazi, nwokeoma, gentleman, peaceful, humble, faithful servant of the God. A man of honor and integrity, one of a kind. Encourages you to do the right things, and Admonishes you with love when you're wrong. Proud Ugwuaro, ezigbo mmadu. Words fail my family, cried, asked why, puzzled, in awe of this horrible news. I remember when you told me that you gave your life to Christ in 1968. What a testimony. Rest on Sir, rest on. God called you home. God called you home. May God comfort us all, especially your immediate family. Auntie Uche, kawooo. . Still not believing it. 

Maz Emmanuel and Adamazi Ngwanma Nnadozie. 
Posted by Ugo Nwokolo on January 31, 2021

Daddy Hubert is among the few Original born again believers with a difference from Nigeria and especially in this times. He walked his talk in faith and practice while on this earth.

He is greatly courageous, firm, and amiably illustrious Nigerian who met and saw opportunities, rights and privileges. He never used it to suppress or subvert justice against the lowly. He was listener, open and accessible that placed him among the reachable in heart and physically.

Furthermore, his humility, simplicity,credibility, truthfulness added to huge sense of humour and peaceful disposition are remarkably classic, memorable and evergreen to many hearts.

Daddy Hubert is lovingly receptive, very frank, openminded in listening to the core of issues in a fatherly approach. He is one in millions. An elder statesman that were got honoured among the church and multiple communities he lived, worked and served. 

His life is truly God's reflective love that is emulative. We will miss him as Family, NIFES and the global church from USA back to Nigeria
Rest in the blessed bosom of Lord, the man of peace, and and epitome of love and service. Till we come. PEACE

Posted by Ugo Nwokolo on January 31, 2021

Late Hubert Nwokolo while working with Shell in Warri, became a member of our Ministry in the late 1970s. He was a principled, transparent, and sincere brother. He loved the Lord and loved the brethren.

He took time to visit the brethren irrespective of tribe, and class. He was humble and caring.
He led our Family Life Programme for many years and helped build up many young Christian families. He was a marvelous family life counselor. Families with problems found solutions when they sought him for counseling.

While he was in Norway, he came to Nigeria to buy a house. In 1992 when my late wife was in need of an accommodation to establish her long-standing vision of an orphanage, brother Hubert called us late 1992 and asked if she has found an accommodation for the orphanage. 

My late wife told him, she was yet to find a place. He then said the house he just bought in “Bendel” Estate was available to her. He told her how to get the keys. That is how Kings Kids Compassion Home got the present accommodation.

Late November 2020, when I called him, he asked if the orphanage was still on. When I answered in the affirmative, he then reminded me of what he had told me earlier. “ You can continue to use the house for the orphanage. However, if you decide to shut down the orphanage, please return the house to my children”. What a sacrifice! For 28 years we have used the house without paying a cent. 

Surely this will go to his account in Heaven.
When he was transferred to Port Harcourt, his home was a resting place for many including me.
He was an outspoken man at work as at anywhere else. There was an issue at work that led to the General Manager of Shell Nigeria, promoting his subordinate to become his boss. The intention was to frustrate him to resign. However, Hubert chose not to resign but submit to his new boss. 

That act was a great shock to many who heard it. I believe that act led to his being seconded to a Sister Company in the U.S.A. What was intended to humiliate him turned out to elevate him and relocate him to the U.S.A. where his children were already.
Late Hubert Nwokolo was a man who affected my life in no small way. We at Souls Harvesters Ministries loved him and his family.
When we heard of his ill-health, we prayed earnestly for his recovery. However, the Lord who has the final say, allowed him to depart from this earth to his heavenly home prepared for him.
We surely miss Hubert Nwokolo and trust that God will comfort his wife, Uche and his lovely children.
Adieu, Hubert.

Rev. Emmanuel Onofurho
General Overseer
Souls Harvesters Ministries
Warri, Delta State. 
Posted by Mercy Echemazu on January 31, 2021
The great, Legend, Hero, loving and caring.
What is the measure of a man? Is it the amount of money he has? The possessions he owns and the power he holds? Is it the professional success he’s achieved over the years?

I don’t believe it is any of these things. The true measure of a man is how much love he gives; how selflessly he shares whatever he can to help others; how consistently he lifts up those around him with a kind word, a funny joke, a compliment, a humble ear or the very shoes off his feet.
Your happiness and love will remain in our hearts.
May your soul rest in peace in the bossom of the lord.
Mercy Echemazu
Posted by Ugo Nwokolo on January 31, 2021

        Hubert was an all-rounder in Dennis Memorial Grammar School(DMGS) Onitsha in the Sixties. He was a Senior Prefect of the School in 1964 and 1966 in the Upper Sixth Form.

   Yet he was very popular among his peers, other students and even staff. Like the sometime popular cliche – “For this corner he dey there and for that corner he dey there”, Hubert was a star in Sports particularly the 220 and 440 Metres Race.

  He was also a good Jumper and flew over the Hurdles Race with ease. He also participated actively in Football while he shined seriously in the game of Hockey. His involvement with Sporting Activities and School Administration did not distract him from winning Academic Laurels. He was one of the few excellent Nigerian Scholars sponsored by the Shell Company in British Universities.
         Although Hubert was one year my Senior in School, he was a good friend and companion as we both enjoyed the holidays at Umuahia where our parents lived, just a seven minutes walk from each other. Indeed, he used that period to mentor me on rudiments of Calculus and Additional Mathematics relevant for a successful undergraduate study in the Physical sciences.
        Engineer Hubert Okugo Nwokolo (Hugo) as some of us called him, gave his life to Christ and grew spiritually and in other dimensions. I was excited when a few years later he got married to my “twin” sister Uche Ezekwesili. They have both lived happily since then.
      The couple touched many lives positively. I had the privilege of being part of the Bible Study group in their home in Port Harcourt several years ago. I was also hosted by them in Maryland USA. In the days when desktop and laptop computers were still exclusive preserve of the elites, my daughter, Ebele happily worked on her assignments and projects at the University from the comfort of their home in Port Harcourt. The Nwokolo’s gladly accepted to host Ebele for her last child’s “Omugwo” although Ebele and her husband later decided to have the baby in Switzerland instead of Houston USA.
 Whenever the Nwokolos were in Nigeria, they visited us in Abuja. We recollect vividly the pleasantries at their last visit in 2020, just before the pandemic. We did not know that the jokes and food we shared with Uche and Hubert in our house in Abuja was going to be our last fellowship with Hubert on this mother earth.
       His demise was difficult to believe but we have a consolation that he lived and worked for Christ so he is in a better place now. May God Almighty grant him eternal rest. Brother Hubert, may your soul rest in perfect peace till we meet at Jesus feet.

          Sir(Dr) Andrew Nnamdi Ekpunobi Esq.
Posted by Prof. (Mrs.) Josephine I.... on January 31, 2021
by Prof. Charles O. & Prof. (Mrs.) Josephine I. Okafor

Engineer Hubert Nwokolo, fondly called "Brother Hubert" by many of his relations will never be forgotten by many of us who have in many ways enjoyed his magnanimous kindness during his life on this planet. We can never find enough adjectives to describe whom he truly was but can only summarize his person as: A GENTLE, HUMBLE, CARING, LOVING, CHARITABLE, DYNAMIC, PEACEFUL and DEDICATED TRUE CHILD OF GOD.

Brother Hubert was never tired of doing good through helping anyone who came in contact with him as someone responding to the directives from God at all times. As an Engineer, he was very knowledgeable in his profession and so dedicated to his duties that he was promoted to a top management position within few years of joining Shell B P Company. For many years he remained a key Manager for the management and success of his Company until his retirement.
Despite his top management position in his Company, he was also very dedicated to his duties in his family especially to his wife and children to whom he showed so much love and care. His total commitment to his family made it possible for him and his wife to succeed in raising very good well-educated children who grew up to take up responsible positions in the society.

Our Brother Hubert also had over the years he was alive showed sincerity in his worship of God his Creator. He found time to always be in the forefront of PREACHING and SPREADING the GOSPEL of JESUS and so converted many people to FOLLOW JESUS. He lived a sincere CHRISTIAN LIFE and by his lifestyle, he became THE GOSPEL whom others should EMULATE.
Our beloved Brother Hubert lived a good Christian life and God called him home at the time He planned for him. According to The Book of Ecclesiastes: Ch 3: "A Time for Everything: God has set for humanity a time for birth and a time for death…" Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ had also revealed to humanity that there is life after death when each person will face the judgement of God: "The Last Judgement" Matthew 25: 31- 46. This is to remind everyone that Heaven and Hell are real and after God's judgement those who kept the Commandments of God faithfully will be admitted into Heaven and the evil people who showed no love to others including the hungry, naked, sick, jobless in prison… will be thrown into everlasting Hell Fire.

Our Brother Hubert from what we know of his life on Earth will, through the mercy of God whom he worshipped and served faithfully, be admitted into Heaven by Our God of mercy who sees how we live and relate with others and how sincere we are in worshipping Him as we move on our Journey to Eternal Life.

Adieu! Our Beloved Brother Hubert.
Adieu! A True Child and Follower of Jesus.
Adieu! Our seasoned and productive Engineer.
Adieu! A true Friend of The Poor and The Rich.
Adieu! Okugo 'eji eje mba'.
May God in His infinite mercy Grant you Eternal Rest in Heaven. Amen!!

Prof. (Mrs.) Josephine I. and Prof. Charles O. Okafor, FAS.
and Family.
Amuvi Village, Arochukwu, Nigeria.
Posted by Emmanuel Fregene on January 31, 2021
A quintessential gentleman. Will be sorely missed. Amiable cheerful and full of life. My oga rest peacefully in the Lord until we meet to part no more. The Lord strengthen the family through this time.
Posted by Ekwere and Dora Ifon on January 31, 2021

It is an honor to pay tribute to a beloved brother and friend, Elder Ugwuaro Mazi Hubert Okugo Nwokolo, who the Lord has called home to be with Him in eternity.

We would like to highlight the extraordinary and exemplary roles brother Hubert played in African Christian Fellowship (ACF), Washington, DC, Chapter between 2003 – 2006, during my tenure as ACF Washington, DC, Chapter President. At this time, the ACF building project was accelerated, and brother Hubert, an accomplished professional engineer, was one of the brethren that demonstrated commitment to meet the challenges that were posed by the project. I recall an instance when we needed to collect some building permits very early in the morning, brother Hubert was the only member of the Fellowship who volunteered to go with me. He also made generous contributions towards the building funds. Additionally, brother Hubert served as a member of the Board of Elders of the Fellowship. In this role, he impacted many ACF families by fostering Christian programs that promoted love, peace and unity. He was an asset to ACF Washington, DC, Chapter. By God’s Devine providence, brother Hubert served as the next President of ACF Washington, DC, after my tenure. He demonstrated expertise in the design and building of the vehicle parking lot around ACF building, to meet County specifications. He also continued with God’s work in ACF to the next level. He will be truly missed. May the Lord strengthen, comfort and provide to meet the needs of his wife, Uche, and the children who are left behind. 
Adieu beloved brother, rest in peace.
Prof Ekwere and Dr. (Mrs.) Dora Ifon. 
Posted by Keziah Nendelmwa on January 31, 2021
My Dear Oga,
I have been trying to come to terms with your passing into glory but it has not been easy. Your life was very unique as you truly embodied the fruits of the Spirit and exhibited very real love to your wife, family and all of us. You were a gentleman per excellence and personally touched the life of everyone who came in contact with you. I was very excited when I leant that you, my Boss in Nigeria- thanks to Shell, was within reach for me. You were always a blessing, encouragement, joy and example all through.
We will definitely miss you but are comforted that we will meet one day and relieve the times we had together.
Until then, sleep on. We love you.
Keziah Suwa-Obi
Posted by Veronica Olugu on January 31, 2021
The unfortunate death of Mazi Hubert Nwokolo has impacted our community in a very severe way. Every death is painful but I will make the important —like all our members — that an outstanding Elder who always called for peace, unity and progress. Ugwu Aro, Mazi Hubert Nwokolo Gaa Nke Oma.

We will miss him!

Rest in peace!!     

Ada Mazi VERONICA OLUGU. President, Aro Women International
Posted by Jessie Azie on January 31, 2021
A Tribute to My Brother in-law, Okugo

“When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound and time shall be no more
And the morning breaks eternal bright and fair
When the saved diverse shall gather over on the other shore
And the roll is called up yonder, Okugo will be there”

As the past stands aloof and the future threatens with what could have been, it becomes painfully difficult to write in the past about my brother in-law, Hubert Okugo Nwokolo.

Okugo, was more of a younger brother than an in-law. I remember vividly my very first encounter with Okugo. It was a day before their wedding at GRA Enugu, at Uncle C. C. Ekpunobi’s house. I shouted at him to come and greet me. He quickly knelt down in front of me and my immediate remark was that he looks very much like the Ezekwesili’s. Since that first encounter our love for each other has grown in leaps and bounds.

Okugo was a gentleman to the core; a consummate practicing Christian. His home was always open to all; a place for students on Industrial Training Attachment, Youth Corpers on assignment; fresh graduates seeking employment, etc. My children, nieces, nephews, and cousins benefited from his largesse and wise counsel. He was always available to listen to problems and challenges and he provided solutions in terms of effort, time, and resources and without hesitation. His generosity spared nobody and his faith in God never wavered even to the very end.

Importantly, was the daily 5:30 am morning prayers and bible study with everybody in the house (no exceptions) participating. For the five years, I lived in Houston, Okugo always went out of his way, often driving over 15 miles, to deliver the food my sister, Uche-Nwannem, cooked for me. Even now that I’m residing in Florida, Okugo always found the time to mail my food to me.

Okugo was dear, precious, personable, and exuded a disarming and electrifying personality. He was an embodiment of peace, kindness, love, honesty, straightforwardness, and transparency. Okugo was pure gold; there was gold in his intellectual brilliance; gold in his tolerance and generosity; and gold in his unfailing loyalty and self-sacrifice. I can only imagine the pain my younger sister - Uche-Nwannem, his loving wife, and children – Ugo, Chichi, Chima, and Uzo feel because of Okugo’s departure to a place we mortals could not follow. I personally have been deprived the companionship and wise counsel of a great and loving brother in-law, a delightful and disciplined inspirer who radiated happiness, joy and hope to all. Okugo touched our lives in such a special way and we will always honour his life here on Earth. Okugo lived a completely selfless and an exemplary life.

As we all mourn Okugo’s passing to Eternal Glory and say our final goodbyes to a Brother-per-excellence who challenged us all to live out our noblest values in Christ, we also give thanks for his beloved memory and humility which inspires us. We are comforted by the knowledge that to be absent from the body is to be present with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The dust always returns to earth, whereas the spirit returns to God Who gave it. When the saved diverse shall gather over on the other shore and the roll is called up yonder, Okugo will be there.

Goodbye Okugo! Peace!! Perfect Peace!!!

Lady Jessie Adaeze Azie
Tampa, Florida

A Tribute to My Brother in-law, Okugo

“When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound and time shall be no more
And the morning breaks eternal bright and fair
When the saved diverse shall gather over on the other shore
And the roll is called up yonder, Okugo will be there”

As the past stands aloof and the future threatens with what could have been, it becomes painfully difficult to write in the past about my brother in-law, Hubert Okugo Nwokolo.

Okugo, was more of a younger brother than an in-law. I remember vividly my very first encounter with Okugo. It was a day before their wedding at GRA Enugu, at Uncle C. C. Ekpunobi’s house. I shouted at him to come and greet me. He quickly knelt down in front of me and my immediate remark was that he looks very much like the Ezekwesili’s. Since that first encounter our love for each other has grown in leaps and bounds.

Okugo was a gentleman to the core; a consummate practicing Christian. His home was always open to all; a place for students on Industrial Training Attachment, Youth Corpers on assignment; fresh graduates seeking employment, etc. My children, nieces, nephews, and cousins benefited from his largesse and wise counsel. He was always available to listen to problems and challenges and he provided solutions in terms of effort, time, and resources and without hesitation. His generosity spared nobody and his faith in God never wavered even to the very end.

Importantly, was the daily 5:30 am morning prayers and bible study with everybody in the house (no exceptions) participating. For the five years, I lived in Houston, Okugo always went out of his way, often driving over 15 miles, to deliver the food my sister, Uche-Nwannem, cooked for me. Even now that I’m residing in Florida, Okugo always found the time to mail my food to me.

Okugo was dear, precious, personable, and exuded a disarming and electrifying personality. He was an embodiment of peace, kindness, love, honesty, straightforwardness, and transparency. Okugo was pure gold; there was gold in his intellectual brilliance; gold in his tolerance and generosity; and gold in his unfailing loyalty and self-sacrifice. I can only imagine the pain my younger sister - Uche-Nwannem, his loving wife, and children – Ugo, Chichi, Chima, and Uzo feel because of Okugo’s departure to a place we mortals could not follow. I personally have been deprived the companionship and wise counsel of a great and loving brother in-law, a delightful and disciplined inspirer who radiated happiness, joy and hope to all. Okugo touched our lives in such a special way and we will always honour his life here on Earth. Okugo lived a completely selfless and an exemplary life.

As we all mourn Okugo’s passing to Eternal Glory and say our final goodbyes to a Brother-per-excellence who challenged us all to live out our noblest values in Christ, we also give thanks for his beloved memory and humility which inspires us. We are comforted by the knowledge that to be absent from the body is to be present with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The dust always returns to earth, whereas the spirit returns to God Who gave it. When the saved diverse shall gather over on the other shore and the roll is called up yonder, Okugo will be there.

Goodbye Okugo! Peace!! Perfect Peace!!!

Lady Jessie Adaeze Azie
Sister in-Law
Tampa, Florida
Posted by Oji Udezue on January 30, 2021
My uncle Hubert was the closest thing I had to a second dad.

When I was a child and was single digits old; my uncle Hubert’s family returned from Holland. Even though the families didn’t live close to each other (we in Enugu, they in Warri), we grew really close and we spent significant amounts of time in each other’s homes. Ugo was about my age and the closest thing to a twin I had. We did everything together. I adored my aunt Uche and I was a bit in awe of my Uncle Hubert. When you are a child everyone is kind of a giant and he was that to me.

He had a dry sense of humor, with a bit of a sarcastic edge to it. Even as I write this I can hear him laughing at his own jokes when HE thought it was pretty funny. Watching him do that tickled me and it still brings a small smile to my face as I recall it. Even as a child I understood he was a man of firm christian beliefs. While in his home we had devotion every day, and it was consistent and heartfelt, in contrast with worship in other parts of my life. He cared about people in his community and was quick to give of his time, and eventually as I came to experience, much more.

He was stern. He wanted to mold us into relatively useful and polite members of society. And if he could, to be people who had faith. I remember though thinking that this sternness never translated into unpleasant experiences. In general I knew if I behaved, or if I fessed up quickly to misbehavior, he would be fair. That consistency gave me a lot of confidence in him. It made me want to live up to his expectations.

These experiences are merely foundational. My Uncle Hubert would become more actively instrumental in my life and I want to share three absolutely pivotal ways in which he helped shape it.

I lost my connection to his family for a while because around high school age, his family moved to Norway. I missed those idyllic childhood experiences with them, but life moved on, I had many adventures. However when I was in college, my Uncle Hubert came back, landing in Port Harcourt on a home rotation with the Shell company.. He was sort of the advance guard for the rest of the family who would return later, or relocate to go to college. While he was alone in Port Harcourt, I asked if he could connect me to an internship at Shell in the IT department. I remember him distinctly grumbling about my peskiness. But he came through and did it anyway. So for a couple of months I lived alone with him in a mostly empty house in Shell camp, Port Harcourt. It wasn’t exactly Batman and Robin. It was father and son. I rode with him to work occasionally (or took the bus), and I joined him when I could to come back home. It was just the two of us though and I wanted for nothing. More importantly, in the fairly modern Shell IT department, I got my first taste of the future of a connected workplace that preceded the corporate internetwork and the internet. And this is the space I still work in today. 3 months went by fast and I returned to college. Next time I would return to Port Harcourt, the entire family was back and that unique experience with him passed into history.

In my final year in college, another company I had interned with, gave me a contract to build some software for them. I had no computer to build it with, but I knew a full IBM PC desktop took up residence in my Uncle’s house in Port Harcourt. I asked him for permission to use it and he agreed. Despite long bus treks to and from college to use the PC on weekends, his generosity enabled me to earn that N100k contract, my first big payday. I remember using that money to pay for me and my brother’s school fees. From that time on, I don’t think I ever needed material money support from my parents and I gained the confidence to support myself. That was a seminal experience and I gained tremendous confidence in my ability to move the world to my will through my own efforts and God’s grace. But all of that needed the support of my dear Uncle Hubert.

Finally, after college I had the choice of moving home to Enugu, Lagos or literally any other place, to await my NYSC stint. But again, my uncle Hubert, opened his home to me and I joined his household for many months in Port Harcourt. It was a great time, I was newly independent and finding my own footing as a man. There were many moments where he contributed to that quest, but one particular gesture was crucial to my life now. My wife, at the time, was a friend and a college student in the USA. We’d sporadically kept in touch via snail mail. But she eventually got an email account and I did not have one at the time. (American colleges were one of the first to get wired and on the internet and we were somewhat more backwards and delayed in Nigeria). I begged my uncle to send email messages to her via his email account. I would write messages in a word processor, put them on a floppy drive, and he would copy them into his email and send them to her. He would print out her replies and bring home to me to devour eagerly. It's important to note that he was the Operational Engineering leader of Shell Oil exploration in the East of Nigeria at the time. And thus this activity was 10,000 feet beneath him. As he would do, he grumbled, accused me of being a pest, but came through for me anyway. I know full well that the odds of being married to the woman I am today would have been greatly diminished if he did not do that thing that was really beneath him, for me.

I’ve recounted three things that were absolutely pivotal in my life that my dear uncle Hubert enabled. There were so many more. Like how he helped make my dream to move to the USA for grad school come true. All this pales in comparison to how he so thoroughly impacted the lives of people I saw around him everyday. I know some of them, but there are a lot that I don’t. And he did it all with what seemed like great grace. More importantly though, his finest creations, his children, are lifelong companions on this journey of my life and they enrich my experiences every day.

It's tough to see him go, but I hope to have a blast radius half as big as his life had, on real people, and on my own family.

Rest in power uncle. I will miss you.
Posted by Ifeoma Charles Mofunanya ... on January 30, 2021
Bro Hubert to me was more of a brother than an in-law. He was such an embodiment of humility and always had an infectious smile.

I remember him leaving his conducive shell quarters residence to sleepover at our then Navy Sec School accommodation which was a smaller apartment just to get acquainted with my children. He reminds me of Jesus describing Nathaniel as a man without guile because indeed Hurbert was such a man.

He impacted lives especially the young Ezekwesili descendants who he came across and they all have sweet memories of him. 
The Ezekwesili family and descendants are already missing an elder brother and not an in-law but God’s love still remains an everlasting love to us despite all odds. All the children of God will see him again on the resurrection morning and we will all join him in singing "Halleluyah” to our God.
Posted by Echi Nwogu on January 30, 2021

Some have asked to know the Nwokolos better.
Bro Hubert and Sister Uche were members of SU different Bible study cells during the war in the Orlu axis. Both receive Christ during the war and joined the 1970 revival flame under the SU. Bro Hubert was part of the Enugu Central Group in 1970 and later left for further studies overseas in mechanical engineering.
Bro Hubert worked with Shell as Petroleum engineer and rose to top management positions with other brethren like Bros Ndukwe Uduma, Dozie Okonkwo, Chima Ibeneche, and many others known for their impeccable christian character and integrity.
Sister Uche comes from a long line of Aaronites on both sides of her Ezekwesili (paternal) and Ekpunobi (maternal) bloodlines. Uche studied Chemistry, graduating in 1974 at UNN with other sterling seniors sisters like Sisters Ify Onuoha (Obianyo), Soso, Joe, Winny, Philo, Grace, Ngozi Agina etc. She was a valued eminent member of the CU UNN and an outstanding award winning sprinter and athlete for the University of Nigeria at NUGA and West African games. She taught science in many Federal Government Colleges. She has been a lively member of the 1970s CU UNN forum.
Uncle Hubert and Aunty Uche have been outstanding their fellowship with brethren and in churches wherever they have served from Lagos, to Holland, Warri, Port Harcourt, Washington DC/Maryland and Houston Texas. They served passionately as teachers, counsellors, wedding chairman, guest preachers, conference speakers and had a marriage and family life ministry for churches and to Christian families.
They modelled Christianity at its best in church and society. They stood out as models of the salt and light of the world that Jesus urged us to be. They were great mentors and friends of the youth and young couples. They were active members in churches they belonged to. Their ministry at Christ Church Port Harcourt was exemplary. They ran an open house where all are welcome with christian love and hospitality.
Sister Uche was a very industrious entrepreneur and ran a christian fashion house in Port Harcourt with export grade clothings and beddings.
Uncle Hubert commanded affections beyond the call of duty and enjoyed great respect among the Shell staff Unions and the Oil producing communities as they found an honest listening problem solving human being they could trust and work with to resolve issues.
With the christian simplicity and humility that was the trademark of Uncle Hubert and Aunty Uche, I'm sure he may never have put down an autobiography or memoirs. The times and life of this General of the church should be written by those who knew him well to encourage others to run their race well and finish well.

Ven Engr. OnyemaEchi Nwogu
Who knows tomorrow
The University of Nigeria Christian Union Alumni Fellowship Int'l.
Posted by Ngoziaia Okoronkwo on January 30, 2021
We thank the Lord for making us have in our closest range the person of Mazi Hubert Nwokolo... A loving brother, friend of all. Dedicated worker, faithful servant of God... A true Daniel... A real Joseph of our generation.... Our eyes saw him ,touched him, felt his pulse, dreams and pains.... Yes... Pains of a failed country with tremendous hope and resources.... Yet... Still in the dark.... An encourager... Teacher, counsellor.... Went about doing good....yes... We shall miss him. His immediate family.... The Christian community, the Arochukwu community, Abia State, Eastern Nigeria. Nigeria and the whole world where his ministry took him.... Our confidence... The Lord will surely pass those virtues and good will upon us his disciples and followers... Who eat and dined with him.... Enjoy your endless conversation with the almighty.... We shall fully represent what you stood for... Yes, The one in front is greater.... Fare thee well... our father! Living in our minds and heart you are not dead....
Ngozi Augustine Okoronkwo
31 Old Aba Road, Rumuogba, Port Harcourt..(Atani,Arochukwu.).
Posted by Charity Ikejibeh on January 30, 2021
Chai my heart bleeds, finally it’s dawn on me that I would not see you again in wailling women conference again. Daddy Nwokolo was a Father to me , I first met him on my first wailling woman conference in Houston Tx in 2012 . I ate with him and my 3 little girls on the same Table, he was so friendly and cracked jokes with us while we were all eating. After the dinner he prayed for me and said that my children reminds him of his daughter that had 2 girls when he visited her in one the thanksgiving and he prayed for her while they were having their dinner, that the next thanksgiving God will bless her with a baby boy. And God answered him and bless her with a baby boy the following year, “He said that I’m praying for you, the next I will see you at any wailling woman, you will be coming with a baby boy” I said Amen. On 22nd November 2017 God visited me in a dream using the face of my general overseer Pastor E.A Adeboye and said to me, I know your case through Minister Nwokolo that I should wrap my hands around his waist and said Shekenah in Glory enter into me . And I did as he said, he replied to me it’s done his name shall be called Ebenezer “ when I woke up I call Mummy Ebele Okafor and requested for for Mummy Uche Nwokolo’s number. I called her and shared my dreams with her, and she gave the phone to Daddy Nwokolo and he prayed with me that God has remembered me let His will be done. To cut story short , 22nd November 2019 God blessed my family with a baby boy Named Ebenezer exactly 2 years I had that dream . Daddy you will be missed dearly, I know that you are resting in the bosom of our God. The vacuum you have created in my family cannot be fill . Man of God Laa na udoooo!!!
Posted by Gab Ofoma on January 30, 2021
I didn’t believe until I confirmed the news of his passing. ‘Okugo’ as I fondly loved to call him, instead of Hubert, was a remarkable individual whose lifestyle and dignified carriage I admired. My heart goes out to his lovely wife, Uche, their children and the many others who Okugo mentored and brought up in the Love of God. He ran a good race and we are convinced that the good Lord who called him has received him unto glory. Glory be to God! 
Gab Ofoma & family.
Posted by Ezeoke Oby on January 30, 2021
Uncle Hubert it hurts so much that I will not see you anymore even though I know you have gone to be with the Lord a day before your birthday. You were exemplary and your marriage to aunty Uche surrounded by so much love impacted on me as a young girl growing up that marriage is a wonderful union and made me eager to experience that at the right time and most importantly with someone that will love me regardless of my imperfections. God will surely watch over aunty Uche. Uncle “gazie nkeoma” until we meet to part no more. Will always remember and love you. ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Sylvia Otiocha on January 30, 2021
I want to believe that your work here is done that’s why our father called you home at this time though we would have preferred it later, but we can’t question God. There’s so much to say but never enough time and space to say it, but with deep sorrow, I say adieu Daddy. Even though this earthly fellowship is over, we will continue the fellowship when we meet again before our Heavenly Father. Rest.
Posted by James Otiocha on January 30, 2021
I want to specially acknowledge the support my marriage got from Oga Hubert Nwokolo. I remember the meetings in his house at Ramos Close in the Shell Housing Estate, Ogunu. I will never forget the overnight trip to Owerri for the family meeting that held in Engr Okere’s house. He was the chairman at our wedding reception party. I also remember our vacation to his home in Stavanger, Norway; a trip he partly sponsored. The list goes on. There is no way my wife and I can forget his support and friendship all through the years we have known him. Oga Hubert was with us at Saint Lukes Hospital the day I had the first brain surgery. He waited with my wife for more than 7 hours, the entire duration, and saw me in the ICU before going home. He didn’t have to, but he did. Adieu Oga Hubert, you will be sorely missed not only by my family, but by Scripture Union Port Harcourt, Warri and Christians everywhere. 
Posted by Nkechi Orji on January 30, 2021
Tribute to my Uncle,
Life is a gift from God, therefore we must accept this reality of death when it comes. Life is also to serve God and humanity, Uncle your demise on that faithful day has left such a vacuum in our lives especially to the entire family of Late Mazi Donatus Orji.
For so many years, you have been a loving and caring uncle, you have touched the lives of so many, who owe you a lifetime of gratitude, words cannot express how much we miss you, uncle you will truly be missed and forever remembered by us. Good night uncle.
Rest in peace.
Nkechi Uduak Sunday.
Last born of Late Mazi Donatus Orji
Posted by Nadia Nweke on January 30, 2021
My dear uncle Hubert,
Ever smiling ever caring,
Your laughter always filled the room
This is what I remember of you.
A loving husband and a caring daddy!
Remembering your words "darling darling " always said to my beautiful aunty...
As you have departed with love around you
May you awaken to peace and joy
For the Grace and blessings from on High
Will continue to envelope you ever much more.

Your niece
Chioma Iwuchukwu-Nweke
Posted by Oluchi Uzor on January 30, 2021
Hubert - what a wonderful man, an epitome of humility, real, down to earth, an honorable man, a lover of God extraordinaire! You impacted lives in unprecedented positive ways, underlining the image of the one who called you to be His servant.

For you and those who are genuinely the Lord’s, His will is/remains thus: “For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord's” Romans 14:8 (KJV).

Adieu Mazi!. Adieu Nwoke obi oma!!. Adieu Ugwuaro!!!

Engr Oluchukwu Uzor & Mrs Julie Uzor
Abuja, Nigeria.
Posted by Beulah Uche on January 30, 2021
Daddy Hubert Nwokolo, I'm still in a state of shock by the news of your sudden exit after a brief sad painful ill Heath.
You mean so much to me and all who were close to you and your family.
Your presence was always encouraging to me. You cared.
You lived and practiced the christian faith to the best of your ability with a sincere heart. You were a father, brother, uncle to so many of us.
Thank you for the sacrificial and generous supports you gave me down the years with mummy Uche your wife. Your memory will forever be a blessing to me and all who knew you.

Something is not lost when you know where it is!
You are now with your beloved father God and His son Jesus Christ whom you loved and served while on earth. Enjoy till we meet again dearly beloved servant of God.

- Pastor Beulah Uche.
Posted by Gerald Orji on January 30, 2021
I grew up to know Uncle Hubert as a dedicated and committed Christian. He portrayed this lifestyle in all his dealings with people. This is the very first thing you will notice about him the moment you come in contact with him the first time. His Yes has always been his Yes and No when necessary. He is one man I know that has never failed in his promises. He has always showcase Christian lifestyle anywhere you meet him. As a family member, I recall his emphasis and point on his stand with God in one of the email we exchanged recently. We were earnestly looking forward to a favourable and compromising decision with him before his demise.

Uncle Hubert, you will be greatly missed and remembered for the true Christian legacy you left behind. I have personally benefited from your generous lifestyle. Your stand with God earned you high level of respect among your peers. I pray God to give those of us you left behind the fortitude to bear this great loss. Sleep on great brother, father and uncle till we meet on resurrection morning.
Posted by Ngozi Nwangwu on January 30, 2021
We prayed, we cried, we begged God to work a miracle,and pleaded with anybody that knew how to pray to ask God for your recovery. We had so much faith that you would make it, as you were a true man of God, and we kept saying that what God cannot do does not exist. Only God knows why it happened this way. It is so painful, heartbreaking and unbelievable. You were such a good man, an examplary christian, a role model in every sense of the word. I remember the first day you came to our house to introduce yourself, our parents were not home , but you introduced yourself to all the childern and young people, played with us, and gave us gifts. When we had a small family meeting, I told them that,"this sister Uche's husband to be, is a very good man." Everybody asked how I knew, after all I had only seen him once. I told tham that I just knew it. Uncle Hubert, you exceeded our expectation. You were an exceptional inlaw, a brother, a mentor, councellor, and friend. Each person in our family thought he or she was closer to you than the others. We all so so sad. What can fill this vacuum? We pray that God will give his exceptional consolation, protection and provision, to our sister Uche and your awesome children. He is Alpha and Omega. He knows what to do.
Continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord. Indeed you will be forever missed.

Mazi, UgwuAro. Goodnight sir.

Ngozi Ezekwesili Nwangwu

Posted by Ezinne Ogbureke on January 30, 2021
In the last many months,our large ACF Houston fellowship dwindled to just a score that come every Sunday to our zoom meetings and another dozen and half on youtube.We praise together, do bible study together and at the end of fellowship we stay another 10-15 minutes on zoom to exchange pleasantries tease one another and have hearty laughs.
The host has to make several pleas for us to end our brotherly and sisterly love amongst ourselves.

Elder Nwokolo ,you will be sorely missed by your Christian family and most especially by your loving wife-my lovely teacher at FGGC,children and grandchildren.

Who will call me ezimommy again in this Houston?
Onwu ajoka o
The suddenness of it all is heart breaking.Our voice of wisdom,nwoke ora,choirmaster extraordinaire,the one that is called upon in tough decisions,humor master,bible teacher,man of peace.
If I knew the day we spoke on December 21 will be our last conversation I would have had a chance to tell you how much you meant to us.
We shall meet again in glory sir.

Posted by Ngoziaia Okoronkwo on January 30, 2021
Mazi was a father figure to me and rest of us Christian's in Port Harcourt.... Through his guidance and inspiration.... I became the chapter president of Arochukwu Christian brethren Association,ACBA.... Coming from my early practice setting in Arochukwu and the task of evangelism through the full gospel business men's fellowship international Fgbmfi.I now became a member of his inner family.... He will tell you deep things of life, laughing and cheering you... Encouraging you in all manner of ways....We continue this fellowship untill the prophecy that he is going to move again... Who will stop the move of God.... He retired honourably and met severally... Encouraged me deeply in business and invested thereby encouraging his friends to invest in our vision to take up distributorship from a Malaysian company... Hoe pharmaceuticals sdn bhd.... We tried but market penetration was difficult for new product... We lost our capital.... He advised me and counselled on the way out of this deep challenge.... A friend in need is surely a friend in deed... Our branch in Port Harcourt and Arochukwu National and entire community will miss this great father and mentor ... Faithful man... Diligent servant of God... The Lord will make us take after his traits and life philosophy in Christ..... It will end in praise.... Rejoice o heaven your son comes home...our loss... Heaven gain... We shall the morning... Goodbye.
Posted by Gloria Bob on January 30, 2021
Dearest Anuli my sister , the news of the passing of your beloved inlaw, great husband of your Auntie our teacher, a super Dad to his family, nuclear and extended ,a committed member of my church while in PH and indeed a perfect gentle man to the core came to us (my husband and I and our church members) as a very big shock.
We pray the Holy Spirit comforts you all especially his dear wife , Mrs Nwokolo. He will be singing Halleluyah in Heaven now. May his godly and gentle soul rest in the bosom of the Lord. Amen
Posted by Maureen Chukwumah on January 30, 2021
A tribute to our friend Hubert
Ben and l find it so hard to believe that you are no more and even to write a tribute.Words can not express our feelings but with utter submission to God we accept His will just as you Hubert would have said. You preached and served God,lived for Him, in Him and more for your neighbor. You always called to check on us and the last call was just before Christmas. We chatted with you and Uche and ended with a joke about the invisible covid 19 that unceremoniously claimed lives and we all agreed to keep safe.
You lived for your neighbor and your love for humanity you exemplified in quick successions.One of such was your hospitality to Ben ,Maureen and children when we flew into the Hague enroute to the USA. Ben called you and without prior notice you housed us for 5 was so memorable not only because Maureen was at UNN with Uche ,nor Ben worked with you at Shell Warri but because of who you are - selfless, gentle and humorous.
Back from the Hague to Warri our friendship bonded. You reached out to so many people- a testimony to love thy neighbor. You gave out jobs without any kickbacks- a rare attribute in present day Nigeria. You were religious, a Christian and loved and kept your family together. Your good work and journey on earth cannot go unsung as you left your footsteps on the sands of time.We will miss your warm and generous smiles and jokes Adieu Hubert and may God rest your soul in perfect peace. Amen
Posted by Chinyere Okafor on January 30, 2021
Professor Chinyere G. Okafor
Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas, USA.

I speak to you, Hubert, because you are where you are prepared to be - with God - and you can hear me. I was in a state of trepidation when you were in the hospital but held on to my prayers and faith as you had always preached. What hurts me most is that I did not have the chance to say goodbye. I had left many messages on your voicemail. Did you listen to them and did you hear my heart pounding? I prayed to God to grant you more time, but He gave me strength.

In addition to the strength from God, Uche was another great source of strength. Ironically, she was the pillar on which I leaned when it should have been the other way round, and she reminded me that God was, is, and will remain our Rock in all circumstances. I have known Uche from our UNN (University of Nigeria, Nsukka) times as the true lioness (nickname for UNN women) and a highly disciplined athlete, but I was surprised, humbled and happy to realize that she has inner strength as well. I pray to God whose trust she holds in her heart, to keep her strong and focused on the family.

It was for love of family that you left your cozy house in Montgomery County of Maryland and relocated to Houston, Texas, just to be near your children and grandchildren. You have already passed this legacy of love to your family because Chima and his lovely wife, Dr. Omonele, have already followed in your footsteps by buying a house near you. My children and I have benefitted from that familial arrangement during our vacations with your family, as we would all pick okra and tomatoes from your garden, and for more exercise, jog to Chima’s house, say hello to them and then walk home. Your house was where Ugo and his wife, Funmi, would leave their children and go on a cruise, happy that their young children were in the loving care of Grandpa and Grandma. Uzoma could leave the US and travel to Nigeria, confident that he could check back to Houston any time. You lived to see all your children graduate from college, settle down to gainful employment, and keep in touch with home; something rare these days. The family man that you were, you settled in Houston to make this possible for them, and you also enjoyed every bit of it. This is what many parents pray for - to have their children settle near them. I thank God for your foresight.

Family has always been the primary motivation for your actions. Long ago, when you returned to Nigeria, after studies in England, I asked a question that led to your pulling my ear saying, “Mu ga ado nti gi a, wo si na inaghi anu ihe” (I will pull this your ear; they said that you do not hear). That hurt but I got your story, which showed that you did not think of marrying when you lived abroad, but rather came home for that, because of family. You were proud of being a Coal Camp boy (Coal Camp is an area of Enugu, Nigeria) and for you as a preteen, it meant “tough and hip.” But your “toughity” (your word) stopped when you suddenly became a “man.”

You were thirteen when it happened. Your father took you for a walk and shared his dream for you. Even though you had an elder brother, you were the one that your father passed the mantle of family leadership on to, as if he knew that his first son would die young. You survived the Biafra-Nigeria war. Grace, the daughter of Sergeant Michael, gave you five shillings that helped you travel from Enugu to Lagos for Shell scholarship interview. This propelled you to England. You returned to Nigeria and made the right choice by marrying a family-oriented woman who helped you to focus on your larger family not just on her children with you. Sadly, you have now left her to continue your joint work all by herself.

Hubert, you expanded your definition of family to include many constituencies – friends, associates, and all people of similar disposition. Your houses in Port Harcourt, Maryland, Houston and Arochukwu were the melting pots for meeting good people and enjoying great camaraderie. I will never forget how you accommodated my Port Harcourt friends in your Arochukwu villa when my father passed on. I have seen people of different ethnicities and colors in your house, not because there was no hotel or because your house was golden, but because of the fellowship and good cheer that were never in short supply. I remember the pregnant woman from Nigeria who stayed for months in your Houston home, because she believed that the serenity of your blessed home would rub off on her.
As I marvel at the generosity of your “open house,” I also remember that you were my greatest supporter and cheerleader. You began to call me Prof-anyi (our professor) even before I stepped on the corridors that led to my becoming a professor. I am very grateful to you for your intuition. I will never forget how you and Uche teamed up with Professor Felix Okeke-Ezeigbo and his wife, Ifeoma, to help me overcome depression when my father passed away. I love you Hubert. God used you to help people in need, even when they did not realize how much they needed it. 

Hubert was, still is, in my estimation, the best specimen of Homo sapiens! A grand man! He was daring and would speak truth to power by flashing your fault in your face like quinine (bitter malaria pill), but with clear water to drink it down. He was gentle and kind, almost to a fault, because he hardly said no when it came to helping people. He was fun with a good sense of humor, but with eyes that could bore through people if they overstepped their bounds. He was a marriage counsellor, and he and his wife were such deft practitioners that many of their mentees had urged them to write a book on best practices for a successful marriage. He had written five chapters before expanding the subject matter.

Everything Hubert did was done in fellowship and with grace. He was a gentleman and a good Christian who worshipped God and served his fellow human beings. So, I mourn for my “home boy” and "brother” Hubert. I know that "oke osisi ada go" (a mighty tree has fallen). I also know that the roots of this tree run deep. Mazi Hubert left an enduring legacy through the faith he inculcated in his children and the goodwill he spread along the way. I have mourned and gone beyond mourning. I now thank God for enabling me to know a divine and noble man like Hubert. An extraordinary human being.

I pray that God will console and continue to strengthen Uche as she resumes life’s journey as her family’s matriarch without her beau. For Chi-Chi and her brothers, I pray that God fills the deep vacuum created by your father’s exit. He showed you love till the end. Your daddy would choose to die rather than have harm come to any of you. I pray for Hubert’s sister, Obiageli, and other siblings, relations, friends, and associates that God will give us all the grace to overcome this loss. May we all learn from Hubert’s exemplary life of dignity, generosity and fellowship with our neighbors. May the soul of this faithful servant of God, Hubert Nwokolo, rest with our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Posted by Chujor S. N. Chujor on January 29, 2021
Our Beloved Uncle Hubert!
You called from the hospital, asking us to request the brethren to pray for your recovery, but assuring that you were not afraid of death. We never knew that was going to be the last time of talking with you. We remember you as our former distinguished President of ACF Washington DC, mentor, father, intimate friend, our confidant, our emergency contact, and trusted residential neighbor. You and your wife were there for our family in our good times and in our turbulent times. You helped us pick our children from school from bus-stop and cared for them as their grandparents. You still remain a wonderful treasure to us. You were there with me when my husband was in the hospital. Oh God, please wipe away our tears. Shockingly, you are no longer here to make us laugh. We glow from your humble, meek and stainless life, which reflected CHRIST, CHARACTER and CONDUCT. Our comfort is knowing that you are now in the blissful presence of our Lord JESUS CHRIST. Uncle, Rest In Perfect Peace!
Posted by Eseoghene Dike-Utih on January 30, 2021
Papa Nwokolo (as we always called him) was a True Christian. My Special Daddy, I got married from your home in Shell RA Port Harcourt. I can't forget my days in your house. I can't forget any of the Counselling Sessions I had with you. You were very trustworthy, very humble, very disciplined, etc. I learnt a lot from you and Mama, I've been applying all that you taught me and I'm still teaching people those things up till now.
Papa! I miss you so much. I wish my children met you. They know you very well because I always tell them stories of my experience with you and Mama. My husband has told our Church about you many times while preaching. I love you Papa.
I was so encouraged when Mama said "Even in death, God is still loving". I am convinced that God will Comfort everyone of us. You are in a better place and I pray that we will meet and still recognize you especially with your smiles. Love you my special Papa. Ese
Posted by Rosaire Ifedi on January 29, 2021
Uncle Hubert, Our beautiful Uncle and Elder, beautiful in heart and spirit. I can still sense your gentle smile and all I can do is smile back. Every time you joined the prayer team with your darling wife, Uche, we were graced with your calm and wisdom. You ran and finished the race well and now awaits your crown. Goodnight, Elder Hubert. May your family be comforted as you rest in the Lord. Amen.
Posted by Ebere Nwokoro on January 29, 2021
Our dearest uncle Hubert Nwokoro. The best uncle in the whole world as I always called you , and you will reply by Ebysco.You were more than an uncle, friend and dad. There was nothing we could not discuss with you. Uncle your love and care was second to none. You were an example of God's love to mankind.Uncle our story can never be complete without you and our dearest Auntie Uche. You planted love in us and we truly see and experience what it is to be a child of God from you and Auntie Uche. I know we weren't able to make you stay, even though we love you dearly. God broke our hearts to show us that He takes "The Best " only. Continue to Rest in peace. Your memory will be with us forever. We love you uncle Hubert but God loves you more.
Posted by David Ogbuaku on January 29, 2021
May God wrap His genle, comforting arms around the entire family and enable strength to continue.
Posted by Tennyson Horsfall on January 29, 2021
Our beloved Uncle Hubert Nwokolo,

You were a man of many parts. Everyone whose path met yours can attest that you were an honest and conscientious man. You loved God and served Him without reservation.

I met you at Christ Church, Port Harcourt and you positively impacted the congregation there. Your humility, humour and friendliness endeared you to us all. You served as an elder of the church and many of us benefitted from your wise counsel and brotherly affection.

We are carrying on the good work that you and others sustained. Your sudden demise came as a rude shock to us. We are however grateful to God for giving us the opportunity to have met you along our life's journey. Our "loss" is heaven's gain. You have gone home to be with the Lord. For that, we are thankful. May your soul rest in peace in the Lord's bosom till the resurrection Day. Adieu.

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Posted by EZEKWESILI-OFILI JOSEPHIN... on January 19, 2022
Uncle Hubert,
You would have added another year on the 14th of January, but God wanted you to be with Him. May your gentle and kind soul continue to rest in the Lord's bosom. You are truly "forever missed"

Jo Ezekwesili-Ofili
Posted by Helen Iyadi-Buwemi on January 14, 2022
Beloved uncle,
I heard I to believe that is being a year since your transition to glory. There is hardly a day that goes by without thinking of how much I miss your counsel and encouragement. You are dearly loved and missed. Thanks for all the times you spent listening and encouraging me.
Continue to rest In Peace with Jesus.
Posted by Anuli Emecheta on January 14, 2022
“To live in the hearts of those we love is never to die”
his Life

Hubert Okugo Nwokolo

Hubert was born on Jan 14th, 1946 in Coal Camp, Enugu to George Nwokolo, a civil servant and Rosaline Nwokolo nee Orji, a petty trader. He was taken too soon by Covid on Jan 13th, 2021, a day before his 75th birthday.

He attended DMGS (Dennis Memorial Grammar School), was top of his class and was such a stickler for the rules that he got the nickname Headmaster.

He received a scholarship from Shell Oil to study Mechanical Engineering in Leicester University, UK, which was delayed 3 years by the Biafran war. He married Uche, a star sprinter who he met while competing in soccer, on July 14th, 1975 and went on to have 4 children.

Hubert held various positions in Shell with increasing responsibilities over a 33-year career from 1973 until his retirement in 2006. He rose to the position of Operations Manager and later served as General Manager of Community Development  with a reputation for advocating for Nigerian workers and fighting corruption. 

He lived in Port Harcourt, Lagos, Warri (Nigeria), The Hague,Netherlands and Stavanger,Norway for work and retired in Washington DC before settling in Kingwood, TX to be near his grandchildren.

Hubert was heavily involved in his church Calgary Christian Fellowship, the African Christian Fellowship and Amuvi and Arochukwu leadership.

He was a marriage counselor, advocating for loving and healthy relationships, drove his grandkids to school and did the dishes every night.

He was an avid soccer fan, his favorite team was Manchester City.

He had a great sense of humor, an infectious smile and loved woodworking and action movies. He was a loving husband, generous and caring father to everyone around him.

He is survived by his wife Uche, son Ugo, daughter-in-law Funmi, daughter Chichi, son Chima, daughter-in-law Omonele and son Uzoma, grandchildren Kelechi, Ronke, Kosi, Chinenye and Ugo Jr., brother George, sister Obiageli, sister-in-law Gloria, sister Regina, brother-in-law Patrick Osisioma, brother Obed, sister-in-law Nnenne, brother Uchenna, sister-in-law Ijeoma, and sister Uloma and brother-in-law Kezie Onuorah, and numerous loving cousins, nieces and nephews.
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Okugo, my darling husband, the cold hands of death snatched you from us.

Shared by Ugo Nwokolo on January 31, 2021

Okugo, my darling husband, the cold hands of death snatched you from us. 

What do you want me to do now? 

My life without you leaves me with a deep hole that cannot be filled.

So many people admired the incredible love and kindness that you showed me for these forty five and half years. 

Your gentle, quiet spirit, and your desire to help and support all that came your way, endeared you to many. You were like a shelter to many people. You had 4 biological children, but you also had so many other people who considered you to be a father.

My Lord and my God, I cannot ask you why, but you have left a deep hole in my heart. 

Hubert, you have been my soulmate, my husband, my lover, my confidant, my helper, my sustainer, my adviser, my prayer partner, my teacher . 

I watched you struggling to live. If it were in your own power you would not have died. You left me without any final words. I never suspected that you would never come back to the house again. ‘A big tree has fallen and all the birds are scattered in the forest. 

I have searched for one good reason why you left us but I could not find one. You were snatched from us by the cold hand of death.The whole Christian community that know you prayed, fasted, and cried to God for you, but it did not happen like we wanted. 

What else can I say? We prayed that God would do a miracle and give you back to us as a birthday present , but instead He decided to celebrate your birthday with you.

What else can I say but to surrender to you God, but my heart is heavy. It’snot easy, but I will trust in your promises. God, you have given me your promise of guiding me through this new and unfamiliar path, to brighten the darkness and smooth out the road ahead. God, you promised never to leave me nor forsake me. I am holding onto you.

Okugo my love, sleep on and take your rest; lay down your head upon your saviors breast. We love you, but Jesus loves you best.

GOODNIGHT, GOODNIGHT , GOODNIGHT ! We will meet some day to part no more.

Uche your darling wife.

Shared by Mercy Echemazu on February 1, 2021
I could  remember after the death of my late husband, there was no hope l was chased out from a house which l and my children lives in uncompleted building. God used him Dad Hubert and his beautiful wife  to wiped away my tears by paying a new department for l and my children. Gave me some properties, still his love and caring extend by giving my son scholarship. peaceful thought and advice you do shared with me. Mummy will sent some beautiful clothes to give you when coming back to Nigeria for me. I Don't know that's the last seen. Death has really done bad to me, but in all we give thanks to God. Still now l can't believe is like a dream whenever l take a look of your pictures l shades tears RIP Lovely Dad For Ever in Our heart.


Shared by Ugo Nwokolo on January 30, 2021

As we mark the passing on to Greater Glory of our late cousin and friend, our prayer is that Almighty God will grant his soul eternal rest in his Divine kingdom. 

Late Mazi (Engr) Hubert Okugo Nwokolo,  to the best of our knowledge lived a Gracious life during his period of abode on Mother Earth. He was a True family man, Consummate, Dependable and Religious. 

At the work place, he readily applied his profound intellect and energies to the tasks at hand. He never used his office or position to make quick, filthy money, and he never lost focus. In other social spaces, he had a 3600 vision, and always acted with the big picture as his backdrop. 

Mazi Hubert had good character, integrity and sincerity. He had carriage but was not brash. On critical issues, he did not wait for who will say it first by being nice, but rather preferred to always take the path of fairness and righteousness. One other thing he did not exhibit was fear – that worst enemy one can ever have to face. He rather opted to be on the side of the qualitative minority and always stood successfully against much larger quantitative majorities without moral authority.

At Baptism,  Mazi Hubert received the vital Power of new life in Christ, and this sustained him at all the various stages of his life’s sojourn and energized him whenever he needed to confront Man’s foes comprising the devil and his cohort of fallen angels. Upon retirement from regular work program, he threw himself into Church activities and enjoyed each moment of this phase of his life.

Mazi Hubert was easily Honest and Resolute and always stood up to oppose injustice and was ever ready to damn the consequences arising therefrom and could not be intimidated. For these and a lot more reasons, Mazi Hubert will be sorely missed. But the Scriptures tell us that our Time is in God’s Hands. So we are comforted.

We therefore ask Almighty God to grant eternal rest to his kind and gentle soul. We equally pray to God to grant Uche,  their children and grand children the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. And may all of us who grieve the demise of Hubert work proactively to ensure that at the end of our stay in this mortal world, we shall all meet Hubert again in Heaven at the Great Fellowship

ADEIU to a Perfect Gentleman.  REST IN PEACE until we meet to part no more.

Engr Goddy Igboko 

For and On Behalf Of 

Nde be Mazi  J. O. IGBOKO