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This memorial website was created in memory of My Daddy, Hubert Nwokolo 75 years old, born on January 14, 1946 and passed away on January 13, 2021.
Posted by Ugo Nwokolo on January 25, 2021
from Obioma Aniche

It's been so hard putting down my words together in honor of our very own dear Uncle Hubert. Words are not enough for me to express all that he meant to my family and I. Uncle Hubert was another father to my family, he was my mentor which is an understatement.

During my romance with Emeka and our courtship, it was centered around him and our Adorable Auntie Uche. Then, telephone was not common, but I had the privilege of spending hours on the phone talking with Emeka who was far in Lagos then; at the end of our conversation, Uncle will utter "Unu akpachago, ngwa biazia ka igwa anyi ihe unu na ako". Meaning: you've done talking, alright, come and tell us (Uncle and Auntie) what you guys were talking. Then, I would laugh and run into the room. It was all fun for us all. Can't talk on Emeka's visit to Port Harcourt, a beautiful memory we always cherish. (Still hard to believe that I'm writing a tribute for Uncle).

Our wedding was chaired by Uncle, our cake baked by Auntie, he turned the wedding ceremony to "a day of a thousand laughs," Again, I remember that on our wedding morning, a stress-less bride, who over slept, and in my sleep, heard Uncle asking, "has Obioma woken up, for I had never seen her this morning?” Auntie responded " with all these noise going on in the house, I haven’t seen her either". And by then I was awake, and all trooped to the room, “Bride, do you know the time? " Don’t keep Emeka waiting for too long" Uncle said to me. Oh my God! Shell guest houses were all available for all the guests that came from out of town, even some guests that had accommodations else where abandoned them for shell guest house.

Uncle never believed that I could be safe out there without being driven around! ( uncontrollable tears rolling again and again). I was driven to work and back, my punctuality and dependence was one of the things that earned me a special place in the heart of my MD, Dr. Tony Eze. 

In our marriage, Uncle was there for us, in our welfare and security in Port Harcourt. He was there for us, despite his busy schedule at work, Uncle would put calls on hold to know why I'm calling him during work hours, "Obiispecial, odikwa nma" meaning, Is everything is alright? Are you ok? In the lives of my siblings, he was there for us all.

Uncle had special name for every one around him . Obiispecial! Oh my God! Who will call me Obiispecial! This tribute took me over a week to do but still can’t get it all together. Even when I felt I can. Dear Lord, just want to thank you for the life of your servant Uncle Hubert, thank you and thank you for the entire family. Obioma Aniche ( Obiispecial)
Posted by Ugochukwu Emecheta on January 25, 2021
Ugochukwu Emecheta
January 24, 2021

Grandpa Hubert was everything I wanted in a grandad. He was so kind, he was so smart and would always share his knowledge with you, he had such an amazing sense of humor and could lighten up any mood. He used to tell us stories all the time about his earlier days growing up and how he met Grandma Uche.
Watching soccer with Grandpa was the ultimate fun because his reactions were so priceless when his team would concede a goal. We supported rival teams, he supported Manchester City and I was a Manchester United fan so anytime his team played I would always go with the other team which he started doing too when my team played and it made it more interesting.
They say you can’t be a real man if you can’t take care of your family, well in that case Grandpa was the realest man out there. He was so family oriented, every Sunday Grandpa and Grandma Uche would have different family members over for a Sunday lunch which was always good vibes. The little things like helping him put the Christmas lights up around the house and going to Appplebees with him and my extended cousins are some of the things I miss the most.
Every conversation we ever had, any advice you ever gave to me was always from a place of love. Grandpa Hubert, you will be missed, by your family and all the people you impacted along the way. God, I hope you protect Grandma Uche and every member of their family during this time. Grandpa, we miss you and love you, we take it lighter knowing that now you’re in a way better place than down here and you’re watching over all of us.
Ugochukwu Emecheta
Posted by Ugo Nwokolo on January 25, 2021
From Nonny Ezekwesili

My Sweet Uncle, a man with the heart of gold
A man that loves Christ and tried to emulate Christ
His dealings , character, actions to everybody both big and small are testimonies and can bear witness to this great man.

Uncle Hubert !!!, who will believe that you have gone, just like that. Chayiiii!!!, It is difficult to believe .
The love you showered to all of us. Your smiles and words of wisdom you offer to all that come across your way are indelible. You opened your arms and house to all that come to your house in USA and make such a person to feel at home. I remember  on two occasions I came to USA and I stayed in your house, we were about 6 different people with many itineraries but you took all our itineraries and rescheduled them and you attended to all of us without anybody missing any of his or her itineraries. You put aside all your engagements with a view to satisfying all. This is always the case . Uncle you were really a true man of God.

Uncle , what we learnt from you, how husband and wife should live and love are indestructible in our minds and we are grateful to you.
We pray for those you left behind especially your lovely wife Sister Uche, the Children, Ugo, Chchy, Chima and Uzo that God will grant them the heart to bear this irreparable loss. May God comfort the entire family

May the soul of Hubert and the souls of all the saints rest in peace. Uncle we love you but God loves you more
Ndeewo Maazi. From Nonny Ezekwesili
Posted by Samson ILODIBE on January 25, 2021
We call you Uncle Hubert or Grandpa.
Though we knew you from a distance as an Old Boy of DMGS Onitsha when you were in top management of SHELL Nigeria. We got closer in 2012 after your retirement and settlement in the US.
You came into Nigeria to review and renew your investment portfolios. Due to unprecedented traffic jam in Lagos, We then had the privilege of taking you very early morning from Crown Estate where you were aboding to Marina. I considered this a rare privilege to chauffeur a highly placed man whom ordinarily I could not dare come close when he was in service due to the retinue of security around him. This occasion began our close relationship which came to a crescendo when we had to take our daughter (and later other children) to school in the US.
Grandpa Hubert in a very simplistic and humble manner would come to the Airport, pick us, and we arrive to their Kingwood, Texas home to meet well prepared Nigeria dish by his indefatigable quintessential wife, Grandma Uche.
Hubert would pamper and chauffeur and do everything over and above normal human possibilities to ensure we are comfortable. His hospitality, kindness, generosity and humane is primus inter pares (second to none).
With the first experience at their home in Houston, their abode now became our US transit hub, being our first port of call before going to anywhere else in the US. He sheltered us as long as we desired to stay and our children could spend any holiday in their home including Christmas and Easter holidays. We go out for exercises almost every morning whenever we were there. 
We speak quite often with him and his family from Nigeria and we kept abreast of each other.
He told us how seniors in the US manage COVID-19 by going to the shopping malls between 8-10am before younger people. We were quite happy with the way everyone is keeping healthy.
Hubert is a very faithful soldier of Christ. We knew him back in the day in Scripture Union Larger Family Fellowship (SULAFF) Portharcourt. In Houston, we attended the Calvary Christian Fellowship Church Kingwood and the African Christian Fellowship (ACF) together . Hubert was a righteous Nigerian in whom their is no guile. If anything is not straight forward and honorable, you will never find him associating with it no matter what! He was very contented that after retirement all he does is impacting godliness and holy living in the lives of people through counseling and prayers. Many marriages are standing today courtesy of his unbiased counseling to couples.
We were very surprised to hear that he and his family were down on COVID because we know he is a very meticulous person. We prayed earnestly and were believing he would celebrate his 75th birthday in his house on 14th January and we would sing birthday song for him. But alas, on 13th January we heard of his demise. We know that pleasant in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. We are rest assured that heaven has gained what earth lost and that God is glorified.
Adieu Uncle Hubert, you really fought a good fight of faith and lived exemplary Christian life and now you have transited to saints triumphant.
We pray that God will protect and guide your ever caring wife, Uche and your entire family to keep your excellent virtues and legacies.
Rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ till we meet to part no more.

Rest In Peace, Grandpa Hubert.

From The Family of Rev’d Canon Samson & Chizoba ILODIBE, Lagos.
Posted by Awelle Anthony on January 25, 2021
Daddy, Uncle, Grandpa!!!

Its really been tough trying to get myself to write this tribute. Have I truly accepted that you are no more?? It hurts,pure and simple. There is no better way to say it, however I choose to remember you in the light of what you stood for, which were love, light and laughter. You were an epitome of God's goodness on earth, an angel in human form. Where do I start from? You've been there like forever and it never seemed that one day you won't be in this sphere with us anymore.

My story won't be complete without you and my dearest Aunt Uche. You were our counselor, Daddy and Friend. You saw the best in everyone no matter the offence, you NEVER condemned me. You stood as my Father in-law during my wedding, you took me every time I had an appointment at the hospital for the baby, you were always supportive and ensured that my marriage turned out well and so much more!!!

Did I ever have the opportunity to thank you as much as I would have wanted? I assumed that you will always be there.  God knows how much we prayed, fasted and believed God for your complete healing but ultimately, His supreme will prevailed. I know that you are now basking in the presence of God and I promise you that we will be there for our Aunt and Mum.

I love you but God loves you more. Adieu till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Cyril Harry on January 25, 2021
Hubert was a BROTHER not Uncle
It was in the Petroleum Engineering Department of Shell that I came to understand what a gem of a Christian he was. He was a personification of market-place Christianity; thoroughly professional and highly respected by peers, though his Christian faith permeated and seasoned every aspect of his life. In spite of the seniority gap between him and the rest of us who were believers in the department, he associated with us all as a BROTHER. He mentored us (younger Christians) and helped us to be professional as well as find the courage to stand, as Christians, against destructive social habits prevalent in the industry and to some extent, within the department.
Brother Hubert faced uncommon persecution from some seniors and animus from peers who hated his Christianity and guts – he was not the typical lily-livered believer. Brother Hubert was bold but tactful, respectful of others, ethical and professional, so like Daniel, they never caught him flat footed – he was an epitome of integrity and astute professionalism.
In summing my thoughts about my departed senior Christian friend and mentor: Hubert understood what being born again implied – for him it was to be the best for Christ and to “do good unto all people especially they of the household of faith”, unlike quite a significant number of believers in Christ, for whom it is to “do good unto all persons especially their tribal people”. So, I see in Hubert a BROTHER not uncle; One who understood the Body of Christ – no East, no West, no North, no South.
Adieu, senior brother in Christ; sadly no more “imgbe salad”.

Cyril Harry, ably supported by Mrs. Ifeanyi Harry and the Girls
Posted by Ada Akpamgbo on January 25, 2021
Dear Uncle Hubert, You went from being a client to an uncle, your ever calm demeanor was so endearing to everyone who met you or spoke with you. The news of your demise was unbelievable as I spoke with with you just a couple of weeks back, you were as always kind and full of jokes. Your perspective to life and living was different, your love for family and friends was evident. I remember getting a response for a work mail I sent to you for the first time and you replied with "greetings from kingwood, Uncle Hubert..............." and to think I barley knew or met you then, but over time you indeed became an uncle.
Goodbye Uncle Hubert, Keep resting in the bossom of the Almighty God.
Posted by Ezekwesili Uzoma on January 25, 2021
My dearest uncle,
You were a great father and uncle to me. You were the most humble man I have ever seen with a heart of gold.
I remember how Uncle Hubert and Aunty Uche made my holiday in Shell RA PH a memorable one back in 2003. I did not want my beautiful holiday to end and I eventually broke down in tears when I left. Uncle Hubert led our family by example. He was a man after God’s heart. He ripped the fruits of love and kindness he showed to everyone that crossed his path.
Uncle you will be greatly missed. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Ugo Nwokolo on January 24, 2021
From Edith Ojogbue

My Papa, your departure is very painful and had created a vacuum to me and and my family.
Papa you stood for me as somebody when I was nobody. You stood as a Father for me on my Brides Payment and Wedding day.
You played the role a lovely Father will play to a beloved daughter.
   You stood to be sure that l had a testimony in my marriage. I am grateful Sir. I will miss all you were for me.

I will miss your smiling face.
I will miss the way you use to call me.
I will miss your hugs.
I will miss your rare character.

Good Night My Papa.
May the Almighty God reward and fill the vacuum for your lovely family you left behind in Jesus Name.

From Edith Ojogbue
Posted by Ekenem Isichei on January 25, 2021
Wow a great man and indeed legend you are sir. Thank you for being a great example of a father, husband, grandfather and Uncle. Thank you for the great memories, thank you for being there when I lost my father. Thank you for being a supportive father to your kids and their significant bros...Chima and Ugo and sister Omonele and Funmi. Thank you for the opportunity with CCA. Rest well sir and may the Lord continue to place his hand upon all those you left behind.
Posted by Anuli Emecheta on January 24, 2021

Sometime in 1975, my lovely aunty Uche (My Mum’s younger sister) walked into our house with her husband after their wedding to bid us farewell as they were on their way to Warri to start their new phase of life as Mr. & Mrs. Nwokolo, little did they know that they were in for a surprise. I hadn’t planned anything earlier, I just don’t know what prompted me to go in and pack my clothes and insisted I must leave for Warri with them. Everyone was surprised, because this wasn’t discussed earlier. My Uncle said it was okay for me to go with them…. That was the beginning of a wonderful journey in my life that changed my life forever!!! How else does the spirit of God speak, I believe God spoke to me that day because I was still too young to think strategically. God must have also spoken to my mum to let go of me. Uncle Hubert and Aunty Uche had a profound effect on my life and extended it to my children when they arrived USA for their studies.

My dearest Uncle, where do I start to write this tribute, I was about to drift into the thought of “God couldn’t be doing this to me, to lose two top most important persons in ones life in less than a year”. The pain is just too much to bear. When my mum passed, I thought all the tears in my eyes had dried up but I find myself not able to hold back my tears all over again within one year. Your passing hurts so much. With tears in my eyes, I write this tribute to the most loving Uncle, grand Uncle that the world has ever known.

Uncle, you put your faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. You lived your life on a daily basis as if that day was the last and you taught everyone around you to do the same. You were too upright and never have I ever seen a man that couldn't be caught unawares. Your belief and trust in God was saintly. The tribute of my Uncle’s life is the emptiness I feel from his death. My Uncle was a true Christian in words and deeds. He was a perfect gentleman.

The effect Uncle Hubert had on my life was great. It was something that has stayed with me all through my life, always in the background as an example of how I should live in the vicissitudes life threw my way. I tried to tell him how much he had affected my life, through text messages and phone calls and visits to Houston, although I wish I could have been more eloquent in my attempts. I suspect we never quite know the extent we affect those around us. When I tell my friends that my uncle was perfect in everything, they will always correct me that nobody or anything is perfect but I know that he was “nearest” to perfect. Growing up in Warri, I never witnessed a quarrel or bickering between my aunty and Uncle. He treated my aunty and everyone in the house and outside with so much love and respect, despite any shortcomings one might have. He was an epitome of humility, kindness and love. Growing up with my aunty and Uncle, I thought all marriages were actually like theirs, they loved and trusted each other, how naïve could I have been. The greater percentage of what I am today, is the result of what my uncle and aunty shaped and nurtured in me. I would say they did a pretty good job.

The grief is tremendous, when people like uncle Hubert passes. The greater the character of the one passing, the more our lives feel the loss, Uncle Hubert touched a lot of lives, he extended his love for me to my children.

My dearest aunty Uche, Ugo, Chi Chi, Chima and Uzo , I know that there are no words of wisdom or comfort which can ease the grief in our hearts, but when the Christian belief-system is real, there is comfort of reunion and a time, when there will be no more pain and suffering. We suffer now, but as the Scriptures say, “… joy comes in the morning.” There is a reunion to look forward to, promised to those who accept the promise of God’s loving salvation offered freely to us.

Adieu Uncle…. Sleep on until we all meet to part no more at the feet of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Dr. Anuli Emecheta (Nee Anene)
Posted by Okpara Justina on January 24, 2021
I call him my father in the Lord. l thank God for using you to mentor me in my early stage in my Christian walk in the Lord. You came conquered and left indelible footprint in the sands of time. Though you've gone to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus but your work of faith will keep speaking for you. God comfort aunty and your children in such a trying time. Sleep on my father in the Lord and mentor
Your Daughter in the Lord
Aniedi Justina Okpara (nee Udongwo)
Posted by Ugo Nwokolo on January 24, 2021
Tribute from Michael Lawal, P.Eng, FEC. FGC(Hon.)

Hubert Nwokolo was not only my classmate at University of Leicester, we stayed at Beaumont Hall - the male hall of residence throughout at stay at the university (1970-1973). Emmanuel Ogah (our classmate) and myself were discussing locating him and paying him a visit when we heard he is in Houston, Texas this last December.

I heard of his passing from Emmanuel Ogah. What a loss. May God grant him eternal rest and give his family the fortitude to bear the loss. We grieve with you.
May his soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.

Michael Lawal, P.Eng, FEC. FGC(Hon.)
Posted by Ugo Nwokolo on January 24, 2021
Tribute from Engr Patrick C. Osisioma

I met Hubert in Dennis Memorial Grammar School, (DMGS) Onitsha on my admission into the School for my Secondary School Education in 1963. He finished his Secondary Education in 1964 during which he was the Livingstone House Prefect/ Deputy Senior Prefect.

In the Sixth Form (or Higher School Campus) 1964-66 at Obosi he was the Senior Prefect. Being one of the best of the bests, he continued to UK as a Shell scholar. He was always thorough and disciplined and naturally took up appointment with Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) on return to Nigeria.

From 1976 I was close to the family before marrying his younger sister Reggie in 1978. From then on Hubert became not just a brother-in-law or a Christian brother which he had always been, but a brother indeed.

He was exceptionally caring and just lived for his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He avoided disputes at all cost, even allowing himself to be mistreated rather than allow a dispute with anybody.

In his tireless life for his Lord, he was always a leader in his local Church and a lot of Christian Organizations. He was always active in NIFES, ACF his church in Port Harcourt and Warri and always maintained his commitment to his Lord in those congregations.

His death has been one of our saddest experiences. But like the Lord’s rebuke of the two disciples on their way to Emmaus while grieving over the death of Jesus Christ. (Lk 24:15-27), who the Master, Our Lord Jesus Christ told in

v 25 “How foolish you are, and how slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken. 26 Did not the Christ have to suffer these things and then enter His glory?”

We felt rebuked that the words of Our Lord in Rev 2:10 “….Be faithful even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life.” apply here.

Hubert had to be faithful even to the point of death in order to receive his crown of life. It would be foolish for us not to realize that his translation into glory has been according the purpose of his Maker and Owner; for the death of the righteous is precious in the sight of Our Maker and Owner. Ps116:15.

Adieu Brother Hubert!
Engr Patrick C. Osisioma
Posted by Ib Kakulu on January 24, 2021
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Dalo Dalo on January 23, 2021
May God grant you enternal rest sir.
You have left a great legacy behind be rest assured. God's strength to the Nwokolo's at this time.
God bless.
Posted by Rebecca Ross on January 23, 2021
I'm so sorry for your loss brother. This so sad. I remember him when he came to my parents home when I was a child. A real kind gentleman. Always helpful to people. I remember him from church and when he drove his 504 to take us all to church when I visited your home. May God rest His gentle soul. This is so sad. My parents will be so sad. may God comfort you all especially your mum. XOXO My dear sister Chichi Nwokolo Chima and Uzo I'm sorry for your loss.

Revelation 21:4 - He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away

1 Thessalonians 4:14 - For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, through Jesus, God will bring with him those who have fallen asleep.
Posted by Ify Onugha on January 23, 2021
Tribute to a Great General Pa. Hubert Okugo Nwokolo

It was March 22nd 1969, during the Nigerian Civil war when I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Saviour at a Scripture Union Guest Service hosted by Emmanuel Church, Ubulu Ihejiofor, Imo State Nigeria that I met Hubert.
"Bro Hubert^ as he was fondly called was in the new converts follow-up team that taught us 'the Way of the Lord'.
Bro. Hubert was a diligent, caring and examplary bible teacher. A good disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ who faithfully shared the word and beyond that, some portion of his little WCC's war relief materials with the new converts. In the war years, salt was very scarce and priceless. I remember getting a ration for my family from him.
Bro. Hubert was a great teacher, counselor and singer. He was part of a very inspiring quartet group spreading the gospel with songs and drawing souls into the kingdom of God. He was highly respected because his lifestyle consistently matched his bible teachings.
In his bachelor years, to a needy brother, finding his house was finding a green pasture and restoration of the soul. The Lord being his shepherd. Psalm 23.
Some years after the war, Bro. Hubert married my dear Cousin, Sister and Mentor Uche and fused so well into our family. They both became great parents and mentors to me and later to my husband and all our children Ogo, Chichi, Obie, Ugo. The love flowed down to our grandchildren.
As a couple, Hubert and Uche were shining examples of true disciples of Jesus Christ. No wonder the Bible study cell they held in their home at Shell Camp attracted many couples. They were great marriage counsellors and mentors to many. They inspired and saved many marriages.
Our vacations and visits to their home in their various stations were very memorable.
My visit to their home in Houston after the burial of my husband was reviving. The prayers, care, comfort, encouragement, ship-cruize to celebrate Sister Uche's 70th Birthday all soothed my aching heart.
It's hard to imagine Sister Uche's life without Hubert but with God all things are possible. I pray God to comfort and strengthen my Sister Uche and the children.. Ugo & Funmi, Chichi, Chima & Omo, Uzoma, all grandchildren and spiritual children.
Death, where is your sting? You have only paved the way to eternal rest for Bro. Hubert. A great General in the Army of God has fought a good fight and finished his course. He has gone home to rest. I am sure Heaven is rejoicing!
Though we are in tears down here because of our irreplaceable loss, we will continue to strive to finish well and join Hubert and other saints to worship at the feet of our Lord and Master.
May the Soul of our Brother Hubert Rest in Peace.
Adieu Pa. Okugo Nwokolo!
Sis. Ify Onugha for EDIFY
Posted by Kehinde Obemeata on January 23, 2021
So sad to hear about the passing on to greater glory of Mr Nwokolo.
I met him after he had retired from active service and continued to provide him with any support required through the years. He was a great man, a true server of the Lord.

He will be missed.

Goodnight sir, till we meet on the other side.
Posted by Adebisi Otukoya on January 23, 2021
Dear Uncle Hubert as I used to refer to you. You were a very diligent unassuming gentle loving and humble person. I do not recall a moment that I saw you not smiling. You had a joke for every moment. Your approach to life taught me a lot even though we never worked closely together in the same company. You freely shared useful suggestions on overcoming both workplace and personal challenges. For all these and others I remain extremely grateful to have met and known you. I wish you Godspeed in your homeward journey . I am confident that your good deeds which clearly outlives you today will be a measure of comfort for your dear wife- auntie Uche (grandMa Shell) and the entire family. May perpetual light shine upon you. Amen
Posted by Nene Emesih on January 23, 2021
Dearest Uncle Hubert with the purest heart!
Was sad when I heard, but I know you are having a good time,smiling and joking around there with the angels! I trust you!
Will miss you dearly! You were a father and friend to all! You are irreplaceable!
Rest perfectly in His Bossom till we meet again.

Posted by Ugo Nwokolo on January 22, 2021
Dear Dad, I thank God for you. I wish you didnt leave this way.
I hope you are having the time of your life. We will take care of Mommy for you.
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Posted by Richard Sharon on February 17, 2021
I wrestled with whether or not I should include my own words here. Who am I, after all? I have known Uncle Hubert for only the past decade, probably shorter than anyone else here who shared their words, but I know from experience that every word can be a comfort.

Everyone has already proclaimed the amazing character of Uncle Hubert, his humility, compassion for all, and powerful love for God. Everyone has already shared the truth that all of us will be reunited in the Anointed One for an eternity. What else can I say?

As for me, I will miss his "my prophet Elijah" greeting in his beautiful voice at the end of service as we embraced. The fond title was more for my homeless appearance than any prophetic gifting. How is it possible to bring attention to a man's homeless appearance and yet make it endearing, carrying no offense or having no malice? Was it his sharp mind, his true loving heart, or a divine gifting?

I first met him as a new member to Calvary Christian Fellowship in a Bible study small group. As the weeks passed, I wondered why I was facilitating the group rather than this man of God (Hubert).

My wife and I were honored beyond words to attend his lovely wedding anniversary. We heard testimony after testimony. Truly, Uncle Hubert and Auntie Uche are pillars of any congregation they join and bless.

When my mother passed from this world, he made a point to visit and encourage me after all the commotion had calmed, one-on-one and face-to-face. He shared that his parents passed when he was much younger than me. He gave me a living example of joy after loss, and that joy need not be immediate, but can return and grow with time. We who follow Jesus the Christ have our expectant hope and eager excitement for that eternal reunion. At the same time, we have other loved ones here who need us. Death is a horrible separation, but the Lord conquered it. Therefore, we live and work for our loved ones here, and eagerly look forward to our reunion with those who have gone ahead.

Apostle Paul had the confidence to say to disciples who knew him, "Imitate me," because he walked that closely with God. In this time, in this environment, I cannot claim such a role model of anyone...except Uncle Hubert. He loved and walked with God, but he was not so "religiously minded" that he could not enjoy a simple game of soccer or empathize with the struggles of others. He knew the Scriptures and therefore the Truth, but he still had compassion for those who wandered from the Truth. I personally felt he would love me no matter my wrongs. He was gentle even when serious. He did not condemn, but he also stood immovable upon the Word of God. I never heard a quick retort, but instead he would give your words careful consideration before thoughtfully responding. Even when disagreeing, he was so kind and humble.

Uncle Humbert is the role model in my lifetime of "let your light shine before others," "an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity," thanksgiving, "model of good works," wisdom, steadfastness, gentleness, integrity, humility, and compassion. I am blessed to have known him.

To Auntie Uche, his children, his grandchildren, and to all his family...there are no words for your loss. The pain is so real and deep. Thank God for the blessings of years with him that the Lord has given. Better a year, a decade, five decades, of knowing him than to never have known him. Better to have been his wife, his child, his grandchild, than someone else's. His life on this earth is a beautiful blessing that we wish would have been longer. Yet we remember that eternity still awaits us, and he will be there.
Posted by Chinyere Ozumba on February 10, 2021
Uncle Hubert, I am still short of words even till now. It pains me greatly to write this tribute, but God knows best. You were a father to Berti and I right from the time we met in Warri and you accepted to be our wedding sponsors. I will never forget the words of advice, the smiles, the encouragement, the hospital visitations when I was having challenges with child bearing. I can't also forget the last time you made out time to come visit us in Houston. I thank God almighty that He made our paths to cross and for all the good times. Though we would have wished that you spent more time with us here on earth, I know you are resting in the bosom of the Lord whom you loved so much. Rest on Uncle, until we meet to part no more. Our prayer is that God in his infinite mercy will console Aunty Uche and the rest of family and give them the fortitude to bear the great loss and continue to uphold the values you lived for. Adieu Uncle. May your great and loving soul continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Helen Iyadi-Buwemi on February 8, 2021
I dearly miss you. It hurts to know you are gone. I miss your love, your fatherly and godly advice and encouragement. I love you very much my beloved uncle. Enjoy your rest at the feet of Jesus.
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Hubert Okugo Nwokolo

Hubert was born on Jan 14th, 1946 in Coal Camp, Enugu to George Nwokolo, a civil servant and Rosaline Nwokolo nee Orji, a petty trader. He was taken too soon by Covid on Jan 13th, 2021, a day before his 75th birthday.

He attended DMGS (Dennis Memorial Grammar School), was top of his class and was such a stickler for the rules that he got the nickname Headmaster.

He received a scholarship from Shell Oil to study Mechanical Engineering in Leicester University, UK, which was delayed 3 years by the Biafran war. He married Uche, a star sprinter who he met while competing in soccer, on July 14th, 1975 and went on to have 4 children.

Hubert held various positions in Shell with increasing responsibilities over a 33-year career from 1973 until his retirement in 2006. He rose to the position of Operations Manager and later served as General Manager of Community Development  with a reputation for advocating for Nigerian workers and fighting corruption. 

He lived in Port Harcourt, Lagos, Warri (Nigeria), The Hague,Netherlands and Stavanger,Norway for work and retired in Washington DC before settling in Kingwood, TX to be near his grandchildren.

Hubert was heavily involved in his church Calgary Christian Fellowship, the African Christian Fellowship and Amuvi and Arochukwu leadership.

He was a marriage counselor, advocating for loving and healthy relationships, drove his grandkids to school and did the dishes every night.

He was an avid soccer fan, his favorite team was Manchester City.

He had a great sense of humor, an infectious smile and loved woodworking and action movies. He was a loving husband, generous and caring father to everyone around him.

He is survived by his wife Uche, son Ugo, daughter-in-law Funmi, daughter Chichi, son Chima, daughter-in-law Omonele and son Uzoma, grandchildren Kelechi, Ronke, Kosi, Chinenye and Ugo Jr., brother George, sister Obiageli, sister-in-law Gloria, sister Regina, brother-in-law Patrick Osisioma, brother Obed, sister-in-law Nnenne, brother Uchenna, sister-in-law Ijeoma, and sister Uloma and brother-in-law Kezie Onuorah, and numerous loving cousins, nieces and nephews.
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Okugo, my darling husband, the cold hands of death snatched you from us.

Shared by Ugo Nwokolo on January 31, 2021

Okugo, my darling husband, the cold hands of death snatched you from us. 

What do you want me to do now? 

My life without you leaves me with a deep hole that cannot be filled.

So many people admired the incredible love and kindness that you showed me for these forty five and half years. 

Your gentle, quiet spirit, and your desire to help and support all that came your way, endeared you to many. You were like a shelter to many people. You had 4 biological children, but you also had so many other people who considered you to be a father.

My Lord and my God, I cannot ask you why, but you have left a deep hole in my heart. 

Hubert, you have been my soulmate, my husband, my lover, my confidant, my helper, my sustainer, my adviser, my prayer partner, my teacher . 

I watched you struggling to live. If it were in your own power you would not have died. You left me without any final words. I never suspected that you would never come back to the house again. ‘A big tree has fallen and all the birds are scattered in the forest. 

I have searched for one good reason why you left us but I could not find one. You were snatched from us by the cold hand of death.The whole Christian community that know you prayed, fasted, and cried to God for you, but it did not happen like we wanted. 

What else can I say? We prayed that God would do a miracle and give you back to us as a birthday present , but instead He decided to celebrate your birthday with you.

What else can I say but to surrender to you God, but my heart is heavy. It’snot easy, but I will trust in your promises. God, you have given me your promise of guiding me through this new and unfamiliar path, to brighten the darkness and smooth out the road ahead. God, you promised never to leave me nor forsake me. I am holding onto you.

Okugo my love, sleep on and take your rest; lay down your head upon your saviors breast. We love you, but Jesus loves you best.

GOODNIGHT, GOODNIGHT , GOODNIGHT ! We will meet some day to part no more.

Uche your darling wife.

Shared by Mercy Echemazu on February 1, 2021
I could  remember after the death of my late husband, there was no hope l was chased out from a house which l and my children lives in uncompleted building. God used him Dad Hubert and his beautiful wife  to wiped away my tears by paying a new department for l and my children. Gave me some properties, still his love and caring extend by giving my son scholarship. peaceful thought and advice you do shared with me. Mummy will sent some beautiful clothes to give you when coming back to Nigeria for me. I Don't know that's the last seen. Death has really done bad to me, but in all we give thanks to God. Still now l can't believe is like a dream whenever l take a look of your pictures l shades tears RIP Lovely Dad For Ever in Our heart.


Shared by Ugo Nwokolo on January 30, 2021

As we mark the passing on to Greater Glory of our late cousin and friend, our prayer is that Almighty God will grant his soul eternal rest in his Divine kingdom. 

Late Mazi (Engr) Hubert Okugo Nwokolo,  to the best of our knowledge lived a Gracious life during his period of abode on Mother Earth. He was a True family man, Consummate, Dependable and Religious. 

At the work place, he readily applied his profound intellect and energies to the tasks at hand. He never used his office or position to make quick, filthy money, and he never lost focus. In other social spaces, he had a 3600 vision, and always acted with the big picture as his backdrop. 

Mazi Hubert had good character, integrity and sincerity. He had carriage but was not brash. On critical issues, he did not wait for who will say it first by being nice, but rather preferred to always take the path of fairness and righteousness. One other thing he did not exhibit was fear – that worst enemy one can ever have to face. He rather opted to be on the side of the qualitative minority and always stood successfully against much larger quantitative majorities without moral authority.

At Baptism,  Mazi Hubert received the vital Power of new life in Christ, and this sustained him at all the various stages of his life’s sojourn and energized him whenever he needed to confront Man’s foes comprising the devil and his cohort of fallen angels. Upon retirement from regular work program, he threw himself into Church activities and enjoyed each moment of this phase of his life.

Mazi Hubert was easily Honest and Resolute and always stood up to oppose injustice and was ever ready to damn the consequences arising therefrom and could not be intimidated. For these and a lot more reasons, Mazi Hubert will be sorely missed. But the Scriptures tell us that our Time is in God’s Hands. So we are comforted.

We therefore ask Almighty God to grant eternal rest to his kind and gentle soul. We equally pray to God to grant Uche,  their children and grand children the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. And may all of us who grieve the demise of Hubert work proactively to ensure that at the end of our stay in this mortal world, we shall all meet Hubert again in Heaven at the Great Fellowship

ADEIU to a Perfect Gentleman.  REST IN PEACE until we meet to part no more.

Engr Goddy Igboko 

For and On Behalf Of 

Nde be Mazi  J. O. IGBOKO