This tribute was added by Jim Cairns on October 14, 2020
The Cairns Family was deeply sadden upon learning of Hugh's passing. So many good times, so many happy memories we have shared together.
I met Hugh back in the mid 1970's and we hit it off immediately. We had so much in common, we were both in finance, had young families, and we shared similar backgrounds growing up, each of us spending summers on a farm. We both liked investing, do it yourself construction projects, hockey and best of all was our shared love of old time country music.
Hugh was a mentor to me and we talked about many projects. Our conversations were always interesting and we never ran out of things to discuss. His guidance and advice always so welcomed. Hugh helped me with an innovative design for the plumbing at our cottage which 30 years later is still leading edge. Another time Hugh helped me set up a One Write Accounting format for a summer church in Muskoka, no computer involved! He stayed with me until I got it right. I will always remember how generous he was with his time.
We both loved to ski and sail. Hugh and Karen introduced our family to windsurfing and fun weekends enjoyed at Alpine.
I think of Hugh often and really miss my dear friend. Hugh was simply a wonderful person and I will always be grateful for our friendship.
Our thoughts are with Karin and Lisa and Stephen and family during this very sad time.
Warmest Regards, Jim, Shirley and family
This tribute was added by Zan Chandler on October 8, 2020
One of my earliest memories of Hugh is from when I was 16 or 17. It includes freezing temperatures, snow and a lot of falling down. As a new Canadian, only recently across the pond, I had never had the chance to learn how to ski. Hugh was not deterred by the challenge. I'm sure he had taught many beginners over the years. But perhaps none as old as me. I battled the freezing temperatures, the ice and my fear of falling. Hugh's patience and compassion must have worked because eventually I was skiing. Not gracefully or quickly but I was doing it. I can't remember how many lessons Hugh gave me. I'm sure it was more than one. But I will always remember how he was responsible for introducing me to a sport I grew to love, even if I never ever mastered it. Many years later, on a sunny day in the Snowy Mountains of Australia (atop of Mt. Kosciuszko to be exact), I remember thanking him for his generosity as I experienced my best and favourite ski day. The sky was brilliant blue, the air was warm, the snow was sparking and the run was long (as only a mountain can provide). Oh, the freedom!
It makes me wonder, for how many other kids did Hugh open up another world? I'm sure that number is significant. Thank you, Hugh.
This tribute was added by Sarah Bunnett-Gibson on October 7, 2020
Well? Kindness and Fun seems to be my impressions when I think of Hugh !
I first met Karin and Hugh on a sunny hot beach in Cuba , many years ago.  And we always had so much fun . Hugh had a great broad smile , twinkling eyes and true spirit of fun !
 He choose beautiful extravert Karin as his life long wife!
As the great husband , that Hugh was ; he would sit back, watch and enjoy whatever " monkey buisness , " Karin would get into !
Nope! Not Hugh 's thing to get up on a Cuban resort stage, but he cleary enjoyed the fun and antics of watching his charming wife Karin do something wild or silly on the stage of the nighty resort show . I soon discovered that watching Hugh's face react. While Karin was up there, was a very entertaining show , all in itself!
  Donations, gifts for the Cubans.
Dear Hugh brought from Canada so much stuff ! Their suitcases always were  Heavy and Full ! Hugh patiently carried them every Cuban trip , so graciously. Yet again , another Trip . Hugh put 'stuff ' on and off planes, buses , vans , for these trips . Donations that would be given away in the hotel countryside of Cuba. Karin would give away so many things; clothing or runningshoes to the in need , extremly grateful Cubans . All was mde possible by the quiet caring
of Hugh 's kindness .
And lastly. How many awkward , heavy bicyles did kind Hugh; take apart, bundle up and put on those Cuban plane trips ? Was it 12 or even 15 ? 
Totally ' a big pain in the _----' ! [ an Unpleasent job. ]
Given away in Cuban as such important gifts! What a big loving heart !
This tribute was added by Linda Sutherland on October 6, 2020
My memories of my Uncle Hugh as a child, he would give me piggyback rides up and down the laneways at the cottage on Lake Simcoe. He seemed so strong and always had a big smile. As an adult I remember Hugh as a kind loving uncle, always interested in how and what we were doing in our lives. He was the best Uncle to myself snd brother Ken.
This tribute was added by Bryan Evans on October 1, 2020
These life passage events are never easy. I have known Hugh for only 6 or so years. Not a lifetime ! As Steven has written he was incredibly decent. That was obvious to me at our first encounter and everyone thereafter. I always looked forward to a get together. We can’t do that anymore but there are lots memories. Love you Hugh!

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