Shared by Barbara Boehmer on September 8, 2020
I have known Hugh and Pat for over 23 years now.  We met when my son, Michael, and their daughter, Sue, decided to get married. From that point in time we were not just “in-laws”, we became family and good friends.  We shared lots of holidays, birthdays, and just family gatherings together.  We also shared two beautiful granddaughters.  Which brings me to a great story about Hugh. It really should be Kayla’s story, but it brings a smile to my face every time I think of it.
 My husband, Bruce, was outside with Kayla on one of her visits.  Bruce was putting a new seat on the swing set we had out back. Apparently he was having trouble loosening one of the old screws that had rusted on the swing set.  Kayla, who was about 3 or 4 years old at the time, turned to PopPop Bruce, and said “too bad the handy PopPop isn’t here.”  She was referring to PopPop Hugh.  She had always watched PopPop Hugh fixing things at home or bringing his tool box to her house to fix something.  Hugh certainly was a handy man to have around.  I will miss his smiling face at our family gatherings, but I know he will always be there with us in our hearts smiling down on us with PopPop Bruce.  Rest In Peace

Captain Hugh Sprague

Shared by Joey Ryan-Brown on September 7, 2020
First off, my condolences to the Sprague Family and loved ones. It is supposed to be with sorrow that I remember Hugh, but it is not that way. Captain Sprague came into my military career early on and I will always be thankful to him for his patience, his soft mannered way, and his shared knowledge and experience. Most of what I learned at the 177th ARNG in Pomona, New Jersey was from a very select handful of soldiers and Hugh Sprague was #1 in that handful...Rest in Peace CPT Sprague...
Mary Jo Ryan-Brown

Behind the photo - departing on the road trip

Shared by Michael Sprague on September 6, 2020
This is the day mom & dad left on their epic 20 month long road trip all over the United States.  Mom is waving a flag (which I can't remember what it was) as they were driving down the road about a mile to a parking lot where dad could hook up the Honda as a tow vehicle behind the motor home (called a "toad").  They could park the RV anywhere, unhook the car and take as many day trips as they wanted before heading to the next destination.  Such a great opportunity for them to explore our country.

Caring Bridge cover photo

Shared by Sue Parkowski on September 6, 2020
Many people followed dad's "health journey" on the Caring Bridge site.  This is the cover photo from that site.  It is the first day we arrived in Arizona (well, the first day we told mom and dad we were all here). After a concerning phone call on July 9, Sue and Andrea and Mike all flew to Arizona to support mom and dad. They didn't know we were coming because let's face it, they would not have liked it but were doing it anyway.  Keeping COVID-19 in mind, we made sure to stay masked up until we were here for 14 days and got negative test results after flying.  This is where "TEAM HUGH" was formed. We're in the kitchen of their winter home in Tucson, Arizona.  

My Father-in-law

Shared by Michael Parkowski on September 6, 2020
   I have the privilege of being married to Hugh’s daughter Sue. This picture was taken 22 years ago towards the end of our wedding reception. It is probably my favorite picture of Hugh. I think everybody had a lot of fun at our wedding but I don’t think anyone enjoyed it more than Hugh. For months after the wedding, he told me how great of a time it was and how happy he was for me and Sue.
   Hugh was always so kind to me especially when it came to me being with Sue. As a father of 2 teenage daughters I can attest to difficulties of seeing you daughter dating somebody. Hugh never once treated me with the slightest animosity or even a hint of passive aggression. The story I want to tell is about the night before I proposed. I was a little nervous about asking Hugh for his blessing. What I didn’t know was he already knew what I was planning and he approached me about it first. He said, “I understand you have something special planned for tomorrow morning, I just want you to know I’m happy for you kids,  you are a good man and I know you love Sue and I wish you nothing but the best”. Then he shook my hand. I will never forget how easy he made it for me, I never had to say a word. I will miss you Hugh you are one of the best people I have ever met. I feel lucky to be a member of your family. 

The story behind the cover photo

Shared by Sue Parkowski on September 3, 2020
Hoping to get things started here and kick off the story-telling with our cover photo.  First, I have to start by extending apologies to my friend Nisha Lodhavia who was cropped out of the memorial photo.  :)   Here is the original photo which was taken at the Big Barrel Country Music Festival held in Dover, DE  in June of 2015.  Dad loved country music but I do not....LOL!  Anyway, Lynyrd Skynyrd (whom I consider "classic rock") was one of many artists playing, so my husband Mike and I went with dad and had a blast!   Shout out to Mardi Pyott who also made the time at Big Barrel memorable.  

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